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Recommended activity for your birthday: draw self-indulgent pics of your beloved rare pair! You can’t even pry Clarisse/Annabeth from my cold, dead hands - I LOVE CLARABETH TOO MUCH!! ლ(*꒪ヮ꒪*)ლ (And thank goodness I have another sinner on my side! ILU, Aku <3<3)

ahHAHA AM I TOO LATE,, @billdip-week​ rip i completely forgot and i did this all today

this is day one: love letters

so! everything i’m doing for this bd week is taking place in soulbond’verse, the first valentine’s day these two spend together. bill’s been a person for almost a year and he still is. a huge idiot. who doesn’t give enough of a shit to rhyme. it’ll all culminate in a valentine’s day oneshot that’ll incorporate all of my doodles. i’m excited, this is gonna be fun! ❤️

You know, I really want a Symphogear prequel, just about Tsubasa and Kanade.

Yes, I am aware that Kanade is dead and so this would be a giant feels trip. But really, there’s so much story potential there. We only know the bare bones of Kanade’s backstory- the Noise killed her family and she wanted revenge, so she pumped herself full of LiNker until she could use Gungnir. 

(Kanade’s family excavated relics, which is another interesting tidbit that I’d very much like to know more about.)

We honestly know even less about Tsubasa’s backstory- pretty much just that she trained for battle since she was a child. Tsubasa’s father is a leader in the Second Division and so is her uncle, so they must’ve discovered her compatibility with symphogear when she was very young. 

Another thing, in the flashback we see in season 1 episode 4, at first Tsubasa is scared of Kanade. The flashback jumps ahead and they’re fighting and training together and getting along splendidly, but I want to see how exactly that happens. Friendships that strong don’t happen overnight.

And there’s Zwei Wing too. I want to know how that got started. Was it Kanade’s idea? Tsubasa’s idea? It’s also possible that Ogawa or someone overheard them singing while they were fighting and asked them if they wanted to perform. At first, it’s just another part of their training, but then they start to really enjoy it… 

So, yes, I think a Symphogear prequel would be amazing. 


((MERRY FLOWERS MY LOVELIES! It’s Christmas in London right now so have a wonderful day whether you’re spending it with friends, families or even just with yourself. And even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then I hope you just have a wonderful ordinary day anyway : D Zyra mun out for the night~))