Another one finished ! *yawn*.. I’ve still got one more drawing like that to do. With fencing and black&white acrylic. And it’s gonna take so much time, urf, why did I pick acrylic ? Why am I such an idiot. Goodbye my beautiful, wonderfull night ! I will badly miss you tomorrow. 

This one is done with sepia ink. It seems like it could have been coffee but, no, my coffee is too precious and too… milky, to do that. Would have been fun, though ! 

Have a great night peoples ! Sleep well ! I give you all a big smooch on the forehead !

DAY 3179

Jalsa, Mumbai              Dec 11,  2016              Sun 8:40 am

The birthday, today of Dilip Kumar urf Yusuf Khan .. my idol from the moment I began understanding film and acting .. !!

Moments of drama during the filming of SHAKTI .. a film that for the first time brought me in front of the camera with Dilip Saheb, an actor whom I admired and idolised. The one just above is my death scene in the film, shot inside the Mumbai Airport, then called Sahar Airport, at night .. we got special permission to do so. Now of course it would be impossible to get those permissions. The moment I remember most at the time was, when I was rehearsing for the scene on my own, a great amount of crew and production noise was going on, people were talking and Dilip Saheb, though it was not his moment, and he was not rehearsing with me, suddenly shouted to the crew and production to ‘keep quiet’ and told them, rather aggressively, to respect the artist when he is rehearsing ! For someone of his stature to show consideration for another artist, exemplified greatness !

Saira ji was doing a TV show where she was interviewing artists. This is a picture of that moment. The shoot for this interview was done at a conference Hall inside the Nanavati Hospital on SV Road, and Dilip Saheb just came along to support Saira ji .. the interview was conducted by Javed Akhtar

A moment with Dilip saheb in recent times, at his home, where I am signing my Father’s collector’s item book Madhushala, that we published for Babuji’s 100th anniversary .. I was presenting it to Dilip Saheb

At the mahurat shot of Subhash Ghai’s film with Dilip Kumar and Raaj Kumar, conducted at the Centaur Hotel, pool side - then it was known as Centaur, now it is called Tulip Star and is no longer a Hotel .. it stands in ruins now, shut, and largely used for sets designed for film shootings .. I shot many ads., there, will be shooting tomorrow an ad., for TB with Shoojit Sircar .. my house in ‘PIKU’ was constructed inside the main lobby of the Hotel ..

This is a picture taken inside the Grand Hotel Calcutta, then Calcutta, now Kolkata .. it is by their pool side .. a charity cricket match was organised by the Bengal Govt to raise funds for a natural disaster that had taken place in Bengal .. i think it was floods ..

it was the Bengal film Industry vs the Bombay film Industry ..

From right to left as you face the picture : Robi Ghosh, the brilliant actor of Bengali cinema, his comedy and comic timing was a masterpiece, sadly he is no more .. just behind him partly hidden in sunglasses, Prem Chopra, a very prominent and famous leading man from Bengali cinema and the Captain of the Bengal team, Dilip Kumar, the Captain of the Bombay film Industry team, AB, Johnny Walker, the comedian extraordinaire form Bombay films, Jeetendra, and Anil Dhavan, leading man of Bombay films , younger brother of David Dhavan, , hero of my film ‘Pyaar ki Kahani’, and of film with Jaya, and her colleague at the Poona Film Institute

the interview of Saira ji TV show  ..

at a film function inside a movie theatre ..

and the young Yusuf Khan .. a picture sent to me by that great documentor, collector, Mr Moses Sapir from Israel ..

When the history of the Hindi Film Industry shall be written, the references made shall always be ..’before Dilip Kumar and after Dilip Kumar’ .. !!

Amitabh Bachchan

I'm Stepping Down As Admin

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