i feel sorta empty, sorta lost
almost like i’m on battery saving mode
lights dimmed
energy reserved
like rocks in the ocean
with each passing day i erode

i smile because i want to
because it doesn’t feel real
this misery is buried just a little too deep
too deep to feel

life passing me by
like i’m on a train looking out the window
only colours and shapes
flashing and whooshing
no distinct objects, no memorable landmarks

each time i sigh
it’s like i breath out a little of my soul
soon i will be empty
e m p t y
i wanted so much more

anonymous asked:

What if the NDRV3 guys and their S/O both got kidnapped and they had to try and escape?

Sips tea* I’m on it Anon (It’s currently 5:03AM, lol what is a sleeping pattern)

NDRV3 Boys and their S/O both got kidnapped and they have to try and escape

Shuuichi Saihara:

The two of you were partners

- Both relationship and work wise

- You often referred to the pair of you as “Detective Duo” but he’d always blush and just tell you to get on with your work

- The two of you were currently pursuing the mysterious organisation known only by the name of DICE

There was very limited information on it but if your suspicions were correct, they will most likely try and steal a giant sapphire that is currently on display in the local museum

- The two of you lurk near the exhibit and sure enough there’s a convenient power cut

- You take out a torch/flashlight (whatever you call it) and turn it on just in time to see a person wearing white in a clown mask sneak off with the sapphire

- The pair of you chase after him but… He vanished? That’s certainly o-

- The world suddenly turns black


- You wake up with a headache

- You move your hand so that you could rub the sore spot but then you see, there’s another hand, handcuffed to yours

- The lighting isn’t really good so you can’t exactly make out a lot but you can see that the person cuffed to you is Saihara

- You shake his shoulder gently “Saihara - kun, wake up”

- “Urgh…” He rubs his head “Where are we?”

- “Good question”

- You both look around and come to the conclusion that DICE must’ve captured you

- “S/O - san, can you pick locks?”

- “Um more or less.”

- “Good. Try opening the cell door, I’ll try and look for anything useful”

- “Hey Saihara - kun, are we partners in crime now?”

- “… Just get the door open please”

- After several tries you finally manage to open it

- “Good. Now we have to find the exit”

- Yeah, easier said than done

- The two of you wander around the place and it honestly seems like a maze

Eventually the pair of you discover a door

- “Saihara - kun! Look it’s the exit!”

- The two of you make it out of there but, little did you know, a certain someone was watching your whole journey

- “Nishishi~ My Detective Duo sure is good… Shame they didn’t get the sapphire back”

Kaito Momota:

- You don’t really remember what happened but when you regain consciousness you find yourself in a room you’ve never seen before

- You try to move but realise your hands are tied together behind your back

Wonderful, just what I needed

You hear a groan next to you and that’s when you notice Momota also tied up

- “Momota - kun, hey, wake up”

- “Urgh… I feel terrible”

- “Do you remember what happened?”

- “What… Happened? Huh?! Wait where are we?!”

That’s a no then

You wiggle a bit more and manage to loosen the rope ever so slightly

- Momota just stares at you clearly in deep thought

- “Do you think it’s because I got offered to be the first one to fly that new rocket?”

- “Possibly… Well it doesn’t really matter at the moment, what matters the most is getting out of here!”

- “You’re right S/O! We seem to be in some sort of warehouse or something so it shouldn’t be hard getting out of here”

- With certain amount of teamwork the two of you manage to break free of the rope

- You quietly try and make your way to the exit stopping when you hear noises

- “S/O, look. The exit!”

- He’s right, but that’s when you hear it


- You quickly glance at him and with a face full of determination he runs up to you, picks you up bridal style and legs it outta there

- “Laterz losers”

- Yeah that was probably a mistake, you look behind him, multiple people are now running after you

- Momota just laughs as you cling onto him

- He runs down an alley and places you down, he then quickly presses you against a wall and presses himself to you so that you’re both hidden from view

- Once you’re sure the people are gone you give Momota a quick look and you can now see his face is full of concern

- “You’re not hurt are you? Be sure to tell me if you are.”

- “I’m fine Momo-”

- He just pulls you into a tight hug and you stay like that for a while


- He already warned you that there may be people that would want to get a copy of his AI

- Only, he never suspected that they’d kidnap the both of you

- You wake up in what appears to be a big lap and take some time to look around, there’s only a bed, a small window and a door

What is this place?

