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Favorite fictional relationships: Jessica and Malcolm’s unspoken partnership (Marvel’s Jessica Jones)

A while ago, you were gonna help people || How can we help you ?   (poem)

Oh Kimilia

Ok, so I have been holding this in too long but I can’t help it now. I mean, I ship jonerys and dream of targ babies and all but I have now progressed to shipping them in real life. I know, I know. I’m gonna get hate for this again. First incest and now this ‘love triangle’ shit I’m dreaming of. But I just want to make it clear. I’m delusional and I shall ship however I want as long as Kit and Emilia don’t know I exist! LOL!! 

Anyway, I wanna share what i think their friendship is like(Warning: Please treat my thoughts like a fanfic, ok!). So guy meets girl and both were instantly attracted to each other. But they were young, like 22 I think then. So yeah, committed relationship with this hot guy/girl while I’m just starting out in possibly my biggest first career breakout show? Nah, they’d tell themselves that. Let’s just hang out and flirt and…maybe… ahem get drunk and horny and… who knows right? But DON’T get into a relationship with this guy/girl. At least, that’s what I think Em felt. Her friend-zoning efforts I believe was a cautious move to not ruin a friendship she preferred to keep it precious especially when he’s a comfortable co-worker. Plus I doubt she trusted pretty Kit to stay faithful to her when they were always filming apart. 

As for Kit, he probably was attracted to Emilia’s beautiful, bubbly nature at first. And because Em loves to kid around, he probably could not take her seriously BUT BUT he would probably be game for a game of flings if she didn’t mind of course. I mean, he was 22. He was young and probably horny all the time. But Oh wells, the game of flings did not work out well since he hardly got to see her when she’d gone to another faraway location to shoot. Wait! There was a photo shoot with her in a few months. Yeah! He missed that girl! Great! Oh, oh…the photographer was asking them to kiss. Seriously?! Well, why not? let the game of flings begin again. Or maybe game of love? Oh she let him kiss her!!! Hmm, awesome, maybe this could work. “Hey dude! Was great seeing you again! But I gotta run. Agent needs me at a movie casting meeting.” Em kissed Kit on the cheek this time! You see, we all know Em’s career was, is soaring. I mean, c’mon, she’s Khaleesi!

Then came season 2 and young Kit fell in love. YEAH! But of course not with Em. Coz yeah, she was busy gathering an army across the narrow sea while he got sexy red-haired Rose getting cozy with him. Unlike Em, Rose was so not friend-zoning him coz she’s gonna ‘die’ anyway and leave the set of GOT in a year…and there was nothing to lose when they were both attracted to each other and can still see each other outside the set. Congrats Kit!

Yup, Em has to congratulate Kit for that too. She friendzoned him so she should congratulate the guy she was quite sure he wasn’t boyfriend material when she first met him. And who wouldn’t wanna become best friends with Emilia, huh?! Rose be thinking “thanks for friend-zoning him so i can have him, Em! I wanna be your best friend now, sweetie!” Lucky Rose! Like seriously, I ENVY HER! Hot boyfriend and a hot best friend. I swear Em felt a little envious too so she went and hook up with a guy with a resume for great humor writing and producing. Basically a guy who makes her laugh since Em is such a humorous person herself. She deserves a funny guy. But alas, busy Em gets no boyfriend time so bye funny guy.

And then, years later, yes, thanks to D&D, I got to enjoy episodes of eye sex and one hot less than a minute boat sex between them. Right it’s simulated sex of course! Or else Rose would jump off the roof! I heard that Rose almost hit Kit when he told her of the finale scene. Hmm, I don’t blame the girl. My hot boyfriend and my hot best friend naked and kissing and…rubbing?! Whatever, I’m keeping close eye on the boyfriend. Give the paparazzi nothing to report on when they see us still going strong. Yeah and grab Em along for lunch with us as well! Eat that, gossip reporters!

So, how, like how can I still end up shipping the non-couple couple that is kimilia? I mean look at their friendship! SOOO CUTE!! Urgh I hate myself and I hate them for being this chummy! Season 8 has not started yet and I’m thinking how they will both be crying at the end of it because it’s the LAST season and they probably won’t get to work together again! And emotions be flying everywhere! I know mine would be! Oh God…Don’t let me go any further! I need to stop!

