The Miller and Urey experiment was carried out in 1952, whereby ammonia, hydrogen, methane and water were subjected to conditions believed to be similar to an early, prebiotic earth (although there were probably less reducing agents in the early environment). The water and gases were separated by two test tubes connected by a loop. A heat source was then placed under the liquid water to induce evaporation. The water vapor would then travel through a tube and into the elevated gaseous (atmospheric) test tube where in a pair of electrodes created sparks, simulating lighting. Everything would be allowed to cool and the cycle would begin again.

After a week long process, 2% of the mixture was composed of organic compounds (20 amino acids).

My internet's being a two-faced bitch.

Just like my classmate, Abby. (And Kaila too, but that’s not important.) Ma'am Pollo said not to beat around the bush, so I’ll just say it outright.

I cannot fucking stand you. You’re only kind to me because I’m the president (who doesn’t do anything, but that’s true though, so *kanye shrug*) and your mother fucking hates me. Like mother, like daughter, I guess.

You always think you’re right and you act on impulse. (I do too, but on a lesser degree.) Tone the fuck down, whiny bitch. Honestly, you’re so plastic I swear if I burned you I’d destroy the ozone layer. You’re lazy (hell, lazier than I am) and you are not worth shit. Also, when you say “sa majority ka”, you convince others to your doing, para ikaw na lang. Sige, ikaw na. Puta. Not everything can be about you. Trust me, being shot down hurts, but it just means you don’t always get your way and you need to tone down your pride.

Sure, you studied all the parts for Little Drummer Boy, but hey, I had to memorize the steps to three different dances, they were both shot down right? Step down a bit, dude. No one likes an asshole. Or in your case, a bitch.

This is just my opinion, and it’s my blog. You can’t do anything about it.

Sorry, not even the kindest Hufflepuff can stand you and your self-centered ways.

Surprise Date (BMP2)

Writer’s Note:
This was requested by my friend @voltagelifee, I thought of ways to do it; either the guy surprises her or the other way around. So it ended up being “MC surprises the guy”. It’s more of an R&R/winding down kinda scenario, maybe an at-home date, which I hope is okay.

___ and her man hadn’t been able to have some nice down time for a little while. They were now wed happily except Royal Duties were shoved in the way. So ___ decided (A casual, simple date would be suitable, nothing too elaborate or too over the top). ___ spoke the butler of the house, “Prepare something simple for tomorrow” he was told.

Out in the woods, Urey and Sneig joined Ivan, who was almost trotting along. He was going out to hunt, with the wolves for a bit while ___ stayed at the fortress. Meanwhile back at the castle ___ baked scrumptious sweets, while it was a bit sad to not have Ivan along, she wanted to surprise him. In a room with a fireplace, there were blankets on rocking chair and tarts on a tray, made with much love. Ivan arrived home, “Hmm, what is this,” he asked, his eyes widening. “A little nice set-up for some downtime together, a date,” ___ replied. Ivan smiled and appreciated the simple effort. Usually he wouldn’t spend time like that, as he isn’t “romantic”, but the set up was nice for a change. After the fire had warmed his heart and so had ___ with the simple date prepared.

Hayden actually caught a cold, fortunately ___ had some time off and decided to take care of Hayden. He was sleeping and ___ prepared some ginger tea to soothe his stomach. In addition, there was also toast with banana slices and honey drizzled on top. “Has Hayden woken up yet or no?” ___ asked Loyd who stood in attendance for Hayden. “Yes, His Highness is awake now,” Loyd replied with a smile. ___ entered the room, with the small meal prepared for him. Hayden’s eyebrows furrowed slightly “___, thank you but I don’t want you to catch cold or see you push yourself,” he said softly. “I prepared this for you, also for a bit of downtime, especially if this can help you recover, this isn’t pushing myself,” ___ replied. Hayden smiled gently and gave ___ a peck on the forehead, I love you so much, you care for me and I’ll care for you back, the time together reminded him of when he looked after ___ who was sick at the time before becoming a couple.

Sieg wasn’t finished with Royal Duties yet, but ___ had less to do, “Why can’t you just stay here,” he’d asked, ___ seemed to dodge the question “I will say ‘hello’ to Petite when I get to the cabin, I can’t wait to see her”. Sieg thought ___ was just being ___ and didn’t ask any further questions. It was raining outside so __ prepared an indoor picnic. So ___ made some rice balls, prepared a home cooked meal and waited for ___ to arrive at the log cabin. He opened the door and was greeted by Petite who fondly nudged at him, purring softly. He noticed the food laid out on a wide coffee table. “Surprise! This is for you Sieg,” ___ said cheerfully. “Heh, so this is what you’d prepared? Pretty impressive,” Sieg said praising ___. He let go of his cocky persona and smiled, the food served, ___’s expression told him how much effort was put into the meal.