Passionate about media, design, music and fashion, Gloria Chik is one of the coolest and wittiest ladies you’ll ever meet. Gloria’s intense ambition and originality go a long way.  She was blogging long before everyone else jumped on the blogging train, and is the Founder of popular fashion and lifestyle site, urbanebloc. She is also Community Lead for Tunezy, a social eCommerce platform for emerging artists, which recently picked up top prize at Billboard.

If you can’t tell already, Gloria is always on the go. Whether she’s flying to New York, or writing for MTV Canada, she’s always picture-perfect ready in her classy, yet bright and modern outfits. This, partnered with her never-ending experiments with jewelry, explains why she was selected as the official blogger for World Mastercard Fashion Week this past year. 

Gloria is addicted to online shopping, eats frozen yogurt when she drives, and invents new words.

Let the chat begin.

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urbanebloc for Wantering: “Uptown Downtown” New York Fashion Week Playlist

Enjoying the sights of New York Fashion Week so far? While the talented designers are definitely showing exciting collections, you’re not limited to watching the shows and staring at post-show pictures for taking in the fashion week experience. Whether you’re in New York right now or someplace sunnier, turn the streets into your personal runway. To make things better, urbanebloc has made the perfect playlist for your stylish strutting! Listen to their Uptown Downtown NYFW Playlist in Rdio with your fellow fashionistas, and instantly turn your world into a fun, personal fashion show!

(photos from urbanebloc, Tumblr: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8)

NYFW READY | Wantering x Rdio

You know what you’re wearing, but what are you listening to? Wantering’s Trendsetters curate exclusive fashion week-ready playlists for Rdio.

Prepping for New York Fashion Week goes beyond what outfits to wear. To pump everyone up for the start of the shows, Rdio has teamed up with three of Wantering’s Trendsetters to reveal their ultimate playlists for getting ready for fashion week. Fashion and lifestyle bloggers Style Girlfriend, The Marcy Stop and urbanebloc have curated their original playlists exclusively for Rdio on Wantering’s influencer account. 

In today’s hyper-digital world, you don’t need to attend the shows in person in order to see fashion week from the front row. With live streaming, tweeting and Instagramming taking over, fashion fanatics from all over the world have real-time access to what’s being sent down the runway.

So before you grab your phone, tablet or laptop to tune in to New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014, get into the party mood with these three playlists. 

Style Girlfriend for Wantering “Stay Handsome” NYFW Playlist: 

The Marcy Stop for Wantering “Brooklyn Beats” NYFW Playlist: 

urbanebloc for Wantering “Uptown Downtown” NYFW Playlist: