urbane club


22-26th March 2017

Well, I have been busy. Drawing, anyway. Not working. I wasn’t in the mood to be doing something as productive as working. Dear God, no. I officially have no idea what I’m doing with my college art project so I’m saving that up for the Easter holidays, and right now I’ll just do what I do best … nothing. plus an occasional drawing

FYI in the middle photo where it says ‘10 things I hate about that bitch Amanda’ was just a joke to wind her up, as when I post photos of my sketchbook on Facebook or whatever, she always zooms up really close to read every microscopic section of text. the writing under there us just random crap and I pixelated it out to annoy her lol
Urban Fantasy Fae

Think about it-

Hotels and apartments kept vending machines stocked with cream and shiny things to offer fairies when something gets “lost”

People online discussing what kinds of fae live in their area, everyone thinking other places fae sound super bizarre (Australia complains that theirs are the most terrifying)

Police departments have specialists for missing children cases if they suspect changelings are involved

Weathermen including a notification for when the weather is likely to encourage certain types (“heavy fog forecasted this evening, so expect a larger than usual number of pixies”)

Buzzfeed quizzes about what kind of fae you are

Talking selfies outside and finding four (four!) dryads photo bombing from the bushes behind you

Teens volunteering to build fairy gardens in poor areas of the city for service hours, because it’s hard to appease fae properly at minimum wage

Public scandals when politicians are discovered leaving offerings for unseelie fae. Were they being blackmailed? Did they strike a deal willingly? Could the politician have been replaced by an imposter?

Prank videos on Vine where you dress as a banshee and scream at strangers in public (hilarious videos where actual fae see this and mess with the prankster)

Cellphone cases with iron lining on the inside so they don’t get stolen

Just… Urban fantasy fae.