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Kate McKinnon in Life Partners (2014). I absolutely love this movie, I mean come on it has so many lesbians, plus Leighton Meester is so freaking adorable! I don’t even care that Kate was only in it for like three seconds, I loved every single part of that scene which is why I felt I needed to make gifs of it. So yeah.. here you go. 

You know what? After seven years, I am finally calling absolute bullshit at King Elizabeth Swann’s ending in the original PotC trilogy.

First of all. Will is not getting off The Flying Dutchman. Because the ship needs a heart and a captain to ferry souls to the afterlife, and needs so for the rest of eternity. So the only way Will is getting out of there is by someone killing him and taking his place. And some may argue that after he completed his initial 10 years, he is free from Calyso’s deal, and can come and go as he pleases as long as he still does is job. But… No. That isn’t how Calypso work. Will is stuck in the same deal that Davy Jones was. Work ten years and get one day off. Work another ten years and get another day off. And so on.

So. Elizabeth is stuck with a husband she can only see one day every ten years.


Because I really can’t see why she can’t see him. Davy Jones and Will’s task description was to sail the seas. And then to ferry souls to the afterlife. Because they honestly can’t do that all day long, every day of the year, for ten years. That many simply don’t die at sea. So I don’t understand why Elizabeth can’t just take a ship, sail out at sea and simply meet up with him. I understand if she can’t come to The Locker, but as I said, he can’t be there all day long. I just. Urgh.


And are you trying to tell me that Elizabeth Swann, who fought tooth and nail for three movies for her independence and freedom, simply gave up her life of piracy just because the war was won? No thank you. I want to see an Elizabeth Swann that remained Pirate King until the day she retired, with more than enough wealth to mend her weary, old body. Because that is the kind of pirate lady Elizabeth Swann is.


And yes I understand if she temporarily withdrew to have her son, but are you trying to tell me that kid was not raised on a pirate ship? That kid reeks of pirate if I ever smelled one. I mean come on! The kid of The Pirate King and the ferryman to The Locker. If Will couldn’t get out of piracy because his father was Bootstrap Bill, neither will that kid.

And that brings me back to my first complaint. Why can’t Elizabeth just meet up with Will at sea? They could have been a happy pirate family, but no you gave me ten years of heartache instead.


P.S. Some friends and I just watched the movie Confessions (a Japanese psychological film), and honestly?

My mind is blown and numb, and my feelings have been brutally torn apart this way and that. If you haven’t watched it, please do. It’s so good. So. Good.

Urgh. Just– wow.

Cuddle Session - Jimin


Can u make a scenario where jimin is in cuddle mood and acts like a baby w his gf omg please i need fluff and thankkssss :D


Cuddle session + playful tease with jimin pleaseeeee. Thanks your writing are so gooood

A/N: Since the two requests are similiar I made it into one scenario hope you don’t mind c: I’m sorry for taking too long, I was busy and not really in the mood to write ; - ; it came out a bit too lame but I hope you enjoy reading it anyways~

Genre: Fluff

Words count: 791


You’re sitting in your room, watching a movie on TV while waiting for Jimin to come over from practice. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. It’s only 11PM and Jimin’s practice is supposed to end in half an hour from now. Wondering if it was really him, you paused the movie and rushed over to open the door.

“Surprise~” Jimin cheers, throwing his hands in the air as soon as the door opens. You blink at him, moving aside to let him in. “I thought pracitce ends in 11:30?” You half ask half say, and he simply grins at you, leaning in to press his lips against yours for a sweet peck.

“Yeah but it ended earlier than usual so I’m here now!” He says happily and you smile at him. It’s been a couple of days since you’d last seen each other and you missed him so you’re more than happy that he’s in front of you.

“I just started watching a movie not too long ago.” You tell him and head back to your room. He hurries behind you, wrapping his arms around you before you walk into your room. “Do we have to watch a movie?”

“Well, if you told me you’re coming early, I wouldn’t have started watching it.” You say as a matter of fact, squirming a bit as his breath tickles your neck and trying to keep walking but he was making it hard for you to do that.

“But I wanted it to be a surprise.” He whines, and you chuckle, turning around in his arms to face him. “Why don’t you want to watch a movie? It’s very interesting! Dead people and stuff.”

Jimin raises his brows. Every normal girl would pick a cliche rom-com movie to watch, but you always went for action movies. Shaking his head in amusement, he then purses his lips. “But I want to cuddle.”

You roll your eyes and grab his hand, leading him to your bed. “We can cuddle while watching the movie.” You tell him and plop down, patting the empty space besides you.

“But [Y/N]~ it’s not fun to cuddle while watching a movie~” He started whining and you can’t help it but shake your head at his childish antics. “Stop acting like a baby. You should thank me for not telling you we can cuddle after the movie is over.”

He pouts but you simply stare at him, not giving up. Finally, he lets out a sigh and fall down beside you. “Fine.”

You quickly move to sit between his legs and his hands automatically wrap around you as he pulls you closer to him, making sure there wasn’t any space left between your bodies. Your back was pressed against his chest and you could feel his heartbeats, a smile creeping on your lips because his heart was beating faster than normal.

You press play and the movie resumes playing. The two of you stayed in the same position for a while and you couldn’t be more happy right now. Suddenly, you feel Jimin’s breath on your neck, followed by his lips pressing lightly against your skin, but you didn’t react to it, not really minding it despite the butterflies it gave you.

“[Y/N]… this movie is boring…” Jimin whispers in your ear, pressing a kiss right below. You shiver but remain quiet which was a mistake because soon enough, Jimin decides to start tickling your sides, causing you to whine and plead him to stop but he didn’t listen to you.

“I’ll stop if we stop watching the movie!”

“F-Fine!” You can’t help but agree. He stops tickling you and you pant loudly, reaching out to pause the movie.

“Urgh, you’re so annoying.” You pout as you look up at him and he simply smiles, leaning down to kiss your cheek. “I’m sorry, but I didn’t watch the movie in the first place.” and then he kisses your nose, then your forehead and then your lips.

You pull away, your lips slightly pursed as you were still a bit annoyed that you stopped watching the movie because of him. You don’t say anything and he simply stares at your pouting lips, trying to resist the urge to kiss them. But he fails, and his lips are on yours once again.

The kiss lasts for less than a minute before his lips wander down to your neck, leaving teasing kisses all over the skin. It doesn’t last for too long before he moves away and lays down on the bed instead, pulling you along with him. His arms are hugging you and one leg is over yours, keeping you close to him.

“Let’s stay like this for a while before I go take a shower.