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Star Wars: Dressing a Galaxy, Trisha Biggar

syphrosine here are a few terrible photos from the book, as ever my scanner is too wee. There are also double page spreads of concept art at the start of each chapter along with a chapter introduction. This is a fairly random selection from the book (Uh, guess who has a bias against Padme’s RotS costumes…)

I had to include George Lucas, Katie Lucas and Trisha Biggar. Obviously.

Thumbnails! Of every featured costume in all six films! They’re arranged by character/organisation, then chronologically within that.

And as a fun bonus, there is this fine specimen on the back cover:


“Aap ek dafa mujhe itminaan kara den ke aap isse nahin maarenge tou main chala jaounga, kabhi wapas nahin aaounga yahan pe!”

“Tum mein itni himmat tou hai nahin ke apne aap pe bharosa karke beti ka haath mujh se maang liya hota. Ab mujhse vaada maang rahe ho? Agar uss waqt tum ne mard bann ke dikhaya hota tou aaj bhi ye mardangi achi lagti.

Okay. What?

So both Jared (here) and Jensen (here)  said at a recent con that Sam kept the Samulet and didn’t seem to be beating around the bush about it.

But then there’s this:

That, of course, doesn’t mean Sam didn’t keep it (if that’s what the show is even intending) because we still don’t know where it was all this time. It could have been in Sam’s memory box. It could have been stuffed anywhere in his room. He could have kept it in a safety deposit box, from which Chuck took it to put it in Sam’s actual pocket. So Jim Michaels’ answer doesn’t invalidate Jensen and Jared’s responses. Both could easily be true. I just hope the show gives us a clear answer.

Every single day the Mikey girl/boy support group sounds like a better idea