Hey so this is a really long shot but my cat is lost. I depend on her for so much. She’s the living embodiment of my fight for mental stability, I adopted her exactly a year after I was released from the hospital after threatening suicide. She means so much to me and she’s lost because my dad let her out of the house when she was annoying him. I live in Plymouth Minnesota. It’s cold as fuck here and it’s supposed to snow tonight. Please try to get the word around.

You have until MIDNIGHT TOMORROW to register and have the chance for your voice to be heard!!!!! This is soooo important!! Only 43% of people aged 18-25 voted in the 2015 general election😱 what?!!!?? We are the future of this country and we have the right to decide how we want it to be run🗣 Please register to vote and, on the 8th of June, please exercise your right to vote❤️❤️❤️❤️


Orphan season has well and truly arrived and more patients are arriving every day!

With so many new arrivals, we are quickly running out of some much-needed supplies. Our Amazon Wishlist is constantly being updated and if anyone wants to help our new arrivals out we are in urgent need of the following:
- Cimicat milk to feed baby bunnies
- Thin paintbrushes to feed orphaned birds
- Teats (both regular and miracle nipples)
- Biolapis and Promodulate
- Colostrum for particularly new babies
- Rehydration support for sick patients

Our Wishlist can be found at the link below. If you can help out with anything then we (both people and patients!) will be extremely grateful!


Thank you :)


I have a friend who I know over Skype. We’ve been talking a lot, and we’ve become very good friends. However, she vanished and went offline for a few weeks for no reason. I already knew she was having some IRL issues, so I figured she was trying to work them out.

I’d rather not explain why she was offline for so long, but when she returned, she told me she was contemplating suicide.


REBLOG THIS, SHOW YOUR SUPPORT, ANYTHING YOU CAN DO. If I get enough support, I’d like to show this to her so she can see how many people care for her. Please, help me out.

Thank you.

please consider trying to help maybe...

hi my name is lennon logan and i’m a soon to be 17 year old trans boy living in allen, texas. i’m walking a very thin line in my current household with a very unpredictable verbally abusive mother who is currently on disability because she is slowly going blind.

the jist of this situation is that i’m not doing very well in school because i am mentally ill- and with lack of decent health insurance, i currently have the same diagnosis i received when i was 13 years old despite the fact it’s clearly inaccurate; as a result my mother reminds me every single day that if i fail one class this second semester, i will be kicked out of the home with nowhere to turn.

i’m aware of the fact this could easily be avoided if i devoted every second to my school work, but i am unable to sit down for hours on end and do a single task without being overwhelmed, and eventually dissociating.

i’m not trying to say i’m not going to try at all, but i’m afraid i’m just very uncertain of whether or not i will be able to pass every single class; in the event that happens, i need somewhere to go until i can figure something out.

the tensions in the household are currently very high so in all honesty, sometimes i feel as if i’m not even guaranteed another night here.

i am simply trying to prepare for the worst because if i am to be ejected from the home, my mother is planning on stripping me of any personal electronics and funds, leaving me with nothing but a pack of clothes.

if this is to happen, the ideal plan would be to have someone’s phone number i could reach via a telephone at the walmart only 2 minutes away from my current home by foot, and hopefully have a ride to a safe location…

i have not planned this out very much, but i could use the help to execute something similar by someone who is willing while also having the ability to do so…

please, please message me via IM if you’re in a position where you could provide any assistance! and if you don’t mind, please try to reblog to spread this around.

Terrible tragedy in London this morning as a high rise apartment building burned overnight. Fire officials are confirming fatalities, but the exact number is unknown. The entire 24 floor structure was engulfed in flames, so it is likely to be a heavy toll. There were reports of people leaping from the roof and higher floors to escape, which will result in a number of deaths as well. The fire has mostly subsided, but pockets still burn and smoke continues to rise. No cause has been determined. My heart goes out to the people of London, especially to those with loved ones inside, and the emergency personnel who have been fighting the flames and managing this disaster for hours.

Customer Warning to Conjurers

I don’t usually do this because I prefer to stay out of the way of drama if I can, but as several of my affiliates have already been attacked, I’m reposting a message going around for the spirit keeping community, and especially to fellow conjurers and sellers.

“Because I have been advised to post warnings on various meta social media sites: Everyone please beware of a hostile, unstable individual named Bianca Michelle Barnes. She is currently attempting to impersonate different conjurers, myself included, in order to stir chaos and hate between sellers. Since 2012, she has had a reputation for relentlessly harassing sellers with hatemail and threats after being refused service. Please be careful who you add or talk to because you can easily become a target once she involves you in whatever toxic scheme she is playing out. If you are a seller, please know that you are subjecting spirits and entities to risk of verbal, psychological, and emotional abuse.”

This is not my message, but is from one of our affiliates. I’ve been witness to the whole thing and am utterly sickened, especially since she was about to be one of my own customers. We’d been talking for over a month about binding plans. Please be careful, folks. Pandora and I have had customers attempt to turn us against each other by spreading lies and rumors, so I’m familiar with this activity. If one of your seller friends is starting to act out against you for an unexplained reason, it might not actually be them. Please reblog to your conjuring friends so that we can keep this community safe!

Please help in any way you can.

