Check out Kendrick Lamar’s new single entitled ‘Beyoncé’. It’s about Kendrick´s obsession with Beyonce. He knows there´s a huge gap between them money-wise and he knows that she has husband named Jay-Z (the song was recorded before the marriage) but he still thinks she´s the one for him and he´s the one for her. He even comes up with a scheme to break Jay & Beyoncé up! It?! Or Hit?! http://youtu.be/Pd31_qQSG4M


Thank you Diane Nash. Leader and strategist of the student wing in the Civil Rights Movement and being an active member of the Freedom Riders. Also she helped found the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and the Selma Voting Rights Committee campaign, that helped blacks in the South get to vote and also have political power! Did you know?!