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Things to do as a Broke Witch

Copy all those spells you’ve been saving online into your Grimoire

Tidy up your altar, if you have one

Reset your crystals with new intentions

Go on a walk, in nature or city, reconnect with your environment’s energy


Look up upcoming moon phases and mark them in your journal/planner, plan out your rituals and readings for them 

Purifying/Cleansing bath with just water

Go through your tarot journal and find any cards that keep popping up in your readings, do a “stalker reading” to figure out why the card being a creeper

These are just some things I do when I’m broke af but want to progress with my craft.

Writing Prompt #163

“You have wings.”
“On your body.”
“No, in a closet. Of course they’re on my body! It’s kinda part of the whole faerie thing!”

Graffiti Heart

Graffiti Art by Ema and Brusk

rainbows drip from

kaleidoscope hearts

full of hopeful flowering stars

veins streaked like

a Van Gough night

art beats like a drum

behind the eyes

in the heart

we are biological


only in theory

only in 

this reality.

anothersusurrus  asked:

I like dividing my cities and towns up into pieces, examples being sides, wards, quarters, districts, etc. I was wondering if you could share with us a list of words to describe such sectioning? Or direct us to a place where we may find such a list?? Thank you so very much!

Hi there! Here’s a list of words I can think of:

  • Annex
  • Ward
  • District 
  • Neighborhood 
  • Suburb 
  • Sector
  • Precinct 
  • Area
  • Quarter
  • Sides 
  • Zone
  • Community
  • Borough
  • Locality

The following are typically their own governing bodies, but in a fictional setting, in a sprawling metropolis, I can’t see why these wouldn’t also work.

  • Village
  • Municipality 
  • Township 
  • Hamlet

You can also take any of these words and alter them or add prefixes to them in your fictional setting, to fit into the tone of the world. You could add “sub” to pretty much any of them. You could also, if you’re working in numbers, add “quad” or “tri” or “quint” as prefixes as well. 

Hope that’s helpful!

Writing Prompt #244

A crisp chill settled into the air, signaling a change in weather and a change in myself. A new energy swirled in the skies. This was going to change everything.


where are they now?

i. the grey-clad angels walk hand in hand, passing by rows of identical, unlit houses, in a neighbourhood that’s removed from the main city attractions. The angels hold hands and unravel their wings, spreading them wide, laughing, chatting, playfully throwing jabs at each other, happy and light and golden, because it’s only three in the morning, and no one is out to see them in their holy glory

ii. seraphim, teaching in schools and universities, glasses adorning their glowing faces, their silver hair pulled back in buns, braids and everything under the sun. they hold a laser pointer and write out bible-long mathematical equations on the green board, the chalk crumbling and smearing on their dark flesh. They have quiet voices, but burning gazes and words that hold wisdom eons older than any human could ever imagine

iii. puttos (the mistaken ones) trying so hard to make themselves known, their names forgotten, confused with the ugly ones, the cherubim, handing out leaflets on the streets full of information on what is what and what is not, their eyes big and blue and green and brown, their golden hair in coils and curls and locks. When they come back home, they drink cinnamon tea, stretch out their legs and watch cartoons on tv, wondering how could it be

iv. thrones and ophanims have weekly gossip sessions in abandoned, brown churches and beautiful, rosy cathedrals, when they are empty and echo-y and grey, of course. The thrones, the taller ones, with longer faces and lean bodies draped in many cloaks, bring cookies and aloe vera drinks, whilst the ophanims bring with them human magazines, and flick through them as they wait for everyone to gather. Once they’re there, their voices are an amalgamation of golden bells ringing, of songs and chorus. They speak in a language known only in the old heavens, the gossip of pop culture, celebrity news and recent celebrity deaths padded out by the smoothness and elongation of their angelic vowels

v. standing under red light are the dominions, the beautiful women, the haunted ones, their hair as black as the inkiest night. They shiver in the cold, their mortal flesh still mortal and too thin and just a shell, their grand wings in glamour and pinned back, aching to be let out, to be stretched out, like the angels do, because they’re different, they still have their freedom. They’ll stand there and wait until a customer comes by and swoops them away, for a few minutes, if that’s okay