I really don’t like airing my dirty laundry and I usually don’t ask for help but, I’m really desperate at this point. As of yesterday I found out that my mom is dieing of lung cancer with little to no chance of recovery. She’s the only thing keeping me from being homeless again and shes the only family member who sort of accepts me for being trans. Once she’s gone I’ll be homeless again and due to a serious injury I sustained at work I am unable to hold a job right now. My mental illnesses are at there worst and I’m afraid for my future. I’m currently selling my stuff for extra cash but that’s not enough and soon I’ll be unable to pay for my hormones and being off them puts me at high risk for heart attacks or strokes. Please, help by donating to my paypal. If you are unable to donate then please spread this around as much as you can. paypal.me/AAllen73 Also, please ignore the dead name. paypal made me do it since i cant afford a legal name change. I’m sorry for the long post.


Were sitting at mcdonalds for rn so i cant type a huge thing
My boyfriend and i need a place to stay asap
His parents and mine are extremely emotionally abusive and are ruining our mental health to a sickening level tbh
Neither of us have any money saved up because his parents demand an unreasonable amount
We need and will take any amount of money donated for maybe a hotel or something idk please just
His PayPal is greenalics37@gmail.com I can’t take messages rn were talking abt us

3/17/2017 healthcare

if you haven’t heard, republicans have introduced a plan to repeal the ACA/obamacare and replace it with their own ‘healthcare’ plan. Except this plan is terrible and will end up with millions off of insurance and giving huge tax breaks to the rich. It will hurt low-income minorities the most. Losing healthcare will end up killing thousands of Americans. Just google all the terrible things this bill will cause.

The House is voting on it on Monday the 20th (next monday). The Senate will vote on it on the week of March 27th.

Call your reps. Tell them to vote NO on Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill.

And call these people as well if you are able, even if you don’t live in these states:

HELP NEEDED - In Need of a Powerful Banishing Spell

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my friend and I are in need of a powerful banishing spell. We’re dealing with an entity that’s found its way into our lives after a summoning had gone wrong a while back. We’ve come to quickly realize that this entity is extremely powerful and the basic banishing won’t work. I’m not at liberty to exactly share what has been messing with us but I can say that it is demonic. If we are unable to find a good enough banishing spell, we will be more than likely forced to turn to an exorcism.

I understand that you might not have a spell but one reblog will be a ton of help because I’ve included an emoji spell to help this post become more noticeable. Your likes will charge the spell and your reblogs will cast it. We need this to get to as many witches on this website as possible and that is only done with your help. PLEASE REBLOG.

Thank you and may good vibes be sent your way.


anonymous asked:

Kinda urgent. I'm afab nonbinary, what mannerisms and appearance things can I use to make myself more masculine without having to spend a ton of money? Like I wanna get things like Oxford shirts and boyfriend jeans but I can't right now, and besides I want to know some masculine mannerisms

Even though you said you weren’t a trans guy, most of these are directed at FTM guys, so there is a cissexism tw for most of these links.

In general, what I’ve found works for me:

  • walk with your feet swinging straight in front of you
  • take up space (sling your arms over the back of chairs, spread your legs apart when you sit down)
  • when you sit down, keep your feet flat on the floor
  • short haircuts (i think some of the links i included talk about this)
  • if you can, shave your face to get rid of any fuzz bc for the most part, men with facial hair shave it
  • if working out is an option, there are some workouts you can do to build up muscle mass in your arms and shoulders, which gives you a more masculine silhouette

HEY FOLKS !!! So summer is hitting our way and i need money to provide for myself. as school finally finishes off for me im struggling to buy a new computer and food for myself and i could really use a hand, so what better way than to open up commissions ??? if you want to check out more of my art go here and here

things i wont draw:
nsfw ( includes any type such as fetishes, kinks, etc… )
heavy gore 

things i will draw:
single characters

what can i draw?: well pretty much anything im familiar with, ( like disney, overwatch, cartoons, etc… ) anything you want me to draw i will do it for you.

NOTE: I have the right to refuse any commissions from you. and there will be no refunds but i will send you some wips of the work to see if you like it or not of your choice.

that being said i will not draw backgrounds, if you want me to then it’ll have to cost you more;;; 

if you are unable to make a purchase, then i would gladly appreciate you reblogging this post to spread the word. i want to make enough money so i can provide for myself and move out of my parent’s home as well as paying for college.

if you have any questions and would like to commission me please contact me here or my email ( frecher.z@gmail.com ).


There are reports of a major incident on London Bridge.  According to reports, a van has hit pedestrians.  Updates are still coming in.  Further details are here:


If you are in the vicinity or someone you know is, get yourself/them to a safe spot IMMEDIATELY and call emergency services. (number is 999 in the UK)

!!! URGENT !!!

*not my fish*

This was posted in a betta group. This female was most likely injured by getting stuck in something in the tank. She has been in a hospital tank for one or two weeks now. I have already told OP about water quality.

Usually I suggest that water/temp/good food is all that is needed and med should only be used in extreme cases. This is one of those cases.

I wanted to suggest an antibacterial/antifungal since I’m not 100% sure if the white slime coat is bacterial or fungal.

Everyone but 1 or 2 people on the post said “salt” and I wanted to scream. (If I’m wrong about not using salt, lemme know tho, just in case…).

Methylene blue dips were suggested, kanaplex/metroplex were also suggested.
I want to suggest kanaplex as well but I’d *definitely* need a second opinion on this.
If you weren’t tagged, pls don’t be offended♡ if you have advice or suggestions to offer PLEASE do♡

Thank you

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