Anyway, when Ashton and Mila got together, I was like “They were so cute in The 70s show! It took them this long to hook up?!” I’ll just keep being delusional about kimilia that way too. 

Just one more thought before I end my fanfic mind, how the hell is dear Emilia still single? I hope someone makes her happy, like seriously. This angel deserves it and I hope her wait for her king in real life ends soon!

Misunderstood (Part 1)

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Word count: 1k

Warnings: swearing (idk maybe not), mentions of smut

Summary: I hate asshole Bucky and ur gonna hate him too.

   ‘’Bucky, I really can’t dance.’’ You said, giggling and lightly pushing Bucky who was determine to make you dance that night. It was quiet odd, you thought, you and Bucky were not the best of friends. You didn’t hate eachother, you didn’t have any problems with each other, you just weren’t close.

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I don’t know if you’re fully aware of this yet, but I’m not an easy person to be with. One I let you in, once I start telling you my secrets, I’m going to start trusting you. I’m going to start needing you. And that’s not really fair, I guess. You never asked me to love you. Chances are you had no idea just how broken and insecure I really was.

So, I apologise in advance. And I won’t blame you if you choose to leave. It’ll hurt like hell, but at least I’ll understand.

—  sorry in advance (08/10/14, 19:48)
... looks a lot like a tragedy now: a dara drabble

So I know I said this would be the final drabble, but I couldn’t sit on it with so much done, so I shall update the (actual) last one very shortly!

Also… Urgh, I hate myself, because basically, this entire series has made me want to continue a final version/part of the MODosphere, but different to what I wrote before (more Zafar-focused), so if anyone would be interested in that, please let me know! I play myself sometimes, I swear…

Happy reading guys!! I hope you enjoy it :)

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Okay, painful question I don’t wanna bring up but I have to: when Kikyo’s ashes were stolen and Inuyasha almost kissed Kagome and she freaked…..

was he really going to kiss her because he was seeing Kikyo in her?

I’m pretty sure that after that moment right after he woke up and actually realized that Kagome smelled different from Kikyo and wasn’t Kikyo, he never confused the two of them again.

Kagome thinks that it happened because he was seeing Kikyo in her.

HE says ‘It’s not like that…’

So which is it?

Because the idea that he would kiss Kagome imagining she was someone else (whether he realized it or not) literally hurts my heart and seems kinda… like he’s (subconsciously) using her, and he would NEVER mean to do that, so…. that scene confuses me and is painful to watch.

However, if that’s the way it is, I understand it and don’t hold it against him or anything.

But I kinda think it might be something else.

Just because Kagome interpreted it that way doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what he was thinking. But it still could be.

Thoughts? ANYONE??

Levi hated to lose. He wasn’t allowed to lose.

Every day was a battle. His entire life a sick, twisted war and he an unwilling soldier in the fight to keep his heart beating.

Kenny had taught him how to defend himself, taught him where to puncture a man’s flesh to ensure victory.

In the underground winning a fight promised one’s survival; for another day at least.

Levi needed to win. Levi needed to survive.

He can’t allow himself to be beaten so easily.

But when Erwin’s above him, his wrists pinned to the bed in a harsh grip, thumbs stroking his pulse, lips pressed against his neck and sweet words falling like spring rain on his skin; Levi decides it is a battle he can afford to lose.

Rivamika Week - Day 2 | Gladioli

A/N: OKAY so I cheated a little bit with this one. It’s not so much mutual loathing TO mutual respect, it’s more implied, but the respect is most definitely still there. I just really like this concept and wanted to share it during this stellar week, so flunk me on the test all you want because I’m cheating so hard right now.

Bit more lighthearted because I’m sure they have those moments too, although mentions Rivamika sexy times so that’s something. I was initially happy with this then it kind of faltered, so I’m taking this more as a learning curve more than anything. That said, next one’s going to be a LOT shorter. Feedback is still good tho!

Do razor blades count as actual blades because I think I cheated again.

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Happy Birthday Aina— Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan and director John Krokidas at the Sundance Film Festival, 2013.

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