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The Beginning Of The End: Coming Back

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Characters: Y/n, Derek, Scott, Isaac, Stiles, Lydia, Kira, Allison, Liam, Deaton

Pairing: None in this chapter. Derek x Y/n in future parts

Word count: 1574

Warnings: curse words. sorry. but nothing else really. no angst or fluff or smut or anything in this. just appreciation of Derek Hale aka perfection. Writing in italics show the readers thoughts. 

Summary: Y/n arrived back in Beacon Hills after being away for 10 years and discovers the truth about the small town

This is the beginning of a series I’m planning. Which will be filled with fluff and angst. Smut possibly if people want it but if people don’t really ask for it then i don’t know. Depends on whether or not I’m in the mood for writing smut. Either way there you go.


The Beginning Of The End Masterlist

Finally, I had arrived. 

Beacon Hills. 

I was born here, moved to New York when I was 5, then came back at the age of 12. Then I had to move back to New York when I was 15. Now I’m here again. 

I never really thought I’d return to be honest. I didn’t really know anyone here except Deaton, the vet. 

We worked together while I was in high school. Just a job I wanted cos I didn’t have many friends. 

Anyway, back to it. 

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For the anons in my inbox...

There are a dozen of you, so I thought it was easier to just try and answer all of your questions / concerns in one post.

This is of course just a thought for how the TG/BTY being released around the same time thing could go. I don’t know if it will.

I do mainly think it is to further the ‘underdog’ idea. You have the ‘face’ of the band, the ‘most famous one’ the one Louis mentioned by name as having it slightly easier in the Observer article, releasing a song at the same time as you….And it is very likely that Louis’ single will do better than TG (I think that is intentional on their part, in terms of choosing TG, an album track rather than a new song, and a song about the two of them - talk about ‘pick someone supportive’).

What a great way to have the GP sit up and take notice of you? The underdog beating the superstar in a head to head chart battle? We might not like it, but I believe that they have both agreed to it for the greater good, and that it is very clever.

But Louis doesn’t need such dirty PR to succeed? The Louis we see and the Louis the public see are not the same. That is because of years of negative PR from his own team. To me The Observer piece was the start of turning that around, what I describe above makes sense to me as the next step. 

But it’s not fair on Harry, why should he ‘sacrifice’ the success of TG? Two Ghosts is not a traditional summer single, and it’s an album track that most of us have already got. Of course people will stream it, but new purchases? Sure some, but not enough to have it go to number 1 and they know that. As well as assisting in the ‘underdog’ angle, TG will attract some new fans from Dunkirk cross promo, but in my mind that’s to give the album a boost, not to get a number one. If they wanted a number one they’d release a track that’s not even on the album, we’d all buy it, they’d do proper promo etc. 

It’s so ugly, urgh, if it happens I am going to stay off tumblr - /If/ it happens, it’s not a real competition, it’s an engineered one for narrative purposes. Harry has already had a number one with SOTT and it’s looking like it’s going to be nominated for a Grammy. This is Louis’ time to shine and I think the added ‘competition’ angle feeds into that nicely. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. 

I think that pretty much covers everything you’ve all said/asked. We’ll see, it may well not pan out like this at all. It just feels like it is setting up for it to me. 

But at the end of the day, they are a team, success for one is success for the other, and I would much rather them co-ordinate something they are both comfortable with. 


GD Scenario - ‘Leaked’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Blue

¨Jiyong, you know we can’t go out now. It´s broad daylight!” you said as you pointed out the window. You were currently trying to make breakfast, but your boyfriend had other plans. You and Jiyong have been going out for 10 months now and you’ve been trying to keep your relationship a secret from the public. You knew how passionate his ¨fans¨ could get over him and you definitely didn’t want to be the reason that they were upset. You saw how they would get with other idols girlfriends and it terrified you. Jiyong had been trying to convince you to spend a day with him outside, in the public eye, but you both knew it was risky.

¨I hate that to hide our relationship from the public! I want to be able to hug you, kiss you, hell even hold your hand (Y/N)!¨ You gave him a hard stare. You two had already had this conversation countless times before.

¨ I know! I know my fans can be harsh, but I just hate that they can control us like that.¨ he said as he sat on the couch. You could tell he was frustrated just by the tone of his voice, but you couldn’t blame him you had those thoughts as well. You were always insecure with your relationship with Jiyong. He was constantly surrounded with beautiful women and rich acquaintances and you couldn’t help but wonder why he choose you, however he always seemed to wash those thoughts away with every little act of love he did. You walked over to him and sat down next to him.

¨Jiyong, look at me¨. You said as you brushed his cheek. You could see part of his lips tilt up, you knew that he loved it when you did that, so it only encouraged you to do it again. He finally turned his head towards you.

