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why doesn’t marinette ever play rizzo in grease fics

So I know in ladybug !grease aus!, or rather ‘the school puts on a play’ scenarios, Marinette is usually cast as Sandy or makes the costumes, or both. Which is fine, though a lot to take on. However. Sandy definitely isn’t the one wearing a red and black polka dot dress??? 

 I just think there’s hilarity potential in Marinette being Rizzo. For one thing, no one would expect it. The casting call gets announced for Grease during the end of class and Alya excitedly nudges Marinette, saying she should go for the role of Sandy to impress a certain blonde model. The idea would be tempting to Marinette, certainly, but I think she’d be more interested in making the costumes, and doing that and trying out for the lead role might be too much. So she declines Alya’s suggestion because she’d rather focus on costuming, and with a laugh, says if there was any role she’d go for, it would likely be Rizzo.

 And Alya just stops dead and stares at her friend. And asks why.

Not understanding Alya’s shift in behavior, Marinette tries to explain that she just appreciates the character’s styling more, also it would be a lot less of a role to take on if she were to juggle costuming too. 

At this point Alya bursts out laughing, not cruelly obviously, but the idea of the cutest girl in class, baring Rose of course, playing the brash, sultry Rizzo was hilarious. And Alya tells her this. 

Now Marinette is feeling just slightly offended, which Alya sees plainly on her face. And so I see the rest of the exchange going something like this;

Alya: I don’t mean it as a bad thing! Rizzo’s character can just be pretty abrasive and in your face - 

Marinette: -I can get in people’s faces!

Alya: *Laughing again* Yeah, when someone else is being mean, you’re all about truth and justice. Newsflash girl! Rizzo’s the mean one through a lot of it. You don’t have a mean bone in your body.

Marinette: *At this point she really begs to differ, but doesn’t want to get into how she has quite the mean jealous streak that still ashamed her*. It’s just acting. How hard can it be to pretend to be a jerk?

Alya: Easier for some people. Sorry Marinette! You’re just too… nice and cutesy.

Marinette: *Mumbling* I can do more than ‘nice and cutesy.’ Besides, you think I should be Sandy! She has to wear that leather outfit at the end and sings a song that’s anything but cute. 

Alya: *Looking playful* True. Maybe Frenchie would be a better fit for you? She’s super nice!

Marinette: Urgh. You’re just poking fun now.

Alya: *Chuckling* A little. I still think it’s ambitious.

Marinette: It’s not like I said I was going to do it. She would just be my top pick. 

Meanwhile Nino and Adrien finishes packing up their schoolbags and turns around, clearly interested in the commotion going on behind them.

Nino: Do I hear an actual argument going on between the ladies? What’s going on?

Alya *Chuckles and ignores Marinette’s glare* Hardly an argument. Marinette think’s she can be Rizzo!

Marinette: I don’t want to actually be in the play at all-

Nino: Rizzo? Ain’t she like… the sexy one?

Alya: Yes! And jerky. It would be weird, right?? She’s too cute!

Marinette: I’m right here. And no, it wouldn’t be weird! 

At this point Nino and Alya are stifling chuckles, and even Adrien looks to be cracking a smile.

Adrien: I don’t know, guys, She’s talented enough, she could pull it off.

Marinette blushes heavily at the compliment, naturally. She was absolutely gonna die-

Adrien: Although… Alya might have a point. 

Marinette: …what.

Adrien: *Looking sheepish* Well, you’re the sweetest person I know. It’s a little hard to imagine. 

Marinette: …what.

Marinette.exe has stopped working.

And Marinette feels really conflicted at this point. Although she’s blushing like mad and her heart is soaring through the heavens (he thought she was sweet!), she really, really doesn’t like when others think she can’t do something. It was really… really… annoying!

She could totally be more than sweet as pie! She was Ladybug, for crying out loud!

Nino and Alya, meanwhile. just send each other a knowing look.

Nino: Dude, even when you’re not trying to be, you’re super smooth. 