As you look through the window you see Kiibo lying hooked up to some machine in the other room

No, you won’t let them have what they want

Seeing as there is literally nothing else you can use, you take off your shoe and start hitting the glass on the window

- Come. On. Please. Wo- Oh you did it

- You use your shoe to move most of the glass away and then climb through it, barely managing to fit

- “Kiibo - kun! Can you hear me?”

- He’s not responding

- You have a basic knowledge of machines and how they work so you manage to work out what to unplug from him and still have him function

- He comes back on again and looks at you with confusion

- “S/O - san?… Where are we?”

- “You’re good with computers right Kiibo - kun? Well then I think you should delete the data the people already managed to take from you.”

- He’s on it instantly, his fingers are flying across the keys, even if there are password protected things, it doesn’t take him long to break each one of them

- “Okay, I deleted everything, the only problem now is getting out of here.”

- “Mm… There must be security guards everywhere but maybe we can use the ultimate technique!”

- “The… Ultimate Technique?”

- “We steal their uniform and act natural.”

- “There’s no way that will work”

- After waiting and finally getting your hands on two uniforms, the two of you quickly put them on and… Casually walk out of there

- “Humans are really dumb.”

- You laugh while he just rolls his eyes

- “We’re safe now though aren’t we?” You give him a quick kiss on the cheek, take his hand and make your way home

Rantaro Amami:

- “Amami - kun, remind me again why we’re in this situation”

- “Listen, I didn’t know the person I annoyed so much was a mafia boss!”

- If you could, you’d facepalm. Unfortunately, your hands were bound together behind your back

- “I’m sorry!”

- “Yeah, sorry isn’t going to save us in this situation”

- You look around the room looking for anything that could be of use to you

- “Amami - kun! Look!”

- You use your head to point to a window

- “Nice! Can you wiggle out of your binds?”

- “Um… I can try”

- Several rope burns and wiggling later you manage to break free. You then quickly untie Amami and he quickly brings your wrists to his lips and kisses them

- “Sorry S/O - san, I’ll make sure to take care of them once we’re out of here”

- You smile at him

- “Okay well… How do we get to the window?”

- He takes a look around

- “Ah! I know! See that rope over there? If I give you a boost and you manage to tie the rope to something then we can both get up!”

- “This is so something out of a video game..”

- Either way that’s the best plan so far

- You grab the rope and he stands under the windows giving you a nod once he’s ready

- You take a bit of a running start and then feel yourself flying through the air until you eventually reach the top of the window

- “Amami - kun! There’s just… Roof here!”

- You then manage to pull yourself up and find something you can tie the rope to

- Once you do you watch as he somehow manages to make his way up to you

- That’s when you notice the door opening.

- You quickly pull the rope up

- “We have to go, now.”

- He nods and the two of you are running across what seems like a series of rooftops

- Soon enough you hear an alarm sound and Amami lets out a laugh

- “I think they noticed we vanished haha”

- “Amami - kun this really isn’t a video game! If we die now there is no restart, it’s just game over!”

- The two of you somehow manage to get out of there

- He helps you down and then once he’s sure you’re definitely safe he starts worrying over you

- “How are your wrists? Do they hurt? I’m sorry this happened. Really S/O - san I’m s-”

- You just pull him into a hug and start stroking his hair

- “Sh… It’s okay now Amami - kun… You kept me safe didn’t you… So it’s all okay now”

Kokichi Ouma:

- You’re woken up by someone gently shaking your shoulders

- “S/O - chan, S/O - chan wake up”

- “Huh…? Ouma - kun?”

- “Yeah, I’m here. Listen this is really important”

- You sit up and find yourself in some… Cell?

- “Where-”

- “We got captured. Remember that other organisation I was telling you about? Well… They managed to find me. If it was just me it would’ve been fine by me seeing as… I’m a liar but now that you’re in this mess too there’s no time for jokes.”

- You’ve never seen him so serious before, his hands are still on your shoulders

- “My people should get here anytime soon. That’s why I want your top priority to be getting out of here no matter what, got it?”

- “What about you?”

- “Focus on your safety first S/O - chan! It’s… An order from your leader!”

- You smile at him “Understood, Sir”

- As if on cue, there’s an explosion

- “Hey look it’s the boss!”

- “Move aside I will smash these bars”

- Sure enough, the bars are soon destroyed

- “Nishishi~ Nice work men. Now, take S/O - chan to safety!”

- “What about you boss?”

