Usually- Peter Hale

Day 20 of the 25 Days of Fics!

You usually hated parties, but New Year’s Eve parties were by far the worst. Everyone was buzzed the moment they arrived at the party, and only got worse. Every single person you ran into asked what your resolution was, and then drunkenly told you that theirs was to work out.

You didn’t know why you let your friend, Derek, convince you to come to the party. Usually, you spent New Year’s Eve in your apartment with a bottle of wine, and were in bed by ten at the latest. Every single member of Derek’s pack had already come up and tried to get you to either take a shot or dance. You didn’t need any help getting drunk. You had nearly down two bottles of wine before you came over to the Hale’s apartment.

You referred to it as the Hale’s apartment, and not Derek’s apartment because he lived here with his uncle, Peter, but you had never seen him. However, every one seemed to turn up their nose when he was mention, or not mention him at all. In all honesty, you were jealous of the fact that no one missed him. 

“Hey, Y/N,” Derek said, walking up towards you. You raised your eyebrows in greeting as you took a drink from your cold glass. 


“Are you enjoying yourself?” he asked. You forced a smile and he chuckled just slightly. “Well I’m glad you actually came, unlike my uncle Peter. I asked him to come down, but he’s locked himself in his bedroom.”

“Ah, to be Peter,” you said, clinking your glass against Derek’s. He laughed and took a drink of his as someone cleared their throat from behind you both. You turned around slightly, and saw a man older than Derek standing behind you with a disapproving look on his face. 

“Who’s talking about me?” he asked, grabbing a beer off of the table, walking so that he was standing in between you and Derek.

“We are,” Derek said plainly.

“Well, I see you have the privilege of knowing my name, but I don’t know yours,” he said, holding out his hand. You took it reluctantly.


“Oh, right. Derek talks about you all the time.” You smiled and Derek rolled his eyes. 

“I’ll leave you two to get acquainted,” Derek said, walking away. You laughed and downed the rest of your drink. If there was something you hated more than parties, meeting new people was definitely one of them.

“I thought you were staying up in your room,” you said. He raised an eyebrow at you and you blushed. Derek had failed to mention how incredibly hot his uncle was. He did say that he was manipulative and diabolical, but you were sure that was just artistic exaggeration. 

“Well, I would have, but it’s nearly midnight.”

“Oh, so you’ve come down here to watch the masses freak out for a few minutes, and then go back to their regular drunk selves they were last year?” He chuckled and nodded.

“Precisely. I would have been down earlier but Derek didn’t say there would be any gorgeous women down here.” He looked you up and down as he said that, and usually that would make you sick. Maybe it was the alcohol, or the New Year’s buzz, but the way he was looking at you actually made you feel more attracted to him.

“Well, if we’re going to watch everyone else make one, I should ask you. What’s your New Year’s resolution?”

“Hmm,” Peter said, tilting his head. He thought about it for a moment before the idea came to him and he held out a hand as if he was about to proclaim, ‘Ureka!’

“What?” you asked.

“My resolution is to never come to one of my nephew’s parties again.” You smirked. 

“I’ll drink to that,” you said, knocking your glass against his bottle. You both took a healthy swig, still surveying the room.

“Alright, I showed you mine, now show me yours,” he said. Looking up at him bewildered, Peter laughed. “Tell me your resolution.

“Oh, well, I usually don’t tell people what my actual one is.”

“Wait,” he said, leaning against the bar casually. “You’re telling me that you actually make a resolution.”

“Hey, I’m against stupid partying and listening to everyone bitch about how they’re gonna become new people, but I’m all for renewing yourself.”

“I’m not sure I see the difference, but spill,” he said.

“Why should I tell you what my actual one is?”

“Because I’m the only other person here who agrees with your beliefs. And you’re bored,” he said with a shrug. You chuckled and nodded in agreement.

“Fine. Well, I’ve been telling people that I’m finally going to pursue my career becoming a professional ceramic artist.” Peter laughed and squinted up his eyes in such a cute way that you forgot what you were telling him. “But my real resolution is to leave this town.”

“Really?” Peter asked, looking at you in shock. “Why?”

“There’s nothing left for me in this town,” you said with a shrug.

“That’s not necessarily true,” he muttered. You smiled again and took another drink. Usually when you talked to someone you didn’t know very well, you took a drink nearly every minute. But with Peter, you found yourself taking less and less drinks. As you took your drink, though, you watched as everyone started crowding around the t.v. Looking down at your watch, you saw that it was two minutes from midnight.

“Here we go,” you said. Peter chuckled. 

“Oh this is my favorite part,” he said, leaning in closer so that your shoulders were touching. “Watch. If you look around the room, you’ll watch everyone look for their designated kissing partner.” Laughing, you looked around and watched everyone glance around the room nervously until their eyes locked with their person. 

“Very perceptive.” He smirked and you noticed that you were still touching shoulders. Looking for a little bit more courage, you finished the rest of your drink. “So where’s your designated kissing partner?” you asked. He looked down at you and you could have sworn you saw him smile slightly.

