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What Happened Lady?

I have noticed that it is hard to find a real Lady to talk to these days… Why Is That? In my grandmothers’ day, the women were a force in themselves. In weekly meetings community problems and blessings got handled without any assistance from anyone other than those who simply cared. In the words of a great man… I’m bringing back that old timey feel! It’s time for women to gather once again to discuss ALL that we go through in life and how to handle it with grace, style and as much fun as you can stuff into it. Life is beautiful and becoming a wife and mother are just the sprinkles on the cupcake that is being a woman.



Greetngs Ladies,

I am the 37th week along, CEO of a women’s organization called UrbOnline.org I am so excited to be on the verge of giving birth to two personal ideals. The first being balancing my family with my fourth child and second daughter. The second being the formation of a website that brings information, activities and fun together for women and mothers. It does not matter hold old you are if you are or the other then you understand what life can be like for a Modern Lady. 

My eyes are finally open… I see what we need! A place and a purpose for women to gather. I want to sit with some women to talk, eat and release the stresses that stifle us from being ourselves… from going above and beyond just because we can. Coming soon… Urb’s Night Out!!