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Hey so this is a really long shot but my cat is lost. I depend on her for so much. She’s the living embodiment of my fight for mental stability, I adopted her exactly a year after I was released from the hospital after threatening suicide. She means so much to me and she’s lost because my dad let her out of the house when she was annoying him. I live in Plymouth Minnesota. It’s cold as fuck here and it’s supposed to snow tonight. Please try to get the word around.

Random language fact: in Romanian we don’t have a separate word for ‘purr’, we say that cats spin, like in spinning wool, because their purring sounds like a spindle working, and also the mental image that the kitty loves you so much it is making you a sweater.

defygravity79  asked:

"Blindfold" for Supercat please ;)

“You will not be putting that on me.” Cat balked as soon as she saw the blindfold in Kara’s hands. She made it clear in no uncertain terms as she crossed her arms, and gave Kara her best ‘try me’ glare. But then Kara pouted and deflated, and she was done for.

Cat continued to stare for a moment, but eventually her willpower broke down. She couldn’t deny her girlfriend anything. She knew she was whipped, but she was in too deep to even want to turn back now. So she finally uncrossed her arms and threw her hands up in defeat.

“Oh fine! But if you let me make a fool of myself…” She warned.

“Don’t worry, I won’t, I promise!” Kara eagerly agreed, and moved behind Cat to tie the scarf around her eyes. She then led Cat down the hallway, into the elevator and out onto the roof.

“Are we outside?” Cat asked when she heard the sounds of the city and felt the breeze on her face.

“Not telling” Kara replied cheekily. Cat rolled her eyes and Kara could swear she saw it through the scarf. “Just wait here for a moment, okay? I promise I’ll be right back.”

“Wait, what? You’re leaving me alone?” Cat raised her voice, startled.

“Just for a minute, just trust me, please?” Kara replied patiently but urgently.

Cat huffed, but nodded. She crossed her arms again as she waited, listening intensely for any clue as to what Kara was doing. Finally, she heard the sound of feet landing on the cement and she knew Kara must have been in the air. Then there were footsteps. The feet moved in front of her. Then there was a voice.

“Okay,” It was a whisper, “You can take the scarf off.”

Cat reached up and removed the fabric from around her eyes. She blinked her eyes open, and when she saw what Kara had been working on, she gasped and one hand flew to her mouth to cover it. Written in lights on the blank billboard across from the roof top was Cat Grant, will you marry me? And Kara was kneeling in front of Cat holding open a ring box.

“Oh Kara.” Cat breathed out. She began nodding furiously as she said, “Yes, yes, yes.” She watched Kara’s face transform from nervous openness to sheer relief and joy as she spoke, and then suddenly she was wrapped in Kara’s arms.

When Kara parted the embrace, she took the ring from the box and slid it reverently on Cat’s finger.

“I know it’s not much, I couldn’t afford to get you the kind of ring you deserve, but-“

Cat shushed her immediately, saying “It’s perfect.” And she made her point clear with a deep kiss.

Please, help me save my cat

Hello everyone, I never ever thought I would be here asking for donations but you see. I am from Venezuela, the situation here is really tough right now. Money is barely enough to survive but I’m managing it so I still buy food for my cats. Luckily all of them are neutered and spayed already.

I really really need help to save one of my cats. I can’t cover the veterinary bills, I have nothing. I have already lost two of my cats this year due to urinary stones. It was really hard, one was 7 years old.

Today (Saturday)  I noticed that one of the girls was down (she was fine until Wednesday). I think she has some sort of infection in her mouth. That is why I can’t treat her myself, I started giving her antibiotics but I still have to take her to the vet on Monday, this is simply something I can’t cure myself.

This is why I’m asking for help. I think that with 100$ I manage to collect I could cover whatever the vet does to her. If there is anything of that left I will only spend it on cat food or more medicines.

So, please! Help me, I’m not prepared to lose another cat so soon, even if it is 1$  it will REALLY help a lot!

Here is my donation link (click on the image):


If you can send it directly to my e-mail we could avoid losing the percentage that Paypal takes off of every single donation.

