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detailed blogrates ✨ CLOSED

i have a surprise day off today!! i’ve hardly moved all day and it’s been wonderful 💕 i only have tomorrow at work before a three day weekend for easter! so, i thought i would celebrate finally having some time to be on tumblr with some detailed blogrates since i’ve been so absent and ily all 💕

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  • format under the cut (thank you @njmphadora for letting me pinch it!!) - blacklist maliasbr or br!

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I hit 2.2k earlier today and thought I’d do a celebration!! I’m going to do a few different things so you just have to be following me, reblog this post and send me (one or more I don’t mind):

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  • 🍂 + a request for any edit (find my fandoms here)

please be patient as some of these may take a long time but I will do them!

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so since i have a two week break ahead of me and i recently reached 800 followers, i thought i’d do a huge celebration!

im doing:

🐽 url inspired edits (if im inspired)

🌚 name aesthetics*

🍟 make me choose moodboards**

💎 promo’s (format under the cut)

💕 detailed blogrates (format under the cut)

🌈 icons of choice***

a birthday page (apply post can be found here)

what should you do?

follow me please!

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send me the emoji/emojis of your choice

*send me your name

*send me two fandoms, characters, ships, books, films, anything!

***for the icons, send me a character/ship

format’s under the cut!

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basically im super bored and i wanted an excuse to do some blog rates before i go to bed so im using easter as an excuse! they’re gonna be the super detailed kind yaaaa 


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