urban sightings

Some of my favourite urban sights:

  • Bricked-up windows
  • Upper-storey doorways that open into empty space
  • Staircases that lead nowhere
  • Clean, working, fully stocked vending machines in obscure and inaccessible places
  • Detailed graffiti on surfaces with no obvious spot for the artist to stand, like the underside of a high bridge, or ten metres up a bare wall
  • Machinery left to rust because there’s no use for it anymore, but it’s in a weird or precarious location and there’s no way to safely remove it

(I’m sure there’s a theme here…)


Romeo (Rat) and his brother Miguel  patrolling the Commonwealth 

A pair of Diamond City radio host moonlight as monsters hunter for settlers who report paranormal phenomena or sighting of urban legends. Since 2078 they have made it their life’s work – when they’re not arguing with each other, that is – to help settlers throughout the post apocalyptic Commonwealth who feel they have been affected by seemingly unexplained disturbances of the wasteland.

Miguel belong to @ in-comes-nanners

People commonly think of ghosts and apparitions manifesting in human form. However, it seems there is also a global phenomenon of ghostly transportation. Ghostly horse riders, horse-drawn carriages, ships, road vehicles, aircraft and trains have been reported across the world.

  • The St. Louis Ghost Train, better known as the St. Louis Light, is visible at night along an old abandoned rail line in between Prince Albert and St. Louis, Saskatchewan. Two local students won an award for investigating and eventually duplicating the phenomenon, which they determined to be caused by the diffraction of distant vehicle lights.
Imagine If

A ghost has been trapped on earth for a very long time. They have long forgotten their life. They don’t know why they’re here. They have lost all sense of identity. And whenever this happens they loose their face. Still stuck on earth but gone. They can still see and hear and speak but they have lost the things that allowed them to do so in life.