I’m so delighted that Pakistan won the ICC Champions Trophy but why are Indians making fun of the way the players speak English? English is not their national language, its Urdu. Do you also not see the effects of Colonialism still being prevalent today? You have internalized the prejudice, racism and the inferiority that you don’t notice that you’re actually embarrassed by your own language. 

Retroflex plosives and liquids

Although American English has [ɻ] it’s not uniform across all the US, it maybe a rhotic vowel or an alveolar approximant. I only included [ɻ] where it aligns with other retroflex consonants in the phonetic system. 

Retroflexes are common and characteristic of India, Tibet, Java, Australia, Scandinavia, and Khoesan languages. 

Uss nal yaari kadi na lao, jissnu apne te gharoor hovay.

Buray raaste kadi na jao, chahe kini vi manzil dour hovay.

Rah janday nu dil na dayo, chahe lakh mou te noor hovay.

Pyar sirf uthay kariyo, jithay pyar nibahwan da dastoor hovay.

—  Bulleh Shah
Nahi mujhko ab shikaayat kisi se,
Bas apne app se rothaa hua hoon,
Ba-zahir khush hoon lakin sach btaon,
Main andr se bohat toot'a hua hoon.
—  نہیں مجھ کو اب شکایت کسی سے
بس اپنے آپ سے روٹھا ہوا ہوں
بظاہر خوش ہوں لیکن سچ بتاؤں
میں اندر سے بہت ٹوٹا ھوا ہوں !
مجھے خبر ہے کہ کیا ہے جدائیوں کا عذاب
کہ میں نے شاخ سے گُل کو بچھڑتے دیکھا ہے

I know the afflictions brought by separation, for
I’ve seen the flower getting plucked from its stem

Mujeh Khabar Hai K Kya Hai Judaiyon Ka Azab
K Maine Shakh Se Gul Ko Bechharte Dekha Hai
—  Mohsin Naqvi