Thank you! I will be forever grateful for your help!

If for any reason the link doesn’t work, I have the donation button on my blog!


Tilly needs to be adopted or rescued by November 2nd, 2015 or she will be euthanized.

“Tilly is estimated to be between 14 & 18 years old. This precious girl spent her entire life with one lady, only to be abandoned in a hectic, stressful shelter once that owner was put into a nursing home. If only Tilly had been blessed with the same treatment, and placed into a home instead of a tiny steel cage! As you can see, Tilly has assumed the classic senior cat pre-death pose; she is curled up as tight as she can get inside the litter box and hasn’t touched her food. If we can’t get Tilly into a rescue or home by Monday, November 2nd, we will have no choice but to make “the” decision. Please - someone has to have a quiet, secure home Tilly can retire to… she deserves SO much better than this!
Contact Daviess County Animal Control at 270-685-8275 or email dcacanimals@yahoo.com ASAP!“
-Friends of Daviess County Animal Shelter
Location: Owensboro, KY

foster home for 2 cats urgently needed

so, the mess I told you guys about a few months ago is finally resolved. sort of. it’s not a fairy tale ending and the system is still unjust as all hell, but the good news is we’re done with court. you would think that means yay, we can go back to a life of semi-normalcy now!! but for us, it actually doesnt. ://

we spent 30,000 dollars to get to this point, plus additional miscellaneous defense/court fees, and we still owe 11,000 more, anddd a monthly payment. altogether that’s more money than we make in a year, and we managed to shell it out in a few months. as you can imagine, we are in a bit of a financial hole. not to mention we had medical debt and student loans owed before this even began. so, we’re in a hard place right now. but we will deal with it. however, the chances of us finding a affordable place that can house 2 adults, a 1 year old, a bearded dragon with a huge cage, a big husky dog, and 2 small cats…? not likely. our family isn’t able to be reunited yet. we have the beardie, and my in laws can watch our dog for as long as possible, but the cats still need help. will (thavnairian-grace) was kind enough to watch them for as long as he could, and hes been an awesome help to us!! THREE MILLION CHEERS FOR WILL! but he sady isn’t in the position to watch them anymore. so we need another foster home for 2 cats!! here they are: Cersei (the black one) and Dovah (the tabby)

I don’t know how long they will need to be fostered. It all just depends on how quickly I am able to find a job that pays well enough that we can afford a nice sized place to stay. hopefully things will work out soon and we’ll finally catch a break, but it could honestly be a year (or longer, if more shit gets thrown at us) before we’re in a position to move back out on our own. best case scenario: a couple months. like, two or three. worst case: ??????????????????? i have no idea, ajdhwaudhw.

but if for some reason they needed to go to the vet or some other unplanned expense, we would absolutely pay for it!! we are both working and we can afford to pay if the need arises. I’ll also send 30 bucks via paypal per month for food, litter, etc. Will can confirm, were not gonna leave you hanging and saddled with all the responsibility alone. I wanna be there for you and the cats!! more Cersei and Dovah~

They are almost 4 years old, indoor cats exclusively, really well behaved and small, with no behavioral or health issues. They are NOT declawed, but they are neutered! Both are girls. they’re sisters, and we’ve had them since they were 4 weeks old and they’ve never been separated, so it’s important that we keep them together, especially in this time of turmoil for them…

If you or anyone you know in the state of Texas, southern Oklahoma, or western Louisiana, can Foster 2 cats indefinitely, please contact me!! anywhere in Texas is fine. I will drive them to you. I’m willing to work with you and make it as easy for you as we can. We just really need a caring, responsible foster home for these two sweet cats. thanks for listening


Hey VERY URGENT my two childhood cats are about to get put into a shelter b/c I can’t take them. The deal is, my mom died & I moved out of the house into a no-pets apartment. My sister stayed in the house but now she’s moving & doesn’t want the cats.


They need to be gone by Tuesday (July 14th) or they’re going to a shelter.

