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Panic! At The Disco music videos, a summary:

I Write Sins: The circus invades a wedding.

Ballad of Mona Lisa: Steampunk vampires, plus a murder conspiracy.

Nine In The Afternoon: Drugs ft. a marching band

That Green Gentleman: Drugs ft. Russian nesting dolls.

Miss Jackson: Brendon killed a hooker, some tires got set on fire and also there was this magic lady who gave her soul up or something. It was a bad day for everyone.

But It’s Better If You Do: Brendon secretly goes to a secret illegal strip club, keeping it a secret from his wife who just so happens to secretly work there. Good times.

Lying Is The Most Fun: People with fish tank heads which is apparently a metaphor for having sex??

Nicotine: Brendon clones himself to deal with the loss of his girlfriend.

This Is Gospel: Murderous doctors.

Ready To Go: Brendon accidentally travels to a different time/dimension, dances with some emo swiffers, gets shot out of a canon, is transported to Toonville, and then everybody decided to go all Singing In The Rain. In conclusion: what the fuck.

Build God, Then We’ll Talk: Mime porn.

Girls/Girls/Boys: To raise awareness of bisexuality, Brendon Urie goes naked.

Northern Downpour: Why are there words on everything.

Let’s Kill Tonight: Shockingly normal, considering the title and the lyrics of the song.

Hallelujah: Illusions, illusions everywhere.

Emperor’s New Clothes: Despite the amount of religiously themed songs, Brendon decides that Hell is the place for him.


The Overture: Wut.

friend: who’s that band person with dark hair and i think eyeliner that you like?

could you

could you be 

a little more

could you be a little more specific please



today 9 years ago this amazing album was released. thank you mainly Ryan Ross for existing.

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- Panic! at the disco

- Fall out boy

- My Chemical Romance

- Green Day

- Ed Sheeran

- Dan and Phil (not too much though)

- Melanie Martinez

- Paramore


-  The big bang theory

- Friends

- Dr. Who

- coronation street


- Phan (Dan & Phil)

- Ryden (Brendon Urie & Ryan Ross)

- Robron (Robert & Aaron on Emmerdale)

- Brallon (Brendon Urie & Dallon Weekes)

- Tilly (Tod & Billy on Coronation street)