Six Random Facts

as tagged by thislovelymaelstrom

1) I’ve had the same haircut since Pre-K and I love it.

2) I am a 2nd (technically 3rd) generation Greek-American. It’s complicated.

3) I have an Australian Shepard/Labrador Mix and he is the best dog I’ve ever owned. He is a rescue, and all people should rescue their pets.

4) My favorite movie is Forrest Gump.

5) I’m an outgoing introvert.

6) My current boyfriend of almost a year was my first kiss. 


streaksofmoonlight  tbq72593 because you know me IRL.

whenpandasreignterror because we reblog a lot of each others stuff, but I don’t know you IRL lol.

and surrealist1lover allyraptor because I also know y'all IRL, but we don’t really talk but I love y’alls styles and you’re both beautiful blonde babes.