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Hamburg – Winterhude. Stadtpark / City Park. von fipixx
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Hamburg – Winterhude. Stadtpark / City Park. 21.09.2017..Serie: Urbane Parks. Menschen und Leben in urbanen Parks. .Series: Urban Parks. People and life in urban parks..

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leben faceclaims?

Imo anyone you use for Leben imo has to be very androgynous, I imagine them to be rather slender and long with very sharp angles to their body, and by tall I mean a towering 7 foot tall giant who looks down on everyone they meet in their travels. I mostly look for a vibe when I search for faceclaims—they need to look like someone who could pull off sheer purple silken shawls, and excessive golden embellishments across their bodies and just really gaudy displays of wealth/power. So far, I’ve yet to find someone who embodies the right amount of “attractive in a removed and divine way, but also has a really fascinating and strange bone structure that reminds me of a fae” which makes the entire search difficult. The closest I’ve ever come is the models that Justin Dingwall used in his “Affinity” photoshoot:

I also really love @angelicfruitcake‘s headcanon that Leben “ looks like whoever the person looking at him is expecting to see” which really vibes with with my ideas about them.