urfbownd talking

When i was like 10 i wrote a story about a guy who jumped off the CN tower and was just stuck falling for weeks (i had no concept for how long the fall would take or anything) and the entire story was just him thinking about how dumb he was for doing this and wondering if somebody would be able to make something to catch him at the bottom and at one point like his buddy ends up jumping off too to try and save him and they just both end up talking to eachother mid-fall about how dumb jumping off was and have an awkwardly long conversation basically running out of things to talk about

(I have no idea if what you draw is fanart for my thingy or if it’s just things and ideas that just kinda resemble this AU. Sorry if it is and I didn’t reblog it! I always assume that if nothing is said about the AU than its just something else. If its fanart and you want me to see it or anything you can send me a message, its just that I feel kind of bad not reblogging something just because I can’t tell. It’s happened a few times and in a few cases so I’m growing a bit concerned and I’m not sure what I can do. I would LOVE to reblog anything that you drew with this in mind, seriously!)