Shopping for TOMS with Louis

“Great, my comfiest shoes broke,” you looked down at your favorite pair of flats that we so worn out a hole was on the sole. “Do you know any good shoe stores, Lou?” you called to him where he was sitting on the couch.

“I know the perfect place for you.” He got up and smiled at you cheekily. He drove you to the mall where you went into a shoe store. Louis dragged you over to a certain section. The TOMS. “These are perfect for you, (Y/N). Trust me they are comfy.”

You were skeptical and weren’t sure whether or not you liked them. “Don’t they kinda remind you of potato sacks on your feet?”

Louis burst out laughing, “No, they’re really comfy. Trust me.”

You looked at the shoes that reminded you of sacks when you saw a pair that were crocheted. “I like these ones a bit.” You tried them on and felt how comfy they were.

“So? Aren’t they life changing?” Louis pressed, wanting to know what you thought.

“I’ll get them,” you giggled. You got up and paid for your new shoes while Louis cheered in the background.

“Now we have matching shoes,” Louis said while modeling a pair of his many TOMS.

Fashion is in the streets. Leather pieces, ripped blue jeans and killer heels + a basic. Must have s-s collection 2014✨