“I never have one.”

“Usually, I don’t either. But we’re both here and I’m a little drunk. So,” you said, taking a deep breath as Peter watched you with a crooked grin. “Do you want to make out with me in thirty five seconds?” Peter laughed.

“Very much.” He set down his beer and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, making you laugh. You sat down your glass, too and looked over at the t.v. and saw everyone starting to countdown.

“Usually I don’t count down either,” you said as Peter took one of your hands in his.

“Me either,” he said. 

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one,” you chanted together, drawing closer at every number until your lips finally connected. You couldn’t tell yet if the alcohol had anything to do with it, but the instant your lips connected you felt a spark between you and Peter. You could have sworn that Peter felt it too because he moaned a little at the exact moment and pulled you in closer. His hands started moving through your locks of hair as he backed you up a little. Luckily, everyone else was still kissing so they didn’t see you walk towards the stairs.

“I don’t usually do this,” he said, stopping just before the stairs.

“Me either,” you said. He let out a breath and leaned in to kiss you once more. You took his hand in yours and led him upstairs. You knew where Derek’s room was, so you assumed the other one was Peter’s. Pushing open the door, you walked over to the bed and fell down on it with him. “Well, new year, new me, right?”

“Absolutely,” he said, kissing you passionately as cheering continued from downstairs.

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I Love It - Dean, Dok2

Growl - EXO

Hip Hop Phile - BTS

Toy - Block B

One Shot - B.A.P

Whalien 52 - BTS

Like A Cat - AOA

Secret Time - Spica

3*Turn It Up - T.O.P

8*Eureka - Zico, Zion T

8*Embarrassed - BTS

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Toy - BlockB

Overdose - EXO

Paradise lost - Gain

Fantasy - VIXX

Odd eyes - SHINEE

Ride - Taeyang

Piano man - Mamamoo

Romantic - BlockB

Eureka - Zico (feat. Zion.T)

She’s A Baby - Zico

If you - BigBang

Doom Dada - T.O.P

Exodus - EXO

Nalina - BlockB

Tonight - Taeyang (feat. Zico)

Got the Hots (Dean Imagine)

Har about a dean fic where a spell gets put on you and you’re really hot for Dean and you sleep with him, then hes upset when you dont actually like him but you realise you do,

Here you go. This one’s pretty shit as well but what can you do

“What the fuck was that?” You yelled at a witch who had just cast a spell on you, but you weren’t sure what the effects would be.
“A spell honey” she sarcastically remarked.
“Un-do it!”You shouted at her.
“12 hours lovie” she said then punched you through her open front door and locked it. ‘What a Bitch’ you though to yourself.
You got into the borrowed impala and drove back him to the bunker, an planned on getting the witch, along with some help, tomorrow, after the spell wore off.
You opened the bunker door with the key, walked past the library to a room you and Dean spent a weekend converting to a game room, with pool, tv, large sofas, PlayStation 3, an a pinball machine.
You opened the door to the game room and saw Sam standing there playing pinball, you turned around to the black leather sofa that was against the Sam wall as the door and saw Dean sitting down playing call of duty.
As soon as you set your gaze on him your cheeks flustered. Looking at him made you just want to jump his bones right there. You had never felt like this before, but for the first time you were thinking of Dean as something more than a brother.
“Hey Dean” you said, sitting rather close to him.
“Hey” he replied keeping his eyes on the tv screen were his army man was killing enemy teammates.
You couldn’t hold in how hot you were for him, right now he felt like the most gorgeous man in the world and he was sitting in grey sweat pants and a navy t-shirt.
You put your hand just below his knee and started to rub it.
“What are you doing- wow” he chuckled nervously as your hand ran the whole the inside of his thigh, and cupped him, making his pause his game as he gasped.
“I’m going to the bathroom” Sam announced without glancing over to you.
“Thank god” you said out loud. You took the PlayStation controller out of his hand ad set it beside you, before climbing onto his lap, facing towards him.
“I want you” you breathed as you started to kiss his jaw line, down to his neck where you gave him a hickey.
His hands were lightly resting on your hips, but not too tight.
“Dean you are so hot” you moved from his neck to look him in he eyes, the were a mix between arousal and fear.
You planted your lips on his, taking his hand and sliding it down to your ass, your tounge brushed over his lip, sliding into his mouth. He kissed you back, not knowing what else to do.
“Want to go to my room?” You asked with a smirk.
“But-uh—but” he stuttered
“Yes or no?” You said, leaning in to bit his lower lip a little
“Uh-huh” he agreed so you stood up and smirked at his obvious boner in his sweat pants. You led him by the hand and walked down the hall to your room, you met Sam on the journey.
“I’m going to call it a night. See you in the morning” Sam said before heading into his bedroom.
You reached your door and wasted no time in stripping your jacket off. Dean shut the door, and you pushed him against it kissing him hard. He lifted your tank top over your head, then fumbled with your belt buckle. You took of his shirt, and kissed his pecks, whilst he took down your trousers. They weren’t the most defined or the most toned but to you his body was the best you’d ever seen.
Dean led you to the bed, after stepping out of his sweats.
You had the best night ever imaginable, and it was with the hottest guy in the world. You fell asleep with his arms wrapped around you, and you were happier than ever.


