urbane inquiry

Urbane Inquiry presents… Matthew Smith

As thrift junkies ourselves, we’re glad we got to interview Mathew Smith, a menswear blogger with a clean, minimalistic style made up of lots of secondhand store finds. He takes various aspects of his life - graphic design and athletics specifically - and peppers their influences into his wardrobe.

Here Matt talks to us about his style wish list, graphic design & style for a college student’s budget. Read on…

How does your athleticism influence your style?
The biggest influence running has on my style is that I wish everything was made of dri-fit material. A more serious answer is that it has given me excuses to dress more lazily, largely because I have some really comfortable warm-ups.

What item do you currently want to add to your wardrobe?
I want some ties. I only own one tie at the moment and I bought it at Goodwill for $2. A tailored suit jacket is also on the list.

How does graphic design influence your style & vice versa?
My style directly reflects the style of my design, both quite minimalistic. In my design I pay a lot of attention to keeping things scaled correctly, aligned, and clean cut, which definitely appears in my outfits. If I don’t like the way something fits, then I’ll alter it to make it fit. If it doesn’t fit how I want, then I won’t wear it.

As a college student, how do you shop on a budget for pieces you love?
I never shop for clothes because they’re usually too expensive and I never have money. Even when I do have money I refuse to buy overpriced clothing, I’d rather buy some clothes at a thrift store. Luckily for me though, I have an older brother who dresses amazing, and I get all of his old clothes that no longer fit him.

What are your favorite menswear shops?
I really don’t know haha

What do you think you’ll dress like in ten years?
Basic, but sharp. Similar to how I dress now but with more options available and higher quality clothes. Dress pants, button up with a tie, and a suit jacket when appropriate.

What did you wear today?
Today’s outfit was a bad idea. It may be January, but being in Florida it still gets incredibly hot (85 degrees). I decided to wear some dress pants, a blue oxford shirt, and a pink and black bow tie. I then sat inside all day.