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England - Robin Hoods Bay, Cambridge, Winchester,Lincoln, Bath, Crosby Ravensworth, Albury, Castle Combe, Ilam, Oxford

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Modified Witch Tips

Have stretched ears? Wear stone plugs that correspond with your intent for the day! The possibilities are endless, and it’s great for broom closet witches because literally no one will know unless you tell them.

Got an exam coming up? Tiger’s Eye will help with clarity and taking the test in confidence.

Going out on a date? Rose quartz!

Personally, I’ll wear a pair of turquoise plugs regularly to help keep my anxiety down.

Cleanse and charge your plugs just as you would the rest of your crystals and stones; be mindful of which types DON’T like water, sunlight, etc while charging to ensure your plugs have a long and happy life with you. 💜