Adrien: What do you mean? 

Alya: Seriously? I think you just broke my best frie-

Marinette: I’m doing it!

All three of her friends just look at her, surprised. 

To emphasize the point, Marinette stomps up to the front of the class to grab a flyer advertising the musical’s casting call. 

Marinette: I’m trying out to be Rizzo. And I’m gonna get the part. 

And of course she does.


No but like I can imagine it clearly. She would have to channel all of her Ladybug flirtiness, and maybe even a bit of Chloe, to really get that sultry, abrasive attitude down, but when she performs a part of ‘Look at me I’m Sandra Dee’, it’s a shock to almost everyone watching, and a little familiar to Adrien, thought he couldn’t tell anyone why. 

This whole post was inspired by me just really thinking it should be a no brainer that she’d play the character wearing the polka dot dress. Yep. 

I’m getting feels about the first reylo kiss now SO when I’m on the topic, HOW DO YALL THINK THEIR FIRST KISS IS GOING TO GO??? honestly I’m leaning towards a careful/unsure kiss, just testing out this weird thing between them, lips BARELY brushing together until rey just ‘fuck it’ and closes the gap completely, then some cock-blocking-trope™ breaks the moment and they both get a stunned *looks of flushed bewilderment* cus holy shit that was nice and strange  BUT NOT NOW THINGS ARE EXPLODING OK NEED TO GO DO ACTION FIRST, FEELING LATER.

Its an addiction I suppose

I work at a bookstore, and I have two visible facial piercings (a Monroe and a septum. I actually have many more (totaling 15) but they are much less visible from a distance.)

I had a very nice old white man come through today, and as Im ringing him up we chat about the store, and how hes glad he didnt just walk past because it really is such a lovely store inside and how he wants to come back when he has more time to just browse around both floors. 

As Im finalizing his card payment however, he turns around and says “Now, I just dont understand how such pretty girls like you can choose to mutilate yourselves like that tsk tsk.“ 

Seriously, what the fuck? What am i meant to say to that? I kinda just went "weell, you know.” and shrugged it off but jfc man can you not? Urgh! 

Also, I’m twenty fucking five years old, and im s t u n n i n g. Dont call me a “pretty girl” you absolute wanker. 

Fun Fact: I simply found this picture in my archives one day; I had completely forgotten about its existence. I don’t even remember when I drew it, although the file says it was created on the 5th of May. I am spooked because never before has a finished image like this been completely wiped from my memory as this has done, and I’m lucky to have stumbled upon it because otherwise it would have disappeared into the recesses of existence.

So here y’all go. A hidden Chara of strange origins; stop being so freaky child jeezles.

  • Brain: *thinks of event to happen in bleeding heart to progress the story*
  • Me: great how do i do that
  • Brain: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Idk if you're the right one to ask for thoughts, but I was talking with a bud and we came to realize that... there's very few, if any, PowerBottom Vic Fics. At least from what we've been able to find. Which made us a little worried, bc like... pls don't let this be a "Yuuri's the woman :)" type thing. Like maybe we thought too much about it, but like... heteronormativity is still a thing. It just made me worried. Bc there's no woman in victuuri pls god stop that. Idk, maybe just overanalyzing.

Like obviously most of us thinks they’re a healthy switch couple, but it was just an observation. And the yoi universe don’t seem to accept gender roles, but it almost seems to be fetish at this point, making Yuuri out to be “a woman,” yet refuse to put the same onto Vic? Obv. ppl can do what they want, but it’s a little discouraging. Heteronormativity is just not pleasant. I just couldn’t find any fics, y'know? “The bottom” is still often “the woman” when there isn’t a woman at all. ;-;
Urgh, but like, me overthinking. Someone said on twitter that the switching of pronouns while performing is very common in japan, and I’m thinking it might have accidentally led to some unintentional heteronormativity in Yoi’s male, homosexual, relationship. I DONT KNOW ALLI, I JUST CANT HOLD THE THOUGHTS IN. Don’t be angry at me pls. ;-; I’m sorry I went on such an incoherent rant about fictional character porn lmao I’ll go to bed now, ‘night!