¨How about we do go out today, huh? We can finally have a day for ourselves that doesn’t involve saying inside.¨ His smile only got bigger. He wasted no time as he shot out of the couch and dragged you towards the door. It all happened so fast that you were pretty sure you got whiplash.

¨Ji, what are you doing!? I´m not even properly dressed ¨ Once he opened the door he turned you and eyed you up and down and smiled.

¨You look perfect! Casual and beautiful, plus we’re not wasting anymore time! Let’s go out right now!” he wasted no time shoving you in his car and speeding off, you enjoyed every second of it. He took you everywhere he ever wanted to take you the mall, park, restaurants, and even little places that he always made him think of you. It was the best date you ever had with him, you two were finally starting to act like a couple and it made you happy. You realized that this was a one time thing, you couldnt be a normal couple, his fans would always be there no matter what. This was just a temporary thing.


It was just one day. One day that was pure bliss. One day that strengthen a relationship. One day that ruined everything.

You woke up the next day to find your phone exploding with text messages from family and friends and co workers. You turned to reach your phone when it blew up again, this time it was all your social media. You opened your phone and saw that you had received 70 messages, mostly all coming from you friend.

Amber <3

     @ 7:45 a.m

¨(Y/N), it´s everywhere”

     @ 7:50 a.m

¨Oh My GOD! Everyone knows who you are!¨

      @ 8:00

¨ Its official your relationship broke the internet…¨

You were confused at what she meant that your relationship broke the internet, but when you opened up your social media you suddenly realized what she meant, your relationship with Jiyong was leaked. There were pictures of your date at every single place you went and it all came from the same account. You couldn’t believe it you were sure that you had kept it well hidden as you scrolled through the comments you saw all the hateful ones.

¨ Is Jiyong serious?! She is so plain! He could do so much better!¨

¨ Who does she think she is just using him like that?!¨

¨ I hope he realizes he can do better, I mean she’s no prize to have¨

There were so many more that you couldn’t believe that these things were coming from actual people who didn’t even know you. This is exactly what you did not want, you knew this would happen! How could you have been so stupid to think that it wouldn’t get leaked?! You suddenly heard you phone go off and as you reached you saw that it was Jiyong. You were hesitant to read the text but you knew you that you could have to face it sooner or later.


@ 9:30

(y/n), i swear they weren’t supposed to find out! We can’t talk right now because Im working and talking to management. Stay up for me, we need to talk.  

How could you guys have been so stupid, you knew that you shouldn’t have gone out in public! It was too risky. You looked down at your phone and figured you should text Amber back. After you sent her a text you looked at your instagram. You saw that you had received millions of comments all ranging from ¨Urgh, what does he even she in her?¨ to ¨I hope she knows that she should just go away now, since nobody likes her¨. You knew that these were just faceless comments, but you couldn’t help but feel insecure. You always had an issue with your body and having millions of people point out your flaws was not helping. You spent the entire day just scrolling through the comments seeing the ugliness of people through a screen. You looked at the time and realized that you had spent 4 hours just reading these comments. You decided that it was best if you went out and buy some ice cream, so you grabbed your keys and jacket and drove to the nearest gas station. When you arrived you noticed a group of girls huddling around the magazine rack, as you made your way to the fridge section. You took your time to pick out  your favorite ice cream, but  you saw that the girls that were once looking at the magazines were now looking at you and whispering to each other, you were about to start walking to the counter until they made their ways towards you.

¨Hey! Are you (Y/n)!¨ One of the girls said as the others crowded behind her. You immediately knew that they were Jiyong fangirls and you weren’t about to stay to find out how far they would go to get rid of you. You tried to walk around them by going into a different isle, but the same girl pulled you back by your jacket.

¨ HEY! What do you think you’re doing?!¨ You yelled at her as you yanked your jacket back and walked away.

¨You answer when you are asked a question!¨ She started to storm towards you. You jogged up to the counter and slammed a 5 dollar bill on the counter and told him to keep the change and ran to your car. You got in and speed out of the parking lot, once you made it to your house you broke down. Is this how things were going to be? You can’t even go to a simple gas station without having to be afraid of someone recognizing you. This is why you never wanted to tell the public or do anything that would put your relationship at risk. As you trying to compose yourself you heard the front door open. You heard the steps come to a halt and you already knew who it was.

¨(Y/n)! What wrong?” Jiyong asked as he made his way towards you. You tried standing up and walking away, but he pulled you back down and grabbed your hands.

¨(Y/N) tell me whats wrong. What happened?¨You looked up and saw that he was genuinely concerned. You sighed you couldn’t do this if this is what your life would look like from now on.

