For the adventurous- the ORIGINAL Buffalo Chicken cupcake (originally released 1/29/11).

Carrot and celery root cake, Point Reyes blue cheese buttercream, citrus tinged Buffalo fried chicken.

Available exclusively this weekend in Manhattan only through Urban Daddy.  Next appearance: the grand re-opening of our shop at DeKalb Market on 4/1.  Get psyched.

CATCH - Opening October 1st

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CATCH, the latest from one of our favorite clients EMM Group (Tenjune, Abe & Arthur’s, Simyone Lounge, Lexington Brass) is slated to officially open in less than two weeks, but has already played host to some of Fashion Week’s hottest parties for clients like Nas and Lady Antebellum. CATCH is a multi-story seafood restaurant with three bars, an oyster/sushi bar, chef’s kitchen and lounge with an outdoor terrace in the Meatpacking District and is bound to be a full-night-out destination.


DirtyDaddy Wants You Wasted Before Sunset

UrbanDaddy, the DirtyDaddy of deals, is offering unlimited tacos & margaritas at Agave, a West Village Mexican joint that you’ve always walked by but never into. Let’s keep it that way. The coupon costs $30 – not a whole lot of money. So why’s this a BAD DEAL? As always, let’s turn to the Dirty fine print:

  • “Offer is valid Mon-Fri for any two hours BETWEEN 4pm and 8pm." 

That means the deal is over no later than 8pm, at which time you turn into a pumpkin a useless sack of alcoholic stupor. That’s another way of saying unless you’re 350 pounds, and unless you typically fall asleep at 9pm, consuming UNLIMITED margaritas and UNLIMITED Tex-Mex fare will totally kill the rest of your DirtyDaddy night. The Bad Deal is a fan of happy hour. But we’re gonna go ahead and say drinking as much as humanly possible before 8pm is probably a bad idea. In fact, we think unlimited alcohol in general is just plain dumb. But let’s take this one step at a time. 

Our Advice: Walk around the corner with your buddy and hit up Alex Stupak & Lauren Resler’s Empellon. Share the life-changing lamb barbacoa tacos ($21), and mind-boggling beer-braised tongue tacos ($18). Order two cocktails each and you’re out $46 bucks apiece. Sure you’re spending more, but we at The Bad Deal believe GOOD FOOD is worth MORE MONEY. It’s a radical concept. So let the college kids go get bombed at Agave while you chill out at Empellon. 

And unlike the women I catch myself making out with when I phase back into reality from too many shots of nail polish remover, Spanish Kitchen has something sexy about it. It’s the kind of dame that flies over Tijuana en route to a resort in Puerto Vallarta that I can only imagine or see in photo shoots.
—  bevvy.com is trying to be UrbanDaddy but comes off so much creepier for some reason
{Style Search} Sunnies for All Seasons

As winter gets into gear we are constantly thinking of what sunglasses we can wear when.  While sometimes the snow makes me want to trade my sunnies for a pair of safety goggles, there are companies that make those super durable sunglasses that are perfect for the winter.  Christmas or rather the Holiday season is upon us which means we are out there shopping.  And if you are anywhere near NYC, you know the wind whips through anything and everything. 

Tom Ford makes these scratch and impact resistant sunglasses for men:

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I would love to see any guy wear these to impress the parents for Christmas this year.  They make a statement while also allowing you to possibly hide behind them so you can make that first impression a great one.  Also these are perfect to throw one before heading out the game with the boys.  Football season is well under way and who doesn’t want to wear stunner shades while watching the game from those awesome seats you stood in line (via internet) forever to get. 

For that post-New-Year’s-glow, you can try these from Gargoyle:

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I love these! The Gargoyle’s ANSI Classic looks a little Terminator-esque but the wrap-shield style will definitely be a great friend to fight off that “wine-flu”.  The nose pads are super comfortable and are pretty much bullet proof.  This makes them perfect to fight off that super-powered wind and possibly the icy snow that could be flying your way.  These might be a good alternative to wearing those bulky ski goggles when walking from the lodge to your cabin over this vacation season. 

And of course who can forget basketball season:

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Jack does it best with his shades at the game.  Getting ready for the NBA opening? And iI love Jack in his Persols.  The detail on the side of the frame seals the deal and makes them perfect for watching that opening day shot! And you know what’s even better? The lenses are impact resistant crystal and are polarized just to ensure your safe drive to the stadium.

Sunglasses are for anytime of year. Plus with holiday/vacation season finally upon us, we can bust out those summer time sunglasses we’ve been dying to wear again! Happy vacationing!

JOB: Editorial Recruiter @ UrbanDaddy

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JOB: Editorial Recruiter
Employer: UrbanDaddy
Location: New York, NY
To submit, visit: http://bit.ly/vMIxsB

UrbanDaddy is seeking a full-time Editorial Recruiter. You will be responsible for seeking out, hunting down and producing new editorial talent out of thin air. (Maybe not the last part). This means finding editors for new editions and platforms, maintaining the talent level of our 13 existing editions and generally scouting for new potential hires for UDs ever-expanding menu of content.
You will be traveling around the country (and possibly around the globe) in a non-stop quest for excitement, adventure and, of course, talented, hardworking up-and-comers. This mission requires organization, a good sense of humor and charm to spare.