I WILL NEVER BE ANGRY AT ANYONE FOR BRINGING UP THIS IMPORTANT THING!! ♥ and yes i agree with you! and sorry it took me so long to answer, your ask got buried in my inbox D:

disclaimer: i am 110% aware that a lot of people have a preference whether they like to top or bottom, and that’s absolutely great! so that’s not what this is about. well kind of, but it’s really about the problematic and heteronormative characterization where the bottoming partner is written as/considered to be “the woman”!

even tho victuuri is an extremely versatile ship compared to many others, a lot of fics etc come across as very heteronormative and it bothers me as well. which is actually the reason i prefer bottom!vitya! i’ve found that those fics often have better characterization? i might post a rec list sometimes if there’s interest?

i don’t really have any input to how common the “pronoun” switching while performing is, but i do agree that yuuri doing that probably did contribute to him being written as “the woman” so often. but it’s not the only thing, since there’s also vitya being introduced as the playboy type of character, which (usually) is a very masculine trope, and then there’s the coach/athlete dynamic that kind of enforces those roles.

but all those tropes were proven to be wrong along the way! yuuri turned out to be the “playboy” of the story, vitya is a sweetheart that hasn’t had life or love for over twenty years and even in their professional relationship they’re pretty much equals. damn i love this series. but i think the first impressions can be very hard to shake and they fit so well into the traditional heteronormative roles that some people might not want to look past them. or might not even realize it. which is a shame bc vitya and yuuri are such great characters and a beautiful and healthy couple, and i really don’t like seeing them portrayed like that :(

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The worst part about that chick is that she's so proud of it too and she has all these other gross signs for other guys and shows them off all the time, she's almost as bad as this other girl who took a "lick me mox" sign to a show where dean looked uncomfortable af

urgh. gross. Honestly, I think its just as bad as men verbally sexually assaulting women. The way she justifies it as just her showing her sexuality is disgusting and shameful. Im not prude in the slightest but just a basic understanding of human interaction would tell you that saying shit like that to people you dont know if fucking GROSS.

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James totally figuring out Sirius' feelings for Remus before Sirius does

i dont know where u came from and why did u decide to ask me this but thank you, thank you

bear with me idk what im doing

  • okay so i decided to go down the road of ‘james is sirius’ best mate and that implies a lot of underwear sharing and knowing that little piece of shit’s movements, body language and all that stuff perfectly
  • eye twitches=sirius is slightly annoyed
  • lip-licking=he’s hungry or horny or both
  • anyway, so obviously james fleamont potter notices when sirius starts developing a big enormous gigantic pansexual crush on remus waaaaaaay before sirius does. 
  • the thing is that sirius mostly speaks through gestures, not words. words can be tricky and confusing while gestures are more clear and ‘to the point’ (u know what i mean???)
  • and that’s one of the reasons why sirius doesn’t realise at first (my oblivious bby), because he literally isnt thinking when he puts his arm around remus’ shoulder, or hugs him at random times, or when he puts an arm in remus’ thighs or knees whenever he can, or how he rests his head on remus’ lap when remus is reading
  • but guess who realises too? yep, remus john lupin. 
  • this lil shit know’s what’s up, he does, he’s aware of everything, it’s practically impossible to surprise him
  • anyway, he does realise, however he doesn’t say anything seeing as he’s too scared of fucking shit up between them if he does.
  • so he just plays along with sirius and let’s him cuddle him (okay so maybe he also has a small crush on sirius but that’s not the point here)
  • well so they both have crushes and the sexual tension is unbearable. especially for james because sirius likes to pin so fucking much
  • 34 sonnets about remus’ hair, 12 haikus about his hands and 79 rants about everything moony does. james is so fucking done tbh
  • but ofc he has to shut up and listen bc sirius pulls the lily card every time james complains (’may i remind you tHAT TIME YOU MADE US BACKUP SINGERS TO SERENADE HER IN THIRD YEAR MHHH???’)
  • so yeah, the sexual tension levels are off the roof and sirius starts to lose his shit. he’s honestly so frustrated because he wants to tell moony but he’s also a big scared wanker so he wont say anything
  • untill he explodes
  • remus and sirius are chilling in their room, procrastinating(remus) or lying in bed pretending to be sleeping but sneaking glances at remus’ face(sirius) 
  • ‘hey remus i’d really like to kiss your face and put a permanent sticking charm on prong’s bed’ 
  • ‘i’d really like to kiss your stupid face too, in fact i think we should get right to it’ 
  • and they do (god im so cheesy dont listen to me)
  • but hey im not done
  • they’d be so chill about their relationship they would literally not tell anyone but they wouldnt try to hide it either, and bc they pretty much have been acting like they’re in a relationship during the last three months james potter doesnt fucking notice shit
  • but because he’s always making comments like ‘urgh get a room you two’ remus and sirius think he knows so they dont bother telling him
  • so ofc james screamed like a little girl when he walked on remus and sirius snogging

