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Movie Night

A/N: This is my first imagine writing,hopefully it turns out fine.*fingers crossed*

Word Count: 426

Pairings:Theo X Reader,Pack X Reader

Finally it was Friday,which means weekly pack movie night.This week’s been pretty hectic for the pack members starting from dealing with supernatural stuffs to school work and all.Everyone gathered in Stiles’ house tonight.Liam and Hayden sat on one side of the carpeted floor and Mason beside them,Scott and Kira settled on the couch,Stiles and Malia were arguing in front of the tv as to which movie to watch.
Meanwhile,Y/N and Lydia were fixing snacks in the kitchen.
“Where’s Theo?” asked Lydia.

Y/N shrugged “maybe he’s busy or something,I don’t know.”

Lydia shook her head and said “Well!I thought you would know”

“And why do you think that?” Y/N rolled her eyes.

“Since you two are always hanging out and stuff,Malia mentioned how your heart speeds up when he’s near you” smirks Lydia.

“urghh Malia should stop doing that” said Y/N annoyed.

“Why can’t you just admit that you like him already” asked Lydia.

“Well…” Y/N began,then at that moment the door bell rang,Y/N sighed in relief and rushed to open the door.Theo stood there grinning.

“Hello there Y/N"said Theo sheepishly.

“Hey!"replied Y/N

Malia shouted from the living room,
"About time,Raeken,now hurry up we already chose a movie.”

“Yeah YOU chose a movie” groaned Stiles.

Lydia sat beside Mason,Y/N sat beside Kira on the couch,Theo sat beside Y/N at the small space and wrapped his arms around Y/N’s waist,Y/N became nervous,Theo felt it and chuckled lowly.They were best of friends and they both knew they liked each other,they were just too damn stubborn to admit.

“Ofcourse Malia chose a horror movie” Liam groaned.

“Are you scared Liam?” laughed Hayden.

“Hell no” said Liam,just at that moment the movie had a creepy scene and Liam screamed.

“Hell no” mocked Mason.

“C'mon Liam it wasn’t even that scary” Scott said from his spot.

“Exactly” said Kira,shoving some popcorns in her mouth.

“Okay,fine fine” groaned Liam.

The movie ended and almost everyone fell asleep.

“Well I’ll just go and grab couple more blankets” said Stiles and left the room.

“I have to go to the washroom” said Liam.

Y/N and Theo sat there talking.
“You know I love pack movie nights,it’s a great escape from all the drama and all” said Theo.

“Same” nodded Y/N.

Y/N put her head on Theo’s chest and Theo held her gently.They stayed there comfortably.

“Are you asleep Y/N?” asked Theo,he got confirmation when Y/N didn’t reply.

He gently kissed her forehead and whispered “I love you so much,you have no idea.”