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I feel like Jehan would fall in love with Lord of the Rings and get “even the smallest person can change the course of the future” tattooed somewhere

(And Gavroche would see the tattoo at some point, and he’s never seen/read LOTR but he’s like YEAH LITTLE PEOPLE and gets kind of attached to Jehan because of it)

During a dive off the coast of Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia, photographer Sergio Sarta was scanning a volcanic, dark grey, sandy seabed when he saw a bright-colored organism—a fire urchin with a pair of tiny Coleman shrimps. The fire urchin has quills that are very toxic to humans, and the shrimps avoid this danger by seeking out safe areas between the quills.

The Lost Boy by Anastasia Heublein

This is one of my newest characters created for a tabletop campaign that is still in its early stages. His name is Lyari Rilynzea, and he is/was an eladrin/high-elf who survived the murder of his parents, and his subsequent capture by a Hag when he was still a small child. He escaped, still bearing a mark from the ordeal, and ended up in a human city. There, he found shelter with a band of urchins, and he’s since become quite a little thief. He is very magically inclined, but doesn’t have much control over it, and his behavior is much more like that of a human than an elf. He’s not exactly popular with the authorities.


Helmet urchin

(Colobocentrotus atratus)

also referred to as Shingle Urchins are a a species of sea urchin of the family Echinometridae. they can be found on rocks nears shores of the Indo-West Pacific particularly in Hawaii. they look very different from other sea urchins as their spines have been modified to be flattened and smooth in order to better withstand the waves that crash against the rocks they live on in order to feed on periwinkles and algae. they are usually a maroon color and grow as big as a softball.