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While Urban might wanna hang out with Bones, it turns out fans are clamoring for the doctor to hang out with someone else…well maybe more than just hang out. (x)



UNDERCITIES is magic in the subway station. It’s monsters on top of skyscrapers. It’s adventure right at your front door. It’s an urban fantasy anthology that features short story fiction from eleven talented LGBTQ+ authors and authors of color.

More than anything, UNDERCITIES looks for stories that weave the magic of urban fantasy together with positive interpretations of race and queer sexuality. Fantasy is not homogenous; it is as diverse and imaginative and real as the LGBTQ+ authors and authors of color who create it. It is a place where anything can happen—and why not make it a space where everyone and anyone can overcome obstacles, win battles, and experience happenings beyond their wildest dreams?

Literature has always been a place where reality meets the fantastical. UNDERCITIES intends to reflect that. The stories presented in UNDERCITIES are reflections of our world as they could and should be; they combine the impossible daring of magic with the experiences of the people with whom we share the world and put the voices of LGBTQ+ creators and creators of color at the forefront of these narratives. Each short story presented in UNDERCITIES presents a different point of view and a different experience—and each of these stories is as diverse and incredible as the authors who created them.