- “Me?… Oh don’t mind me, I have to pay someone a quick visit!”

- Before you can stop him Ouma is already gone

- “Well… We gotta do what the boss says, you understand don’t you Miss?”

- You nod 

- Even though there are people shooting at you, everyone keeps their word and keeps you perfectly safe

- All of you wait for Ouma to return

- 5 minutes… 10 minutes…

- You’re worried, like extremely worried but then…

- Ouma stumbles out the building, his arm is bleeding

- “Sorry if I worried you S/O - chan!”

- “Ouma - kun! You’re bleeding!”

- “Mm… Let’s go now though okay? I had a blast.”

- A… Blast?

- Wait. He doesn’t me-

- As soon as you’re in the car, the building explodes

- You tend to Ouma’s wounds and he’s just smiling at you

- “You listened”

- “If you hadn’t of come back in the next 5 minutes I would’ve disobeyed… But that’s okay… I’m not part of your organisation.”

- “Maybe not, but you still mean more to me than it ever will”

Gonta Gokuhara:

- You’re just at an exhibit when someone forcibly takes your hand and drags you away

- “H-Hey! Let go of me!”

- “Sorry. You’re needed.”

- Needed? Needed for what?!

- You then notice that Gonta is also being dragged out

- The two of you are shoved into a van and it suddenly starts moving

- “S/O - san, are you okay? Did they hurt you?”

- You shake your head, he’s being the gentleman as always “What about you Gonta - kun?”

- He shakes his head and smiles at you

- “Do you know what’s going on?”

- “Gonta can only presume it has something to do with him being able to find rare or new species of insects”

- You try and see where you are going but there’s no windows

- Gonta is also looking around, he taps the walls

- “Gonta doesn’t think he can break through these…”

- “Then we’ll just have to run when they stop”

- You and Gonta murmur a plan to one another

- He picks you up bridal style and asks you to hold on tightly

- As soon as the doors to the van open he jumps out and hugs you close so that nothing could happen to you

- He then begins sprinting away, angry shouts and footsteps following him

- Fortunately for you guys there’s a forest

- Gonta smiles happily as he sprints towards it, he grew up in a forest after all, how could he not be happy!

- Your pursuers are quite a distance away from you so Gonta puts you down and the two of you hide

- Surprisingly, for running such a distance his breathing isn’t as heavy as you expected it to be

- “Gonta is sorry he dragged you into this mess… That’s not a very gentlemanly thing to do…”

- You just smile and hug him

- “You shouldn’t be… Nothing bad happened right?…”

- You just spend the time trying to reassure Gonta that it’s not his fault that something like this happened and eventually he believes you

- “… Gonta thinks.. They’re not following us anymore”

- You take his hand and the two of you start walking back even though you’re still slightly scared someone will just… Jump out at you

- It takes a while but soon enough the two of you make it back home

- You notice that Gonta seems tired so you tell him to sit on the sofa

- You then quickly come back with a big blanket and two mugs of hot chocolate

- Cuddles and hot chocolate are the best medicine for a stressful day

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- You wake up with a terrible headache

- You blink a few times but then you realise

- You’ve never seen this place before…

- Next to you, you hear Shinguji let out a groan

- “Huh? Shinguji - kun… Do you know where we are?”

- “No.. In fact, I don’t ever remember seeing this place.”

- He stands up and offers his hand to you

- Once he has pulled you up, he instantly looks at you all over

- “Ah good, you’re not hurt”

- You can’t help but blush the tiniest bit, you’re in a situation where you have no idea what is happening and the first thing he does is check if you’re okay

- “S/O - san, it looks like we’re in some sort of research facility”

- “A research facility?… Why that of all places?”

- The door suddenly opens to reveal a man in a lab coat walking towards you

- “Hello Test Subject 087 and Test Subject 088, it’s good to see you’re awake”

- “Test Subjects? Me and Shinguji - kun aren’t test subjects!”

- “Agreed”

- You don’t know what happened but the man suddenly falls to the floor

- “Shinguji - kun?…”

- I just hit a weak point, he’ll wake up soon

- Shinguji then begins searching the man’s pockets until he finds a key card

- “Time to leave S/O - san” 

- You nod and follow him

- The two of you have to hide a lot but he always makes sure that you’re as safe as possible

- “This is just tedious now” he mutters

- You keep close to him but when you feel scared you find yourself clinging to his arm

- “Don’t worry S/O - san, someone as beautiful as you simply can’t die”

- He keeps saying comments like these to reassure you as you make your way through the facility

- “What do you think they’re doing here? It seems like we were one of the ‘test subjects’.. And we weren’t the first ones either”

- “If I had to guess… Then they’re just doing illegal human experimentation”

- You cling onto him just a bit more

- The world is a scary place

Ryoma Hoshi:

- “There you are you little punk.”

