As Eragon dodged scraps of burning fabric that were floating through the air, he spotted Nar Garzhvog amid a knot of ten soldiers. The horned Kull appeared grotesque by the ruddy light of the flames; his lips were drawn back from his fangs, and the shadows on his heavy brow ridge gave his face a crude, brutal look, as if his skull had been hacked out of a boulder with a dull chisel. Fighting bare-handed, he grabbed a soldier and tore him limb from limb as easily as Eragon might tear apart a roast chicken.
—  Pg. 352, Inheritance
Christopher Paolini
CROSSOVER. Inheritance and Homestuck...


My new headcanons…

Alagaesia is ancient Alternia, I swear.




“Without their horns, they looked surprisingly like humans, despite the different color of their skin and their eyes.” (Page 828)




Also, the Urgals have a violent culture; they gain glory and honor through battles and killing and the like. 

I've been reading too much Inheritance

…that even my dreams are full of it.

I was at school with Roran Stronghammer, Urgals, and more men under his command. The mission, I think, is to capture my old school, Angelicum College. Our team made way to the cafeteria to terrorize the students/teachers eating there. But they paid us no heed and carried on with their lunch. One of our men seized hold of a lone man starting his lunch. The lone man scrambled out of the grip successfully. One by one, we filled the seats. A woman, companion of the frightened man, placed another plate on our table and ranted how uncivilized students are in that school, and she won’t enroll her child in Angelicum for the next school year, and left.

Our team made a small feast out of the food for two. Obviously, it is not more than enough, the Urgals forced the rest of the onlookers out of their meals. Sometime later, a girl, around 3 or 4 walked in. The intensity of her stare around the cafeteria made me certain I’m seeing Elva, the Farseer. But she has no Gedwëy ignasia. She joined our table and ravished a whole chicken by herself. No doubt she is Elva, eh?

After about an hour (because you can’t go into battle with your stomach full), we participated the battle head-on. Oddly enough as it is, my only weapon is a dagger and most of us aren’t wearing any armor. I slayed about 5 men because of their hesitation in fighting a girl. With this, I was able to jump into them and slit their throats. Filled with bloodlust, I slashed men here and there with vigor.

When the battle ceased, victory on our side, a tangle of corpses filled the campus. I noticed one of my schoolmates, Joe Ven, fought alongside us. When suddenly, 3 burly teenagers stupidly charged us. In my panic, I slit the back of Joe Ven’s neck. I didn’t know what came to me when I slew him. It was slaughter. I hated myself for it.

sunnebak asked:

i remember watching the movie one day after reading the first book and i was like "what the fuck was that i'm never watching it again"

I rewatched Eragon a couple of months ago because I didn’t really remember how bad it was and just… awful. Awful. Angela was Joss Stone. They had an Avril Lavigne soundtrack. Galbatorix was John Malkovich using an American accent? The Ra’zac were like Durza’s creations or something? Arya wasn’t even an elf? Murtagh had 0% of the character he has in the books. Roran was nonexistent. Eragon himself was a wimpy fuck. The Urgals looked like hooligans? There was NO mention of any kind of rebellion against the government. I’m not even scraping the surface of this pile of crap.


i was crying to one of my friends last night about Roran and the main reason was that he’s just so ORDINARY.

He’s surrounded by these supernatural beings (dragon riders, elves, urgals, magicians) and all he has is his strength, his will, and his hammer. But that never stops him ?? He’s there to save his village, and rescue Katrina, and help the Varden. and that’s exactly what he does. He doesn’t let the fact that so many of those people could quite literally THROW him ever stop him. 

And I just ??? can’t put anything more coherent than that but I just really love Roran a lot

which picture is more cohesive storytelling wise? this: 


i know the 1st looks better but idk if its easy to follow. eragon is supposed to be board, then notice something about the urgal. basically should the urgal go 1st or 2nd? i can move the panels around more too

im gonna put the whole comic on tumblr when its done 4 now im just putting each individual page on deviant art as i finish them

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind, I was wondering why you like the villains of the Inheritance Cycle so much? I love the books myself, I'm just curious as to what traits you enjoyed in the villains :) (I saw your post about the pros and cons, I'm sorry if I misunderstood)

First of all lemme specify that I don’t consider Murtagh to be a villian - I need so say this because a lot of people in the fandom think he is one, though I think it would be as wrong as considering Bucky Barnes a villain. 

Galbatoriix, even though he’s the central anatagonist in the books, is also the most boring of all of them, I think. Morzan, on the other hand, though he was just his right hand man, has a way better characterisation and backstory, I think. 

But to be honest, when I wrote that post the “villains” I was thinking of were the Urgals and the Ra’Zac specifically. I find it fascinating that Paolini decided to give the Urgals, though they may seem more “primitive” than the other species, a gerarchic and societal system that’s just as complex as the Elven society. I love that he made Eragon have a very negative opinion about them, and then made him realise that they were worthy of a life,too. It’s not something every author does. He avoided stigmatisation very well! 

The Ra’zac are just plain cool. Centuries old bird-like creatures who can kill with knives and jump higher than Daddy Long Legs? Sign me the fuck up