A Talk with Kurt Prinz: Pictures of Apocalyptic Decay

In winter 2015 Robert Rothmann talked with photographer Kurt Prinz. The interview provides an exclusive and humorous peek into both, the practical and technical approach to Prinz’ documentary series of Viennese edifices in the transient state of their construction. This interview covers thoughts on adrenaline, the strange fascination of apocalyptic decay of postmodern prosperity and the fad of HDR-photography as an artificial flavour enhancer of urban explorers.

Watch on gardensinunexpectedplaces.tumblr.com

Sweet video profiling the guerrilla gardening work of Steve Wheen, a.k.a. The Pothole Gardener (featured previously on Gardens in Unexpected Places here and here) in London. I love his whimsical creations.

Related street enhancement: Juliana Santacruz Herrera uses yarn to fill in – and brighten up –potholes in Paris. My post about her handiwork can be found here.