vi. the principalities work in hospitals, the white, sanitised surroundings reminding them of their long-lost home. They yearn for something they once were as they trail down the sparkling halls, their uniforms donned on, hair tucked back, wings invisible. what a shame. when they have their break, they pour out of the doors and take a minute to smoke, the poison filling their lungs and calming them down, their anxious, trembling hearts. the principalities have long forgotten what it feels like to be great, but sometimes, they have dreams and flashbacks and strange déjà vu, and visions and hallucinations. many of them think they’re ill, something wrong with their brain. but they’re just visions of what once was

vii. the archangels cuddle each other in bed, the plain duvet tangled around their slim, long legs, the colour of milk and chocolate. They are open with each other, arms bared, hearts on their cheeks, fluttering eyelids and parted mouths the colour of pink summer and cherry lollipops. One kisses the other, lips like velvet, skin like silk. They text the principalities ‘when r you gonna be off shift? Come and join us’ knowing full well that they’d never come because they’re ashamed of pure love, of love that is not contained between just two

viii. the virtues are fishermen and women, gathering by the side of the turquoise rivers that are the hidden parts of cities and towns, where there is peace, glittering bright, soothing their minds. They fish for hours, chatting amongst themselves, no more than glorified, elongated small talk. Sometimes, rarely, one of them says something that makes the other’s eyes light up – light up with memories, with nostalgia and with sorrow at what once was – but those moments usually don’t come, or are swept up by the rising wind. they inspect the fish they catch, knowing their angelic touch could never really harm another being. they collect a few of their rainbows scales, the rare currency, and let the fish go back to their home, the undulating waves. When it gets really hot, they take off their clothes, but stay in their frilly, lace underwear, and swim around, letting their wings get wet and weigh them down, the most tangible evidence of their origins

ix. they are here. and they haven’t left

Writing Prompt #207

The farmer’s market always had a variety of interesting wares: fresh fruit, wooden carvings, and the newest stall offered voodoo dolls and curses on your worst enemy.

Beta Readers for YA Urban Fantasy:

The synopsis:

Two years ago, Clover Raine’s twin sister went missing.

Clover is a 17-year-old sarcastic, mixed martial artist settling in for a relaxing summer, but a single thought is never far from her mind: Violet is gone and she’s not coming back. Clover’s starting to come to terms with her sister’s death when she’s attacked by the Kaifulu, a dark sect of dragons who hate humans and prey on magic users—and Clover has barely initiated into her powers.

The only thing that saves her is a black dragon, Ethra, and a one-eyed man named Orion. Clover then discovers what really happened to her sister… the same thing that almost happened to her. Furthermore, if she sticks around her hometown of Lindon, Oregon, her family will be at risk. In fact, it might already be too late.

She has to leave behind her old life only to enter into this new world where stones are filled with dragon souls and magic runs through her veins.

And this world is unforgiving.

As Clover and her kind are hunted, she won’t stop at any cost to protect her family as unforeseen twists rock her world. But will she be able to? Or will her family fall apart while she can only watch?

The last round of betas LOVED it, and it’s only improved since then.

Dragons? ✔
Magic? ✔
Hot make out scenes? ✔
Badass fighting? ✔
LGBTQ representation? ✔
Developed female characters? ✔


I’m looking for a diverse range of beta readers aged 13+, though be aware that there are some heavier topics touched on such as death, depression, and anxiety. I expect betas to be able read each round (30-40 pages) within a week, give or take. 

Each round will be followed up with a questionnaire before receiving the next chapters, but betas are always welcome to message/email me directly at any point. Questions will include: your thoughts/opinions on characters/scenes and will be focused on understanding how you have perceived the story and its events. I will keep contact with you through Facebook Messenger or another messaging system if you don’t do Facebook.

Honest, thorough, and constructive feedback is required. One sentence generic answers are a no no. 

Sign up here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, if you can, please share so others can see it.

Sooo, remember that graphic novel-thing I announced was out awhile back. The weird dark/urban fantasy with a totally asexual protag?