okay i think im done, thanks to @kittnstyles for being a hopeless sinner and helping me with this last night when i got stuck, and thank you a lot for asking i really really really really really fucking really hope you liked it

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Hey can I tell u about my crush? So i started law school this year (we’re 300 in my class) and of course the only guy i like is my prof🤦🏻‍♀️. I know that i dont stand a chance to get noticed because im not the typical pretty girl and we’re so many but I’m sitting in the front row and we make eye contact and urgh he always smiles when I ask him after the class something because I always smile and say helloo. One time I just wanted to talk to him so I asked him before class 1❄️

½ you sound so sweet, and dont say your not the typical pretty girl. I believe was causes beauty is confidence. If you look like shrek and you are confident then u are beautidul but im 99999% you dont look like shrek and you look like princess fiona in her human form #ogres_could_still_be_cute_but_humans_are_cuter_give_urself_credit_petetion2017


I feel bad for cis people tbh, they get stigmatised and stereotyped on tumblr just as much as the lgbt+ community does in real life and that’s really shitty of us. Sure they might say insensitive things or misgender people or other things but the majority of the time they don’t mean it offensively theyre just ignorant about the issue and it’s not their fault and we should strive to help the learn and understand us and how we feel etc and I know people will say “but why should I have to educate them on it?” And it’s simple, if you don’t, who will? You want them to see things from your perspective and see how you feel so you nee to convey that calmly and help them to understand you.

That’s how we will build a stronger community and build more support for every part of the lgbt+ community.

If you are nice (I know it can be very hard) to people who are ignorant and rude/insensitive about our issues and help them to understand then they might understand and change their mind but if you just say “Urgh, fucking typical cissexist heterosexual trash this is why we hate you!” THEN WHY WOULD THEY EVER FUCKING LIKE YOU?!

I know that because before I realised I was trans and pansexual, I was a cunt, no other word for it really. I didn’t think being trans was a real thing and it was something to be mocked if anything and dont get me started on how I felt about sexualities other than straight and homosexual! BUT I WAS IGNORANT, BUT MADE FRIENDS WITH LGBT PEOPLE AND THEY TAUGHT ME AND I LEARNT AND NOW LOOK AT ME! PEOPLE CAN CHANGE IF YOU ARE WILLING TO HELP THEM!!!

TL:DR Be nice to cis/straight/ignorant people and some will change their minds and support lgbt+, be a dick and theyll hate us all.

