Just in case if anyone is interested what I’ve done the last three days

Wallpaper of the week!

The URFS Till Lindemann Blog will now have a wallpaper of the week! I have literally thousands of wallpapers for the band and thought I would share one a week with you all. Here is the first week’s wallpaper!

If you have a wallpaper to submit to me to be featured for the wallpaper of the week then please send it to submissions@ultimaterammstein.org. Include your name/nickname, & web page url (if applicable) for credit.


Urf, it’s good to be back… … … My mentor and I just returned from a long camping trip… and he forced me to turn off all my social medias… Erm, but, oof, I’m sort of back… I–I guess… I’m glad I made it back though… I almost d–died on that trip… Lesson learned: P. concolor are really scary… Nothing like the average domesticated Felidae family…

Time to catch up on the Science periodicals I’ve been missing before we go for another camping trip… … …

New Tumblr Theme in Place For URFS RZK!

I have put a new theme in place for the RZK Tumblr blog now. There are some new features now for the blog that we did not have before. now I can stick a post so that the announcement can be seen each time the page reloads instead of important shit getting lost in all the reblogs and other posts & I can set featured posts that have similar important content! Let me know what you think!  ~LEN

Thank you ladies and gentlemen! Vielen dank, meine Damen und Herren!

We have reached 400 lovely followers!! 

We’ve been on the air for, what, a year now? Something like that, time flies when you’re having fun. 

I would like to give you all a hug for sticking with us for all this time and I hope you’ll continue to do so! But you don’t care about any hugs from me, now do you? You’re only interested in one thing…  

You lewd buggers. ;)

“Shut up, Doc, and keep posting pictures!” said 400 followers in unison.

Okidou! But for what it is worth, this is very much fun and once again - Dankeschön!

//DocS, URFS Tumblr Team.   

Normal programming will resume shortly. 

Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen was asked: Is there any definition of the distance between one’s house and the mosque?

He replied:

“There is no specific distance defined in sharee’ah, rather that depends on ‘urf (custom) or the distance within which the adhaan can be heard without a microphone.”

[As’ilah al-Baab al-Maftooh, question no. 700]


URFS is under reconstruction…

…and things will perhaps be a tad chaotic for a while. Our founder and Kapitän has chosen to step down. Read this for the news. What does this mean? For the Schneider and Flake Tumblr blogs (and the equivalent FB pages), not a lot at the moment, I’ll keep us up and running for the time being, my co-admins are doing the same with their entities as well. 

We’re always looking for new blood, especially for the 5000+ followers Main URFS Blog with accompanying Twitter account. We’ve got a good thing going here, and we want to keep it that way. :) Because we’re having fun, aren’t we? Comments, asks and contributions are always welcome, wie immer. 

A great big thank you to all our followers and fans for making this a continuously rewarding experience, and to Len for kicking all our arses into gear. <3 We’ll take it from here, sweetie. 

Carry on regardless! Liebe ist für alle da. Auch für uns.//DocS 

(now, on to posting pictures! And enjoying Ein Lied.)