urfbownd talking

But imagine Billy not long after becoming a ghost being uncomfortable, for the first time ever not a fan of how he looks. And imagine he just gets all upset but one day he meets Spencer and he just likes him and isn’t afraid of him but he thinks he’s cool and they start to become friends and Spencer promotes him to keep learning to do ghosty stuff and it makes him feel good even though it’s not normal it’s just perfect and I just…ahhhhhh

Can you imagine all the dudeghost fans as like legit adults though? Parents? Attempting to tell your children what it was about and why you liked it…maybe seeing it on television as part of some ‘bringing back the classic shows’ type deal. Maybe they even track down your old art through some strange internet search and see all the magic? i mean, my parents tell me about stuff they used to like but that stuff wasn’t nearly as strange as dudeghost

I seriously don’t want to leave because I love this show and fandom and it’s the first time I’ve actually got truly involved in anything and I’ve been around since nearly the very start…but I keep losing more and more people in this fandom that I’ve grown to be friends with, people are slowly drifting away and just losing interest, so I’m not sure I have the heart to stick around if I’m going to be almost alone…Just know that I’ve had fun and a great time meeting you guys, even if it goes away it will have a place in my heart.

It’s so great when you see the most ‘rough’ looking people; people covered in tattoos or piercings, an array of black/leather/spiked clothing, hair dyed unnatural colours…with little tiny animals or just that have little kids. I don’t know I just have a soft spot for that, it makes me so happy seeing that badass parents make me happy

Money is becoming a problem for me, I’ve been unable to find a job as well and I’m running out of options so I’m thinking of starting commissions.

It would mean the world to me if any of you could support me, I will do my very best to fulfil any requests, please message me if you’re interested!

Thank you so much, I will likely post more about the details once I get some things set up!