- You turn around to see someone picking Hoshi up by the leg

- “Do you know who I am?!”

- “Yeah. You’re the little bastard that killed a mafia gang with tennis balls aren’t ya”

- You suddenly feel someone standing behind you but before you can respond, he’s already holding you and covering your mouth

- “Huh? Leave S/O out of this assholes”

- Hoshi punched his attacker in the elbow which causes him to let go, he then takes that opportunity to retrieve his tennis bag

- “Old habits die hard.”

- Before you know what’s happening you feel the man that was holding you let go, when you turn your face to look at him, he’s not breathing anymore

- Hoshi then quickly grabs your hand and starts pulling you behind him

- “Sorry S/O, we gotta leave like, now”

- You’re kinda shocked about what you just saw but you don’t question him things like ‘why’

- He told you about his past and you accepted him either way

- “Urgh, these guys just don’t know when to quit. That’s fine though, Killer Tennis is back… Hehehe”

- You’re worried that people will eventually catch up to the two of you again but… No one is following you anymore

- “Hm, I guess that’s another mafia gang down”

- “Woah… Hoshi - kun is amazing!”

- “Amazing? I wouldn’t put it like that but.. Thanks S/O”

- “We better leave before someone calls the police…” He bites his licorice and looks at you

- “Are we criminals now?”

- “Well I certainly am”

- Inspired by this

(Sorry if the quality of this steadily decreased… I’m tired now XD)

there are THREE terribly amazing guys at my school whom i think i might be in love with

BTS as... Ouran High School: Host Club Members

Okay, so, my love for anime is profound! I honestly love it so much and I’ve been watching anime since I was a child! So here’s my first go at ‘BTS as…’ imagines. Requests are open if you want to send anything!

Believe it or not, it was a lot harder than I thought…

Mitsukuni ‘Honey’ Haninozuka

Originally posted by mitsukunis

So this one was the easiest for me? Many people forget that Honey is actually the oldest :) I admit, I thought of Tae at first because of the overloading cuteness, but I changed my mind after thinking about it and now I honestly believe that it would be Jin.

Originally posted by armygzb

So the members have said at some point that Jin is the cutest of the group. Jungkook even said that he forgets that Jin is actually older than him with the way he acts. Plus, both Honey and Jin really like food (okay, cake) and they can both cook really well. However, both of them can step up and show authority when needed. For these reasons I say Jin is like Honey. Furthermore, all the members say that Jin is actually really strong and he does work out a lot, as we all know. Honey is also surprisingly strong - his specialities being judo and karate.

Kyoya Ootori

Originally posted by tangofox

Okay so this one came to me slowly because I stuck between Suga and Rap Monster but in the end I chose Suga.

I couldn’t find a GIF of this look - (credit to owners, Sugarport)

So I choose Yoongi because him and Kyoya are both very intelligent and good at what they do. Both of them are ‘second-in-command’ in the group if you know what I mean - Rap Monster has said that Suga is the most influential member, and like Haruhi said, Kyoya is the ‘real brains behind the operation.’ Also, both of them faced doubt from other people about their abilities and have people almost telling them what to do? Like, with Kyoya, his family is constantly looking down on him and saying that he isn’t good enough and with Suga, people from Daegu told him that doing music wasn’t a good career choice and that he was going to ‘bring shame’ to his family. Both of them were told they were not good enough but both of them proved everyone else wrong. Lastly, do I really need to mention what would happen if you tried to wake any of them up? No, I didn’t think so… ;D

Takashi ‘Mori’ Morinozuka

Originally posted by kouhaiharuhi

This one was difficult because I was stuck between Rap Monster and Suga here too but yeah I chose Rap Monster for Mori.

Originally posted by ygnj

The reason why I say this is because both of them are quite mysterious, at least in my opinion. Strong and silent - both quite sexy without even trying. They are extremely protective of their friends and seem like the sort of ‘need to take care of everyone’ type of people. Although they can be seen as harsh at times, they obviously have everyone’s best interests at heart. Also, both of them are masters in their field - rapping vs kendo and this, amongst other things, brings them lot of respect from other people too.

