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Yoake e no Senkou (Ootsuki Miu) - Chapter 5 

Hey guys!  So this has actually been finished for quite awhile now.  Because it’s so short, I was initially just going to release it with the other remaining chapters (6 & 6.5).  However, I really should finish the projects that I agreed to help on for other people first… Plus, I feel like I haven’t had a release in awhile.  I really am working on quite a few chapters right now though, so you’ll see lots of releases soon. 

Because this was a rescued project, chapters 1-4 were scanlated by another group in 2013 & 2014.  Feel free to read them here: Chapters 1-4.

Chapter 5 - MEGA

Sorry I reused this picture…but it’s so pretty!

PS:  If I fucked something up, please let me know, and i’ll fix it right away.


As @huntertale-au stated, he’s going to delete the reblogs from his blog. I personally did the same since I no longer see why should I keep this up when the issue is solved and surely learnt by all the ones that had the same behavior.

I won’t force you to do the same, but if you’re considering about deleting the reblog as well, it will be appreciated ! I just want to keep this sweetheart safe since I know them and really like them. It just happened to fall on them at the most critical moment… And it really saddened me.

With that said, I hope no one will ever bug Hunter with that kind of stuff !! Take care my darlings !

Cat rescue

Beginning to look at all the animal rescue websites, and passing all the little cages on the streets with so many homeless cats, I am disheartened by how many kitties out there need help, love, homes and how it must feel for them to see other cats picked/adopted, and how many of the older cats who may never see a home, and many kittens who will grow to be these older cats just hoping for someone to pick them. I’m torn between wanting to rescue some of these older, sicker cats who may have never known love, but worried my heart will undoubtedly break again soon when their time comes to leave this earth, and wanting to rescue not one, but two little cat babies from the beginning so they at least have an animal friend, something my kitty never really had. 

 I think what I’m finding the hardest, as a nurse, is the guilt I have associated with the death of my cat….it sort of happened suddenly I thought, but it wasn’t really. I knew for about six months, each night I sort of held him and cried a little, thinking of how life would be without my little best friend. But when daylight came, he fed well, he voided, he pooped, he played. He was the same kitty I adopted. I think of what the vet said, how the caregiver (human caring for the animal, not the nurse) is the last to see it, and it astounded me; it’s what we see in the families of our patients who refuse to let go of their loved ones, and we understand that. I held on for so long, since I couldn’t see he was likely already so far gone, I held on, since cats are masters at masking, and all I saw was the little kitty I adopted. I held on, since I convinced myself that it was he that was afraid of the carrier, afraid of going to the vet,

 …when it was actually me who was afraid. 

 I thought I understood end of life care from the personal perspective of loss of family members, i thought I understood from the perspective of an empathic nurse, but animals are different. You never quite have the clarity you think you do, until you’re presented with it in the darkest hours.

 I hesitate in adopting another kitty, not because I won’t love it with all my heart - I fear not being able to let go, when that time comes again.

Nintendo: you’ll only be able to play SNES games on this one new system for reasons, no other consoles

me, clutching my beloved 1993 SNES: over my dead body