just answering some hate... :P


ONION LOGIC: You are in charge of your emotions, and it’s easy to not be depressed if you just try hard enough.  It’s your fault if you let years of verbal abuse bring you down, because it’s super-easy just to buck up and not let it get to you.

My Response: first its onision(if it was on purpose i dont get it…). he doesnt mean to not feel anything but just think of it like this:

if someone calls you fat and you dont give a fluck of what they say it wont affect you, but if you really care of what those idiots say then thats parcticly your fault. 

i before felt bad about every flucking thing people said to me but then afterwords i begun to ignore these coments and… guess what..?  no more pain…

ps: please dont get offended there is no bad intention in this…