Tamaki Suoh

Originally posted by suoh-centric

So for Tamaki, I thought a lot about his character and eventually I chose V.

Originally posted by my-fjo

Okay, bare with me, I know it can seem like a weird choice… So, of course, Tamaki is obnoxious and, no, V isn’t like that at all. But what I will say is the he seems very aware of how much love he gets. He knows just how to act to ‘get the ladies worked up’ if you know what I mean. I mean, they can both switch from intense sexy staring so just a babbling cuties in 0.002 seconds. Plus, the two of them have no problem making friends; they’re both social butterflies! Also, the other hosts think of Tamaki as the ‘idiot leader’ lolol and I am in no way calling V an idiot, trust me, but Rap Monster has called him 7th in intelligence before… besides, we all know how childish they can be.

Kaoru Hitachiin

Do you have any idea how difficult it was for me to find an appropriate GIF of him on his own without Hikaru there too? I swear to God those twins are inseparable! I had to go and screenshot this moment. Urgh, the terrible quality is killing my soul….

So we all know that both of these twins are a bit mischievous, but they aren’t exactly troublemakers or anything. And out of the two, I feel like Kaoru is the meeker one? So for that reason I chose Jimin.

Originally posted by chambers1993

Sweet and a little shy too, I feel like these two are very precious and need constant protection in a way. They put up a good front, but you can tell that both of these members feel emotions very deeply and their moods can swing quite a bit too. Of course, like V and Tamaki, both Kaoru and Jimin can immediately turn the ‘sexy’ on in no time.

Hikaru Hitachiin

Originally posted by samezukaz

So Hikaru is the braver one? Some people can even go as far as saying that he can be the cockier twin too. I don’t necessarily think Hikaru is cocky, but he definitely has more confidence. So I chose Jungkook.

Originally posted by kookie-bts

I feel like Jungkook gets mistaken as cocky a lot too and we know it isn’t true. At first, he was very shy around the other members, just like Hikaru (and Kaoru) were when they first joined the Host Club. Of course, now, Jungkook can be mischievous just like Hikaru is. I feel like both of them rather enjoy teasing the other members and although they can seem quite distant at times, they are very protective of their friends.

Haruhi Fujioka

Originally posted by tangofox

Haruhi and I are so alike in some ways, I swear to God. Anyways, this took a long time but eventually I chose J-Hope.

Originally posted by jiminb

Natural cuties with a sort of happy charm that people naturally gravitate to, I think Haruhi and J-Hope are quite similar. On the inside, however, both of them are quite serious and sometimes you can feel a sort of sadness and reservation from them. I feel like both of them can get into bad moods and quite easily get a bit annoyed with those around them if they aren’t in a good one. Of course, how can we forget the natural cute-aegyo these two seem to always exhibit.

So there we have it. BTS as Ouran High School: Host Club members. I hope you liked it, please let me know was you thought!

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Know what I hate?

Positivity posts.

Heads up:

If you’re gay, you’re terrible.
If you’re straight, you’re terrible.
Bi? Terrible.
Ace or Aro? Terrible.
Cis? Terrible.
Trans? Terrible.
Something else? Terrible.
Black? Awful.
White? Awful.
Asian, Latino, Middle Eastern, Indian? Awful.
Mixed? Awful.
Disabled? You’re Horrible.
Able-bodied? Horrible.
Are you a man? You’re the worst.
Are you a woman? Also the worst.
Child and/or minor? Worst.
Muslim? Sickening.
Christian? Sickening.
Jewish? Sickening.
Hindu? Taoist? Atheist? Agnostic? Urgh. Sickening.

Literally everyone is terrible, but that is what makes life so unique and interesting. We’re not all equal because we’re great, wonderful, “valid” human beings. We’re equal because we’re all equally human, equally flawwed. Understand this - if ou think your membership to a people group/identity makes you wonderful or special, you’re terrible + an idiot.


Regal Believer AU

He lost his mom. Everyone said to him that time will solve everything but it’s not.
Whenever he waters her plants, he can still see and hear his mother calling him. Whenever he wears a suit, he can still feel his mother’s hands. And the park, the office, the vault, Granny’s or wherever he goes, she is still there with him. Everything stirs memories of his mom.
But when he opens his eyes, there is no one else but him. He just wants to see his mommy again one last time.