You fluttered your eye lids open to the sight of Dean beside you. It was 10am, 12 hours since the spell had been cast on you, and looking at Dean was freaking you out.

“Oh my god! What the fuck!” You shouted, waking Dean up. You knew exactly what had went on last night, but were wondering why the hell you done it.
“Mornin’” he rubbed his eyes, then sat up in the bed.
“We had sex?” You asked
“Yes…” he replied, confused at your out burst
“Uh… You seemed very keen on it last night. What happened?”
“A witch put a spell on me that made me think you were really hot” you sighed
“What now I’m butt ugly?”
“No, you’re still pretty but yesterday I wanted nothing but you. Like I would have rather slept with you than like Brad Pitt, Tom cruise all of the famous hotties”
“I thought you liked me” Dean sounded genuinley upset.
“Aw” you put your hand on his cheek feeling sorry for him.
“I do” you said in a sympathetic voice. 
“Really?” He asked unconvinced.
“Wait….I do. I do!” You had a ureka moment, a light switched on in your head. You did like him, and it took fucking him to see that.
“I really do!” You laughed from joy at your epiphany, then kissed Dean softly on the lips.
“I do” you repeated once more.
“Yeah me too” he smiled.
“So, will we give it a go? Us?” You asked.
“Yeah” he grinned and kissed you once more.

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HELLO! Can you please write a 4/4 about how you're really good at cooking? :))))

hiiii babe! kinda took this one and ran with it a bit :)

“can you make that thing again?” he’d ask you, his body leaning against the counter as you put away the groceries you’d just come home with, and you’d stop and give him a look and wave your hand at him to continue because you had no idea what thing he’d be talking about and he’d be like, “you know, that thing! with the stuff?” and you’d just shake your head and chuckle, “luke, I have no idea what thing you’re talking about, but I was going to make cordon bleu and garlic potatoes tonight…you okay with that?” and he’d have a ureka moment and scream “cordon bleu! that’s what it’s called! I was close…” and you’d just roll your eyes and laugh because this would probably be a daily occurance

you’d come home from work, ready to just put your feet up and relax for a bit, but before you could even set your keys down, calum would poke his head out from the kitchen and be like, “ahh, you’re home! come here! I have a surprise for you!” and you’d narrow your eyes at him, because with calum you never knew what was in store, and you’d wander into the kitchen and see the counter covere din various vegetables and cutting boards and knives and the stove would be decked out in pots and pans and he’d hold his arms out and be like, “TA DAAA!” and you’d cross your arms and smirk at him, “oh, you’re going to cook for me?” and you’d full on know he had no intention of cooking for you and he’d shake his head and put an apron around you, “you know i’m a lousy cook…but look, I got everything ready for you! pleeease babe?” and he’d pout those stupid fucking plump lips at you and you’d rolls your eyes and smile, “fiiiine! but you’re gonna stay here and watch and learn then, babe”

“babe, look at this one!” he’d basically shout, even though you were on the other side of the couch, and he’d hold up one of your cooking magazines he’d apparently been flipping through, and he’d show you some shamncy-fancy recipe that, to his credit, did look really good, and you’d just smile, “looks like a lot of work though” and he’d stand up and hold a hand out to you and you’d just be like, “what?” and he’d no toward the kitchen, “let’s go! Let’s make it!” and you’d chuckle because cute little ashton didn’t realize you can’t just go in the kitchen and whip up something like that like it’s nothing and you’d grab the magazine from him and glance over it, “we don’t even have half these ingredients anyways” and he’d bend down and rip the page out before placing it in his pocket, “then let’s go to the store…seriously, if anyway can pull off something like that, it’s you. come on, it’ll be fun! I’ll be your little helper even!” and with that, you two would spend the rest of the day cooking, with a not-too-shabby finished product

living with michael would probably slowly kill your desire to cook, because you two would just be so content eating take out and stuff most of the time, but one day you guys would be watching some movie and there would be some crazy delicious looking meal and Michael would be like, “remember when we first started dating and you’d cook for me all the time?” and you’d smile at the thought and nod and he’d eye you looking at the tv and he’d probably see the interest behind your eyes and he’d be like, “you should cook more often…i miss it” and you’d look at him and be like, “really? I kinda do too” and you guys would probably reminisce about all the times you’d make him try new foods and he’d be so reluctant but would end up loving them after all and you’d finally stand up and nod toward the door and be like, “well? if I’m going to cook tonight, we should probably stock the fridge” and his smile would fade a bit as he leaned his head against the back of the couch, “now I remember why we turned into take out junkies…fucking grocery shopping!”