April 1, 2018


by Jesse Hazelip

An ancient Lakota prophecy tells of a black snake slithering across the land desecrating sacred sites and poisoning water before destroying the earth. “For many Indigenous people gathered near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation” reported @CBC in late 2016 “that snake has a name—the Dakota Access pipeline.” Born amidst Navajo and Ute Nation territories in Colorado, Santa Barbara artist and activist Jesse Hazelip is not shy about using his art to speak out against injustices across the U.S. and in 2017 he went to Portland, Oregon to speak out about the continuing fight in South Dakota. Dedicated to Standing Rock and the Water Protectors this mural on N Failing St at Michigan Ave expresses Hazelip’s hope that the sword inscribed with “Mni Wiconi” can prevail over the Black Snake.  @jessehazelip  @standingrock​  @nodapl