McNamee-Eilts house, Wabash, IN by Equinox27
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✨ WITCHY ART CHALLENGE ~ Day 19 ~ Urban Witch 💫

Here is an Urban Witch for my Witchy Art Challenge! *:・゚✧
Her name is Kim, she is Korean and she just moved from Seoul to London. She has the ability to control her smarphones and other connected devices to hack into others. This way, she hacks street cameras and do the vigilante at night. She is very strong, like above human average strong~

I promised I’d be there but you don’t make it easy, darling please believe me…


The temple of dead muses

In the middle of a forest, near a lake is this wonderful old pavilion. It was a cold, chilly day when me and my companions arrived there, but it still felt like in summer. Like a creepy urbex summer ;)

Not far away there is the same temple, but this one is still intact and people are caring for it. But this one is forgotten…


Tiki Palace (Playboy Mansion) (Chatanooga, Tennessee) 

ADDRESS: 25 N Crest Rd, Chattanooga, TN 37404

COORDINATES: 35.031951, -85.257292

This Playboy Mansion, formally known as “Tiki Palace”, lies atop Missionary Ridge in Chatanooga, Tennesee. The house was built by strip club owner, Billy Hull, in 1972. 

The 5,600 square foot 3 bedroom 4.5 bath home was featured in a builder’s magazine for its unique Playboy bunny shaped pool. The pool had swim tunnels leading to separate bedrooms. Live palm trees were planted around the pool area. The walls were covered in tiki style bamboo, palm matting and animal heads from around the world. Each bedroom also had closed-circuit tv monitors with feeds from the pool room as well as an intercom system. The hallways and bathrooms were covered floor to ceiling in marble. The living room in the back of the house had another full marble bar and mirrored walls leading out to the patio area. The patio area featured a 12 person jacuzzi tub, copper top outdoor bar as well as a large sauna. The house was used for parties, gathering, and mostly a house for swinger couples. 

In 1973, a friend of Billy Hull shot and killed Hull’s wife’s boyfriend outside of a nightclub. A victim of his own lifestyle, the evidence was overwhelming and Hull was found guilty of murder for hire. Another unsuccessful murder for hire plot was brought forth by the gunman during the trial, implicating Billy Hull on a second murder charge. The gunman was found guilty of manslaughter. Mr. Hull was found guilty of murder and received 20 years, however, he was released due to a lack of evidence. 

In the 1980s, Hull was found guilty of tax evasion and was incarcerated. His Swinger’s Mansion was seized by the city after foreclosure.  


『 Do you even Pose 💕 -Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 』

『 Pink and blue makeup today since coworker wanted me to do different color palette then my normal blacks and reds 💀 today was super busy at work! I’m happy I was able to get off a bit early! Having a anime marathon with my love tonight!!! 』