My hair has not seen shampoo since the 4th of February. That is ten days. Ten days of shampooless showers. And my hair. Is. FANTASTIC.

Admittedly, I did use that funky organic oil stuff, but that doesn’t have anything that makes shampoo shampoo in it, and I only used it twice. Other than that it’s been baking soda and massages. Also, and I really think this has helped quite a bit, i have been brushing my hair with a boar bristle brush. Supposedly, it distributes the sebum through the length of your hair so it doesn’t just pile up on your head. I think that’s working wonders. Also, I’ve been semi-religiously taking vitamins E and D, both of which are great for your hair. Also also, I have less hair (I chopped like six inches off) and wayyyy fewer split ends because of that.

Some of you mentioned having an icky-ish texture to your hair. I noticed that too, and at first it bothered me but I think the boar bristle brush has helped with that. It has stopped feeling so… I dunno, gritty, maybe? in the last couple of days. Another thing you guys have noticed is a major increase in static. I did too and I don’t know if that is because of the winter weather, the lack of conditioner, the use of ACV, or some combination of those things, but it was driving me FRIGGIN CRAZY. It’s finally gotten much, much better for me. Man that transition phase was rough.

But here are the amazing benefits that I have noticed, and why I can guarantee I’ll never go back to store-bought shampoo. My hair has a thickness that I have never experienced before. I have always been sooo self-conscious about my hair because it has always been extremely fine and if I pull it back in a ponytail too tight you can see my scalp. If it’s not back in a ponytail, it just kind of hangs there, no body, no texture… just sad, limp hair. But for the past few days, my hair has done things I’ve never seen it do before. If I tussle it a little at the roots, it gains volume. I don’t have nearly as many fly aways. My bangs had never failed to look like a grease pit halfway through the day, but now they are near perfect all day long. And, if I pull it back… no scalp! My hair and I are finally friends.

How is everyone else doing? Have you given up in the little hiatus I had there for a while? Sorry about that. I know I promised a laundry post and that is coming eventually… it’s just that there are pictures and I haven’t had a chance to get them off my phone yet. Besides, this adventure is so much fun.

Shampoo-freeness: Success!

An Update, Sorta

I have a confession to make.

The Shampoo Free experiment sort of… took a detour.

I have another confession to make.

This post is not going to be about laundry.

Here’s the thing. The night before I had a very important thing going on at work, my roommate asked me if I had just gotten out of the shower.

I had not.

I took that as a sign that maybe, just maybe, I should wait till I had a long weekend or something. HOWEVER, I didn’t totally flake out because the shampoo that I used to wash my hair consists of these ingredients: decyl glucoside (which as far as I can tell is like, decomposing fermented vegetable sugars), wheat protein, amino acids, and a whole list of oils and veras and butters and extracts. And it’s organic.

That being said, I still really want to go shampooless, so I am trying to cut back on the frequency that I wash my hair at least. So far I can get away with two days without looking homeless, three if I’m lucky (or it’s the weekend). 

Also, I got a haircut, during which she shampooed and conditioned my hair for no less than twenty minutes. I’m a sucker for a head massage.

I do have a ray of light, however. The OCM… is my favorite thing in the UNIVERSE. I have learned more things to add to this evening ritual I’ve created. I now put a tiny little dollop of honey in the palm of my hand and then pour the oil over it. The honey is like a little extra moisturizer, which I think my face really needed (who knew oil would dry it out so much?!). Plus, when it’s spread thinly, it gets pretty sticky so I like to pat all over my face with my fingertips to help pull gunk out of my pores. That sounds crazy and suspicious but judging by my face, it works. And my face wouldn’t lie.

The other thing I’ve started doing is using a little ACV as an astringent. I have recently learned that I am doing it sort of the wrong way, which is SO good to know because I literally almost suffocated when I applied the straight ACV. I mean that stuff is nasty. Luckily, I discovered that straight ACV is unnecessary and what works just as well is soaking a cotton ball in water (or using the corner of your washcloth) and putting juuuuuuust a tiny bit of the ACV on it, so it’s very diluted. Apparently ACV is strong enough that you don’t need a whole cotton ball doused in it, right under your nose, so you can’t breathe without crying. Good to know!

How about you? Are you guys having any luck with shampoo freedom or the OCM?