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Today’s the two year anniversary for Urban Native Era. I respect the pursuit @apachechief_sf , and the drive to push a good cause; that can’t be knocked. Keep going! #urbannativeera #UNE2YEARS

Nataanii Means - 2 Worlds [Album]

Nataanii Means releases his debut album called 2 Worlds recorded at Bear Cave Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In his album, Means vividly explains his life and his experiences as being American Indian. He tells his struggle as an Indigenous person living in the 21st century. Means speaks about how America has identified him as American Indian and how he views himself. Also, the album features other up and coming artists such as Ty Milly, Melodic-Soul, Frank Waln, and Rhetorlk. Make sure you support this up and coming Native hip hop artist and buy the full album on bandcamp or iTunes. @Nataanii_Means

Frank Waln - Aboriginal [ Video]

Frank Waln drops a new video called Aboriginal directed by Eli Vazquez. Waln is part of a group called Nake Nula Waun (Nah-Kay ,Noo-Lah, Wah- OOn)  which is a traditional Lakota phrase which means “I am always ready, at all times, for anything.” Waln raps about issues involving the Native American culture and a new movement called Idle No More. The video was shot and filmed on the Rosebud Reservation and in the American Indian Center of Chicago. He also speaks on being aboriginal and the issues involving mascots and more. Click the video to check it out. 

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