Literally I’m so tired of this whole European American Horror Story coven I bought $32 spell book at Urban outfitters trend cause it’s so a gross and inaccurate as fuck
Like as mentioned in that post I reblogged not only is it anti-Semitic (the association of wearing Black to witchcraft and it’s relation to anti Semitic caricatures) but like I’m not fucking with all these white girls trying to claim they’re “Brujas” and how they got the colored candles and the Florida water and claim they got the brujeria on these bitches like first you don’t know what real brujeria/Afro-Caribbean/Latinx voodoo just because you listen to one princess Nokia song like don’t fuck with me if you ain’t never slaughtered a chicken for magic, don’t fuck with me if your mom ain’t never send you to school with garlic in your pants when you were young, don’t talk to me if you weren’t taught to wash your head with basil and other tea leaves like this some real witch shit not no candy colored friend colored friendship bracelet type shit

New product launch Woven Throws!

The current trend for urban jungles, greening the home with houseplants and creating an oasis sanc- tuary in the city is perfectly capured by Jacqueline Colley’s new product launch; Woven throws her two designs; ‘Houseplants’ and ‘Tiger Jungle’ are lled with lush leaves and foliage of all varieties.

Woven from 100% cotton the throws are of superb quality and unique design!