urban vertical garden


Spent 5.5 hours today getting everything in the ground. All told, I got the following finished: 

- planted 32 tomato plants

- planted 8 marigolds 

- planted 2 sunflowers 

- planted 4 zucchini

- irrigation (soaker hoses) in place

Stuff I’m excited about this season: 

- I rigged tomato cages to reach 8 feet high in some places. I’ve wanted to try this for a few seasons and if it works out, will build 10′ heavy duty tomato cages this winter. 

- I’m using the same irrigation set up, but am going to use another 2-way split + leader hose to make my fence row and pallet beds easier to manage. 

- I spaced everything really well. It was hard not to cram stuff in, but every time I do that, the garden turns to shit come August. This should be easier to manage. 

- Trying something entirely new in the tomato raised beds. I’ve staked the corners and wrapped twine around the entire thing. I’ll tie the tomatoes to this as they grow.