I’m taking Tali and Wrex with me for the first time, and the conversations they have in the elevator are super cute! Here’s a couple:

Wrex: Some people back there didn’t like you Tali.

Tali: Many think less of quarians for traveling in the flotilla, and for creating the geth. They see us as scavengers, little better than thieves.

Wrex: Perspective is a beautiful thing. Wait until their homeworld gets wiped out.

Wrex: You quarians messed up the whole galaxy when you let the geth break free. Do your people ever talk about it?

Tali: Do the krogan talk about a foolish war that resulted in the turians sterilizing your people?

Wrex: All the time.

Tali: Wrex, forgive the impertinence, but you are not like the krogan described in the stories on the flotilla.

Wrex: When you’re young, you go looking for every fight you can. You get older, you realize that the best fights find you.


If the Mass Effect characters had tumblr (part 2). pic/gif credits: (x)(x)(x)(x)(x)

Dragon Age Version 
Assassin’s Creed Version


Finally, before the end of 2014, I’ve drawed through Shepard and the original squad members with anime style. It took me about eleven months to complete them, thanks to Wrex’s heavy armor so complex, it took longer hours then I expect to finish them.

Even the trilogy was over for a long time, sometimes I’ve imagined :

What if Mass Effect looks like if someone makes them into TV anime.

I guess this wish will never come to real life.




如果Mass Effect製作成電視動畫的話會是什麼模樣?