How I imagine myself arriving in Italy tomorrow…

Versus the inevitable reality…

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It is I, Krome, from the Fiyah Embull! Give your father a hug, Lasoona!

Never trust Mii fighter Chrom

Wallpaper of the week!

The URFS Till Lindemann Blog will now have a wallpaper of the week! I have literally thousands of wallpapers for the band and thought I would share one a week with you all. Here is the first week’s wallpaper!

If you have a wallpaper to submit to me to be featured for the wallpaper of the week then please send it to submissions@ultimaterammstein.org. Include your name/nickname, & web page url (if applicable) for credit.


The hype I feel for these two new champs is very real.  And what Riot has released about their lore so far is a bit of a game-changer.

The Harpy (ADC) and The Phoenix (Support) are are part of a collection of races now called “Vastaya”.  The Vastaya seems to encompass many human-animal chimera types, including the champion Ahri (and possibly Urf the Manatee).  While these two Ionian bird-people are not yet named, nor their relationship explained, Riot has given us a thematic phrase that describes them.  “She fights for the cause.  He fights for her.

Christ. I may have just done a radio interview on early Fritz Lang for a film review station and I was so nervous that now I can’t feel my legs.