urban survivalism

A zombie infection hits a large city, briefly causing panic.  It’s brief, because everyone realizes the zombies are so slow and weak, that they can easily be dealt with by holding them at arm’s length, or walking away briskly.  Soon life is back to normal, other than the zombies roaming around because there isn’t enough funding for zombie control.


My Lil Fam Bam👌🏽

This past week I’ve been watching my lil nephew, Grey, bc Chi and Ren’s work schedule has been clashing. Of course it wasn’t something I was excited to jump onto bc ya boy isn’t too great with kids lmao😂. He survived, was fed, booty clean, and knocked out before his parents came to get him everyday. 

Buttttt, today he ate almost a whole bag of Goldfish when I crashed out watching the same episode of Curious George on repeat bruh.. 😩I payed the price bc he wiped his lil dirty fingers on my brand new couch. Orange crumbs nd all. 😑If he was mine that ass would be toe up. 👏🏽Haha jp. Shit, it’s all love. Family always will come first. Couches are replaceable I guess.😅


Definition TRUE LOVE: True love is selfless, it’s honest, it’s bold. When a couple experience true love one will sacrifice for the others gain. Both of them accept challenges with the knowledge that both will do their best to make it through for each other and for themselves. true love never dies, once it lives it may go dormant, but it never leaves. Your heart has a memory for true love, it simmers in it when it’s found. True love doesn’t mean you obsess over them, doesn’t mean you can’t live without them. True love means that the two of you can be on the opposite sides of the world for three years and still know that every single day you’re thinking about each other, and love each other. True love is being able to sit ten feet away from each other and still feel all their love as if they had their arms around you. True love is gratitude, true love is gentle, true love survives.

- Urban Dictionary.


Small + usable, that is the point.

I designed them to give you as much to hang on to as possible (to avoid hand cramps) and give you enough grip to let you pound in that last stubborn pin - all while remaining small.

The separate torque is so you can switch picks while keeping the pins you’ve already set, set. Think rake, rake, switch to half diamond hybrid to SPP. More stock is on it’s way so I’ll keep them on sale as a preorder, $15 shipped in the US, international shipping available. Masterofnil.com

The everyday carry of diorforce. This minimalist but effective 2 item EDC kit features a highly regarded classic multi-tool and a new kind of compact knife.

CRKT Jettison Knife

This compact folder acts bigger than its size with a cool looking 2" modified sheepsfoot blade that’s ideal for everyday tasks in the shop, home or wherever a job calls out for you. Just reach into your pocket, grab the smooth titanium handle and put the Jettison to work.

Retail Price: $30


Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tool

The Rebar pliers have been optimized for strength and feature replaceable wire/hard-wire cutters—a first for a four-inch tool from Leatherman. With all the features to get even the toughest jobs done, in a smaller, slimmer size, the new Rebar is sure to be an instant hit on job sites and home projects the world over.

Retail Price: $60