This is a fantastic opportunity to have a direct and meaningful impact on a rapidly growing media company. Hence, were looking for an all-star.


Bachelors degree; Experience working in editorial, recruiting or both; An undying love for travel; A knack for sourcing interesting and ahead-of-the-curve talent; A strong understanding of the UD voice and brand; A sharp sense of humor; A sharper eye for talent; Persistence and curiosity; A desire to be involved with an entrepreneurial company; Talent, plain and simple.

About UrbanDaddy
UrbanDaddy is a leading media property, publishing unique and engaging local lifestyle content to sophisticated and affluent subscribers across multiple cities, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, and Boston. The Company’s publishing arm includes the UrbanDaddy destination website, newsletters, an its award-winning mobile guide called The Next Move,. UrbanDaddy syndicates its editorial to other major sites and organizations including Esquire and the Morgans Hotel Group among others.

Why You Should Avoid Veselka's $150 UrbanDaddy Dinner

Vodka is one of the cheapest distilled spirits a person can consume after moonshine. And dumplings rank with hardtack as one of humanity’s oldest and most affordable comestibles. So we’re impressed that UrbanDaddy, the DirtyDaddy of Bad Deals, is peddling a $75 offer (tax & gratuity included) to a preview tasting of five vodkas and pierogi at Veselka’s new location on the Bowery. A few extras (juice, cured meats, bread) are thrown in.

Sure, the food and spirits sound great. But consider this: Do you and your date want to risk losing $150 by putting a full down payment on a one-night-only tasting of the same gosh darn grub this restaurant will be serving a la carte to full paying customers every day, with no reservations, no deposits. If you think that’s a good deal, then we’ve definitively answered the question of why China and Russia are beating us at everything (except for democracy).

FACT: a tasting of seven dumplings is $10.50 at the East Village flagship of this storied Ukrainian joint. We think the new location will have a similar price point, but of course that’s hard to say, because the menus haven’t been published yet. UrbanDaddy is again taking a preview dinner, traditionally a way for a restaurant to get the kinks out of its system, and touting the preseason affair as an exclusive, expensive experience. Our advice: Wait till Veselka fully opens, then drop in late. Have some pierogi. Have some vodka. Have a good time. 

Spotted! A Bank Vault Full of Drinks to host Your Saturday night!

PinkGrasshopper has only been here once but that’s all the time we needed to spread the world about such an jaw-dropping venue to host dancing, drinking, and socializing after a week of hard work! 

We introduce to you, The Crocker Club of which used to be Crocker Citizens National Bank! 

Ever want to experience walking through a bank vault as seen in your favorite old time movie? Nothing like the modern banks we have today but what we, today, would call a vintage style bank … well now you can without having to be a member of said bank!

“Lately you haven’t exactly been eager to spend time in banks.

In the basement of the former Crocker Citizens National Bank building, you’ll now find an awe-inspiring labyrinth of rooms and hidden corners that takes you back to another era. (You know, when the market was exciting in a good way.) A seat in the vault is prime real estate, obviously, but you can also sneak into one of the intimate booths where customers once examined the contents of their safe-deposit boxes in privacy. Times change, so you’ll be fine examining the contents of your classic Sazeracwith whoever’s joining you.

The owners make a good argument for stricter regulation of our banks—here the staff is in pinstripes, the ice cubes come perfectly shaped from a Kold-Draft dispenser, and the crystal decanters come from…the managing partner’s grandmother. The owners even swear they have their own ghost—the back room is reverently called Ghost Bar—so, really, all bases seem to be covered.

Because when life hands you a recession, you make…a night of it.” -UrbanDaddy

Crocker Club
453 S. Spring St
(at 5th)
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Champagne & Polo on Governors Island: The Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

If I was around this Sunday, this is where I’d be! The best part is - it’s free! Get all prepped out, grab a few friends, and go check it out.

[Spotted this event on UrbanDaddy’s weekender edition]

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External image

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External image

via vcseason.com

On Sunday, June 5, 2011, the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic will return to Governors Island for one of the most highly-anticipated events of the season, attracting a fashionable crowd from around the globe, and featuring the glamour and excitement of polo.

Event Schedule


11:00AM Gates open
12:00PM Veuve Clicquot Lounges and concessions open
2:30PM Polo match begins
4:00PM Awards ceremony
5:30PM Gates close

For more info visit here and for Polo fashion tips go here.

My Halloween costume would be the perfect outfit!

The 2011 Gentleman's Guide to Romance

I’m not totally sold on all the spots in Chicago - for one, I don’t have any interest in Alinea for $100/plate when there are so many way more good date spots (Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba, Chicago q, Longman & Eagle, Kyoto, The Publican…the list is endless). But I do want to try out those Kohler Spas because yes, I would like to be in a pool of water that uses sound waves to make me feel all googly.