Cyril Berthault-Jacquier

My name is Cyril Berthault-Jacquier. I am French from Paris and I live in Brussels for ten years.

I have not always practiced photography. I liked painting before devote myself to photography.

But photography has always fascinated me. It is by seeing my father make photographs that this passion was born. I loved to see him take photographs, play with his cameras, develop film.

Then came digital. I stopped painting and went to photography. A few years later, I used “toy camera” (lomography) but also an old and obsolete Polaroid and “out of date” films.

Today, I explore the possibilities of “phoneography” with my I Phone.

Painting  / Lomography / Diana / Polaroid  & Polaroid / Iphonography  (I really love this one cause I’m also a diptych lover)

And thanks a lot to the team for your friendly support since my first picture on Tumblr.