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Name: angelique
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Orientation: no idea. maybe demi or something
Favourite fruit: strawberries (and bananas)
Favourite season: autumn (and winter)
Favourite book series: i dont read books so ill go with manga and id say bokura ga ita is one of my favs
Favourite flower: i have no idea abt flowers sorry
Favourite scent: when u go to the christmas market and it smells like winter. thats so lit. 
Favourite colour: urgh idk. i like monotpne colors but i guess ill go with blue here (… or violet.. or red.. . )
Coffee, tea or cocoa: depends on what i feel like drinking tbh. usually its cocoa > tea > coffee but sometiems its different
Average sleep hours: 8 - 12 hours
Cat or dog person: i suppose i like dogs more
Favourite fictional character: currently is ouma from drv3 which is.. i guess fairly obvious
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1
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»Come on Lucy. Let’s go to my place… and ‘watch a movie’«

sketch here


the gladers all laid on the sand in little huddles of three and two trying to stay warm “WOW, minho i hope that’s your gun” thomas says 

“dont pretend you dont like it” minho laughs “relax you dont have frys death grip around you” 

“shuck off minho, im going with teresa and aris then” fry says moving over to teresa and aris who seemed happy 

“I’m cold” newt complained sad know one wanted to cuddle with him 

“urgh fine come here you big cry baby” i say opening my arms so he comes and cuddles close to me but after a few minuets of him sleeping i feel something getting hard and pressing into my back and he hugged me tighter “newt please tell me the ting pressing into my back is your water bottle” i ask 

“uh yeah… lets go with that” he says 

“oh god please tell me thats not your…thing” i say

“okay then i wont tell you” he says 

“oh god” i sigh 

“sorry, my hands got really close to your uh” he stutters 

“so that’s no excuse to do that” i tell him

“sorry y/n” he says to me 

“its fine, just calm the hell down, and dont you dare touch my tits” i tell him and after a while we both fell asleep or so i though as after a while i felt his hand going towards my skirt and under it getting close to my bra “dont you dare” i tell him making him jump 

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Bon Voyage kinda brings me a certainty that jungkook and tae never had or have a romantic relationship, they are really cute and partners in crime, but I talk about how they are comfortable. And on them they slept in the same bed, I think if tae and kook was real it would not be shown, do not get me wrong, I'm not here to debunk interaction in any way, I mean when was jikook together was almost always in the corner or behind the other members

ok, so im going to try to answer this as best as i can and i hope i wont be offending anyone. 

i loved the tae///kook moments during bon voyage, they are cute af (like you said) so much fluff. and YES! partners in crime i think describes them pretty well. or as jungkook said ‘dumb and dumber’. they have a freaking handshake for fuck’s sake. its so cute. i dont think there’s tension, there’s a lot of familiarity and comfort between the two of them. now, here’s the thing though, i know you’re not trying to ‘debunk’ them or whatever but i said this before. all ships are real in the sense that they have great relationships with each other. they are best friends, partners in crime, dumb and dumber etc. seriously, bangtan seems to be a pretty tight knit group, but at the same time the dynamics between the members are sooo different, which makes it very interesting to me. 

now on to jikook. in bon voyage, like you said, they were always in the background. their moments weren’t very ‘overt’ or ‘in-your-face’ (which is what makes them special to me tbh). but you can see them hanging out together, or sticking close to each other. and jungkook’s casual ‘i’ll sleep with jimin-hyung’ urgh. like he didn’t even think about it. 

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but at the same time, jeon gets so awkward/shy/nervous and hesitates around jimin sometimes;

(x) hobi said jungkook’s nervous habit is playing with his hair; 

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so i think theres this weird tension between the two of them. jimin makes jungkook nervous. i wonder why. 

and also the members’ reaction to them has me close to tears; 

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i dont know how many times i linked this vid but like, pls look at seokjin. hes SO DONE with them. 

but they spend a lot of time together (all-nighter friends, hanging out during bon voyage, the recent twitter pic of them out together etc.) so if they spend a lot of time together, why the awkwardness and the tension? bc they are crushing on each other. 

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sorry, i just wanted an excuse to use that gif. i got carried away as usual, im sorry. gifs are not mine.

tbh @jikook-love answered way better than me.