This is Zuki & Charlie. Zuki is an elderly snowboot/siamese kitty who is very gentle w/children but not w/other cats, though she can come around. She napped w/me every night from 3rd to 10th grade. She is very good @ being held.
Charlie is an older longhaired ragdoll cat that loves toys on strings, & LOVES to flop over when you pet him. He is very affectionate & is good w/strangers.

They are both around 13 years old, & need to have their health checked.  Unfortunately they have both been outdoor cats for years. They could both probably get reacclimated to being indoors, but it could be hard.

These two are bonded & love each other very much. I love them too, but my situation just can’t provide for them. I can’t give transport, or even carriers or food bowls for them. But if you can take them, & promise to love & take care of them, you can have them.
They live in Oregon City, OR, w/my sister, a little South of Portland. Shoot me a message/ask or email me @ enbyflorence@gmail.com

Please signal boost if you can!!


First of all, THANK YOU! to all of you that shared or donated, you don’t know how grateful I am. 

However, this is not the kind of update I had in mind, sadly my cat died. I took her to the vet on Monday and he said it wasn’t an infection like I thought (I had read cats were prone to gingivitis when they eat soft food). He said something had stung her and that it was venomous, he started the treatment right away but still, she died the very next day. I’m beyond heartbroken right now. I feel like it is my fault.

But, I want to use the remaining money from the donations to buy cat food for my other cats. Due to the country situation (high inflation rate, and food, medicines, pet products shortage) I just can’t buy cat food, I’m giving them cooked sardines.

To illustrate, my mother earns 53.000 Bsf (per month) and a bag of 8 kg (16 lbs) of dry cat food costs 40.000 Bsf.

I searched on Amazon and the same bag costs only 12$, with what I have I could buy at least 4 bags but the shipping costs to Venezuela are insane. They charge between 4$ and 7$ per lb, which is just insane. 

IF you know of a shipping company (to Venezuela) that is less expensive or any organization that could donate me cat food that would be awesome! If you can donate cat food, that would be awesome, but I can’t pay the shipping costs to bring it to Venezuela. 

That is why I will leave my donation button open, everything, absolutely everything I manage to collect will go to either bringing cat food, or vet bills for my other cats.

Here is my donation link (click on the image):


If you can send it directly to my e-mail we could avoid losing the percentage that Paypal takes off of every single donation.

Thank you! I will be forever grateful for your help!

If for any reason the link doesn’t work, I have the donation button on my blog!

“Dear Unicorn Diary,

Miss Grant’s visit to my office today resulted in one urgent, pressing question.


Cat is known for being decisive, clear, driven and articulate.  I fancy myself fluent in her… nuances.  But “vague Cat” escapes me.  We are to attend an event, presumably art related at something called “the BFA”

Note:  Research possible meanings of said acronym.  

As we are taking her car and she has made all the arrangements, this is a date, right?


However, we are leaving directly from work, negating any opportunity to indulge in all typical pre-date rituals.  Therefore… not a date.  


She was so firm.  And so unclear.  Will dinner be involved?  If yes… date… if no… Not a date.  Dinner was not mentioned.  So, not a date.


Not all dates include dinner.  She is taking me to an art show.  Something geared to my particular interests, not hers.  Ergo… date.


Is this a cleavage event?  Or a non-cleavage event?  The date, or non-date-ness of the evening is vital in this decision.

Note:  Borrow garment with modest cleavage from Alex.

Should I buy her flowers?

I shall assume this is not a date until solid evidence proves it otherwise.

Further panic is required.


burrculesmulligan  asked:

This is super super urgent!! My cat is missing and I have no idea what to do! No doors were open so she can't be outside, but we checked. She may be stuck in the house somewhere. We heard her earlier this morning and thought we heard her earlier today. I need help this is giving me a panic attack.

Alright if she’s stuck inside somewhere this is new to me.

Get a bunch of people together. Like, ten people. Search the heck out of your house, from top to bottom. Call her name, listen. Listen everywhere. Stick your head everywhere it can fit. If you still can’t find her, then I think you can call the SPCA. If they can’t help you, they’ll tell you exactly what to do with better accuracy than me.

-Lou the Lobster