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This is a great idea. This is a company called Shelter in a Box. It is not for sale but given to less fortunate people in other countries. However, the premises is a great one and take a look at the basics for survival on the go or in a community. For us PREPPERS this stuff should already be in our gear. I looked and found almost all of these items on Amazon.

Im not a big fan of “Bug Out Bags” as I am Relocating. If I was 3 days walk away from home, Im sure I could have found other means of transportation, even if when the SHTF. However, Huge fan of RELOCATING ALL MY GEAR. This requires the laws of 3’s and how are you getting everything out if you dont have gas, or your car is too small, Etc.

Something to think about.


How to make a cheap FARADAY CAGE.

SURVIVAL in the Wild presents many challenges. Though we are not going to get attacked by an African Lion, there are other Big cats in North America and Europe that we can replace the African Lion with.