Uriah: #12, #27

27) I’m pregnant

12) I think we need to talk

 I think we need to talk. Please meet me in the cafeteria.

When you received a text message from your boyfriend with proper punctuation, spelling and an actual ‘please’ you freaked. You can’t remember the last time he spelled every word in a text correctly.

   You just shrugged it off, labelling as Uriah behaviour. It wasn’t that he wasn’t smart. Oh no. He was very intelligent.

   He just didn’t like making effort.

   You hurried to the cafeteria and found him.

   Uriah grabbed you by the shoulders and made you sit down. “Y/N, I have to tell you something important.” His bottom lip trembled. Your boyfriend actually seemed serious.

   “You know that I’m here for you babe.” You reply, worried. He looks away and then looks back. His dark eyes scan your face. “I’ve been cheating on you.” He says, not meeting your eyes. Your heart shatters. “And I’m pregnant now.” He adds with a grin.

   You smack him, understanding that it was a joke all along.

   And you fell for it.

   How did you fall for it? 

   Your Uriah would never use capitalization or punctuation or please!

   “I hate you!” You scream as he pulls you into his arms. Kissing the top of your head, he laughs, “I love you too Y/N.”

Extended Ending

“Why did you do that?”

“Today’s April Fool’s Day!”


Extension of Extended Ending

   Tris watched the two run around the cafeteria, Uriah screaming for help and Y/N threatening anyone who dared.

   “Is that a Dauntless tradition? You have to chase your boyfriend around the cafeteria?” She asked, her eyebrows knitting. Will laughed, “No. That’s just Y/N and Uriah being their normal selves.” 

“I thought they loved each other?”

“People show love in different ways.”

   Christina interrupted with a chirpy comment.

“Almost how you love that guy from a distance.”

   Will looked to and fro at the two girls.

“What guy?”

   Christina answered with an evil look in her eye. And Tris looked scared.

“Oh, you know-”