urban sightings

Image: Chris Kindred for NPR

In Supersizing Urban America, history professor Chin Jou chronicles how the federal government made it easier for minorities to open fast-food franchises in low-income neighborhoods, rather than grocery stores. Today the landscape of urban America reflects this history: There’s a fast-food restaurant within walking distance in many low-income neighborhoods, but nary a green leafy vegetable in sight.

‘Supersizing Urban America’: How U.S. Policies Encouraged Fast Food To Spread

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Romeo (Rat) and his brother Miguel  patrolling the Commonwealth 

A pair of Diamond City radio host moonlight as monsters hunter for settlers who report paranormal phenomena or sighting of urban legends. Since 2078 they have made it their life’s work – when they’re not arguing with each other, that is – to help settlers throughout the post apocalyptic Commonwealth who feel they have been affected by seemingly unexplained disturbances of the wasteland.

Miguel belong to @ in-comes-nanners