Well now it’s available on e-book! :D And only 2.99!!! Awesome illustrations, weird creatures, and shovel-wielding badasses, oh my. Here’s the Amazon and Goodreads link, and here’s the blurb, if you missed me freaking out about it before:

Sacrifices of Shadow is a graphic novel in the vein of dark urban fantasy, written by K. Kazul Wolf and illustrated by Matt Edginton. Anya is on her way to visit her mother when she comes upon a strange man lying in the road. It’s the middle of the night, pouring rain, and through the headlights it looks like something has just tried to tear this guy to pieces. He asks if she has a weapon on her, and before she can scoff or run back to the safety of her truck, something large begins to growl behind her…

Anya finds herself drawn into an eldritch world where hellish hounds stalk the between-worlds, magic-infused firearms are bought and traded, and shadowy entities in human guise appear to be eerily common.

ender-dragneel  asked:

In a world that I am in the process of building, I accidentally created a single ancient/medieval style city with roughly the same land area as the US. Now, instead of shrinking it, I want to make it work. How should I go about this? BTW I have established a magic system in this world.

Hi there!

Do you mean that your single city is the size of the US, or the your country? Because the quick answer there is: you really can’t. Even a single functioning feudal country over that amount of space would be difficult.

The United States is 3.8 million square miles. The largest city on our planet (by area) is the New York metro area, which is just over 13,000 square miles. Here’s a comparison of that.

That’s a HUGE city. And in order for that to be a single, cohesive city…that’s a LOT of people. 

Think about how many people live in the US now, and how our technological developments make that possible. And still, look at how much of the land in the US has literally no one living there.

Image Source [X]

That’s approximately 23% of the US’s land area. With a registered population of zero.

Sprawling metropolises have been done before, of course. I mean, it’s its own trope! (But really, what isn’t?) City Planet (a branch off the single-biome trope) is a trope in itself. There’s also Mega City, which would be more what you’re talking about, I think. 

But you’ll notice one thing about these expansive urban settlements…they’re futuristic in nature. And that’s not just happenstance, it makes more sense that way in many ways. The large population and sprawling metropolis lends itself to a certain level of technological advancement. In order to support that many people, keep them alive, you need a certain amount of medical tech. In order to communicate, travel, and even more importantly govern a large area cohesively, you have to have some developments in transportation and communication. You’d need some developed agriculture methods in order to be able to efficiently feed and clothe that many people. 

So if you’re aiming to make a medieval mega city world work, then you’re going to need to figure out some of those logistics. 

  • How loosely is the term “city” used? 
  • How has the population been able to expand to that extent and still sustain itself?
  • How has a single feudalistic government remained in control of such a large area when angry, poor, magic-having, sword-wielding people are running around unsupervised?
  • You would need a great number of knights/dukes/lords/etc. under the reign of the king to help keep control of such a large area. The more wealth you disperse, the more power the king is giving to his people. Part of feudalism’s whole thing is the king being the Ultimate Power. How could that be managed in such a setting?
  • It would take a single person riding on horseback 4-6 months to travel from one end of the city to the other (assuming things go well). How can people travel from one end of the city to the other? (The King, in all his pomp, guards, carriages, etc. would take considerably longer!) 
  • To what extent will magic be able to fix some of these issues? It would have an impact, but depending on your magic system and style, you wouldn’t want to push it too far. 

Now, since you’re a little bit vague in your question, there are lots of other possibilities that make your feudalistic mega-city somewhat plausible. These all kind of hinge on which specific details you care the most about. 

If it’s the feudalism you care about the most, or the lack of firearms, or something like that, then you could create a medieval-like society in any physical setting you want. The only truly feasible way I see this happening in a mega-city, though, is in a post-apocalyptic setting where society has regressed pretty far, but this ancient-type society lives in the remnants of a mega-city from a time when the world was far more advanced. You could solve a lot of your problems with left-over available tech that way…though you’d still likely end up with factions, separate governments, and a ton of abandoned/empty space. But it would be a cool aesthetic. 

Now. Putting aside everything else I’ve said above, consider why this much space would be important to your narrative. You can have a shit ton of empty space in a country the size of the UK. Or even less. Does your story need all of this land, this time, this space? If you’re willing to put yourself through the logistics of making such a city work, how will your story benefit? If trying to figure all of this out will take away from your narrative, then why worry about it? 

But if you’re in love with the idea, then that’s that. Just make sure you’re doing what your story needs. 

Writing Prompt #259

Dew drops hung heavy in the air, making my skin damp even though there was no hint of rainfall. The sky was a soft, even grey, subduing the color of the world around me. Among the muted greens and browns, however, stood a tall, pink flower, vibrant enough that it almost seemed to glow.