¨Ï can’t do this Ji. I can’t stay in this relationship if all of your fan are going to terrorize me. I cant even go to the freaking gas station without being assaulted because they found out  was your girlfriend!¨ you yelled

¨Someone assaulted you! (Y/N) why didn’t you call someone!? You could have gotten hurt!΅

¨That’s not the point Jiyong! The point is that I can’t do this! All of your fans have been posting on my social media and even if i block them they just keep coming back! I can’t even go outside anymore because there might be a girl waiting for me around the corner!¨ You said as you stood up and walked towards the kitchen with him following behind.

¨ So what are trying to say? We both knew what would happen if this relationship was leaked! You can’t just give up now!¨ He said as he reached for you.

¨That’s the thing, maybe it is best if we take a break! Not see or talk to each other for a while. Maybe… Maybe we should take a break.¨ You looked up and saw that Jiyong was glaring at you. You were about to ask him again when he interrupted your train of thought.

¨Don’t you dare say that! We are not taking a break nor are we really breaking up. We are going to get through this together whether you or they like it or not. I already talked about to management and they still support the relationship. We released a statement and everything, you aren’t getting rid of me that easily. So stop talking nonsense, we are getting through this together.¨ He walked over and hugged you.

¨ Together okay. We will face them together, I love you okay?¨ He said as he pulled away and looked you in the eye asking for confirmation

¨Together. I love you Jiyong.΅ He laughed and pulled back in for a hug

¨Don’t ever say something like that again, okay?¨


Bullying! Send my muse one of these angsty starters.
  • .: Warning! May contain triggering themes!
  • "Everyone thinks it's really gross of you to leave your hair down, seeing how widely your spreading that dandruff."
  • "God, you are so goddamn disgusting. Please move out of the way so I don't catch something."
  • "Hey, you may not notice this but your kind of poor. Like really really poor. Kind of trashy too."
  • "That was your mother? HA! That?! Well everything makes sense now."
  • "How would I possibly know how gum got stuck in your hair? Maybe you got it from digging in the trash again."
  • "No, you're not allowed to go by here. Why? Because I said so."
  • "You're going to live alone your entire life because you're ugly, stupid, pathetic and nobody wants you."
  • "Urgh, look at you, no wonder you don't have any friends."
  • "If I were you I would've killed myself long ago."
  • "Why don't you just leave? Nobody wants you here."
  • "Look, someone let their dog off its lead."
  • "Ew, go jump of a cliff loser."
  • "You know everyone thinks you're a joke, they were just being nice to you because they feel sorry for you."
  • "Look who it is, all alone in the bathroom."
  • "I know where you sleep."
  • "I thought I told you not to come around here any more."
  • "Aww, look at the little baby. What are you going to do, cry?"

You know what one of the best feelings is? It’s when it suddenly strikes you one fine day that that person (cough or people) you had been crushing on for literal years is just, someone else now. Like you just don’t like them like that anymore. URGH IT’S JUST AMAZING AND ONE OF THE MOST LIBERATING FEELINGS EVER may everyone feel like that about their unresponsive/ too old/ etc etc crushes BLESS 🙏



some photos of the art i saw today at the 1975 pop up shop in london! I know everyone’s seen it before, but i totally dug that i was able to take my own photos of these lights in my own perspective.

i also took more photos (and more with other band members..) but i’ll binge on it all on my personal blog. Have a photo of me and G.B.D b/c i like that he just laughed when i tried to make an overly-serious face x

i hate how ugly i am urgh gross


TheClaceNetwork challenge: Jace Herondale / Clary Fray fancast
↳ Emma Roberts & Alex Pettyfer
“And maybe I am a monster. I don’t know the answer to that. But what I do know is that even if there’s demon blood inside me, there is human blood inside me as well. And I couldn’t love you like I do if I weren’t at least a little bit human. Because demons want. But they don’t love.”


Happy birthday our dearest awkward clumsy bean Lee Hongbin. I feel so proud of you for everything that you’ve achieved in this year. It’s been a great year for you and I hope you can achieve more in the future. Fighting~ We love you~ HappyKongDay~

Converted the TS3 University Life bar. Not a complete success though because I couldn’t get rid of the white trays(?). This is the exact same alpha issue as the one I had before when converting the ice cream cart. The problem is that I totally forgot how I managed to make the wheel transparent *laugh and cry*

Oh well, I will just insist the white squares are cake cardboard base. I placed cute doilies on them at least. Hmm, actually I just thought the tray wouldn’t be that ugly if the size is a bit reduced.

… And I guess I won’t be able to make more recolors of this bar at least for a while. I didn’t know that the inside of bars and counters are that complicated (I mean DDS files). You guys will laugh at me when you see how messy my PDS file is lol. Urgh I miss CASt so much.

P.S. Made the ‘coffee’ part of the sign too. I didn’t realized I only made ‘Starbucks’.