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here’s episode 1 for any of you who haven’t seen the show - trust me, if you have an interest in drag this really is a must see

I made this a while ago to test out some of my art pens. The hand’s a little wonky but I really like this one! Love your blog 💖

oooh wow this looks gorgeous!!! *o* i looove the texture everything has, you’ve made a really nice effect with the really intricate lines shading! its so interesting to look at and see all these different patterns. it reminds me how manga are shaded only without the screentones? lol and i rlly love how u drew this cute fairy girl. the way u drew her face (esp love the lips + nose) is so cute, she looks like, curious or smth, and its just perfect, and the FRECKLES <3 not 2 mention how spot on the anatomy is, with all the little muscle definitions, so perfect! gghgfh i just LOVE this, its srsly so wonderful, like every bit of it is so good 

so these guys with tattoos and piercings and shit (the kind that my grandma would walk quickly away from for no reason) walked into target and the entire time they were in otc they kept asking each other a million questions about what kind of pain meds a pregnant woman could take and they tried asking me and one guy smacked the other on the shoulder and said “see i told you. even she says to be careful with advil and shit. fuck ur money and that cheap shit I’m pretty sure ur girl and the baby are more important dumbass” and honestly it was cutest shit

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what if mitch starts leavin a bunch of love letters in/on jo's locker n he thinks theyre a joke but they keep coming n theyre v earnest so jos just really charmed?? so mitch is screaming in the background


They’re all probably… Really dumb but honest. Like Mitch it’s some dumb “ur pretty” kind of nonsense but it has its own charm to it! I bet Jonas thinks they’re weird at first but eventually grows to love them, he likes the attention and having someone so earnestly infatuated with him. (Even if it’s kinda worded weirdly)

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I've been in Singapore for the past 3 days for holidays and we're leaving tomorrow and I feel so sad because we haven't had the time to explore around a lot! How'd you spend your weekend? I hope it was good! :))

HOW DO U LIKE SG and yes we seem like such a smol island but 3 days isn’t enough honestly,, my weekend was great albeit unproductive lol i spent half of it watching weightlifting fairy

OMG UR SO PRETTY I!!!! and ur og posts are all so cute but back to u lol pls senpai teach me how to take cute pics like u lmao i especially loved ur 6 selfies of 2016 like the one on the boat or something idK HAHAHAHAHA 

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nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco