urban scenario

Urban AU!Seokmin
  • Owns the only flower shop in the town where you live
  • Literally the only place that people go to buy flowers, they won’t even get fast and easy bouquets from supermarkets or anything because Seokmin is such a SWEETHEART no one can resist him
  • Always has the biggest smile on his face and knows how to treat customers and make arrangements individual to them
  • No two bouquets are the same, ever
  • And he runs the whole shop by himself, so even when people are like
  • “Doesn’t this get tiring all on your own?”
  • He just shakes his head and grins wide at them and tells them that he loves to be the one to make every customer smile
  • He actually lives in a loft/small apartment space right above his store, and he lets the other boys crash there whenever they need to
  • So it’s not uncommon to see a sleepy, half-dressed Mingyu or Hoshi slumping down the stairs to complain about how Seok’s out of Captain Crunch
  • He just shrugs it off and tells them to go to the corner store, completely unfazed. Normal day for Lee Seokmin
  • But every couple days he’ll have a new set of bouquets on the corners of his front desk, unique designs of his own that he models off of whatever happens to inspire him
  • A new favorite song, a photograph…a cute person’s cute outfit
  • (hint hint)
  • And that’s how Seokmin knows you, but not really – he sees you walking by outside his shop nearly every day, and always marvels at how cute you are
  • Whether you’re dressed up or in a sweatshirt and sneakers he’s always just…captured by the way that you walk and hold yourself
  • So a lot of his featured bouquets tend to be based off of you, but it’s not like he actually, really knows you or anything
  • It’s just kind of…a deep appreciation that he REALLY hopes you won’t find creepy if you ever find out
  • BUT OF COURSE ONE DAY as Seok’s arranging his newest featured bouquet…the bell attached to the doorknob chimes and he turns around with a big smile and who’s standing there admiring the forsythias but you
  • And his heart skips a beat because oh my god?? The cute person he’s been admiring for months is IN HIS STORE
  • But he’s like “play it cool Seokmin play it cool” and clears his throat to be like “Hey” BUT OF COURSE HIS VOICE CRACKS
  • And you look over at him with a shy smile and giggle a little bit and wave
  • Because honestly he’s way more adorable than you ever expected him to be in his cute little pollen-stained apron with messy hair
  • And you’re like “hi”
  • “Do you…want some flowers? For something?” like NO SHIT WHY ELSE WOULD YOU BE THERE…
  • But you play it cool you’re like “Oh yeah I’m looking for ___”
  • And then you’re talking about flowers and Seok is back in his zone and he helps you pick out something suitable
  • He even manages to make you laugh a few more times before you leave and his heart just soars
  • And when you both wave goodbye, you’re both feeling a lot more light-hearted than you were before, and secretly you both hope that you’ll see each other more often
  • And you DO because suddenly you find yourself coming in more often, with any excuse
  • It starts with “aaaa it’s my friend’s birthday I need flowers” or “I want to brighten up my room”
  • And eventually moves into “I was in the area and wanted to say hi” or “I wanted to see what you’ve arranged today” as you become more casual
  • And every time that you see each other the both of you just feel like you’re in a whole other world, somewhere removed from the stresses of life
  • Seokmin won’t admit it, but he definitely makes arrangements with you in mind – what colors and flowers you like, anything that’ll catch your eye
  • Mingyu definitely catches on though, one day he sees Seok obsessing over an arrangement and was like “hey wasn’t y/n wearing that color shirt yesterday” and Seokmin’s like “do u want to crash here for free or not loser leave mE ALONE”
  • So ANYWAYS one night Seok is upstairs watching tv when he hears his front doorbell ring
  • And he looks at the clock and is like ??? It’s past ten o’clock?? And raining??? Why
  • So he throws on a jacket and some slippers and heads down the stairs
  • And there you are, standing outside his store window, waving sheepishly
  • And he’s at the door in five seconds like “HOLY SHIT COME INSIDE YOU’RE GOING TO CATCH COLD”
  • He lets you inside and asks you what’s up, it’s late
  • And you tell him,, That you had a huge fight with your roommate and had no where else to go, and you ask if you can spend the night
  • His heart is literally going 10000000 miles a minute but he’s like ofc!! I would never say no to you
  • And he leads you upstairs, and into his house
  • Which is more of an apartment, really – a living room and kitchen with a bed and bath off to the side
  • It’s got some usual clutter of papers and books, but it’s mostly just covered in plants, with a nice easy color scheme of light yellows and greens and browns
  • He sits you down on the couch and takes off his coat and slippers and is like hey you’re,,, soaking wet do you need some clothes?
  • And you nod like yeah thank you but when you turn to look at him and his 1000 watt grin you realize that this is the only time you haven’t seen him in his usual button-up with slacks and an apron?
  • And he’s just in a white tank top with grey sweats and his hair is messy and fluffy
  • And his arms…holy shit his arms are beautiful and when he turns around to grab you some clothes you’re like holy shit his shoulders and back are too and oh my god that ass –
  • And then he turns around with a big grin and you’re like whoa okay stop staring…..act normal and put on the clothes
  • So you thank him when he hands them to you and dive into the bathroom and change and when you come out he’s like: sirens going off bc his crush looks cute as hEL L in his clothes
  • And so the two of you spend some of the night surfing channels together, cuddled up on the couch
  • Slowly inching closer to one another as the night drags on, until Seok’s arm is around your shoulders and your face is nestled into his neck
  • And at some point you make some shitty joke and you both laugh real hard at it, and you’re grinning at each other and leaning your foreheads together when his eyes slide down to your lips
  • And then all of a sudden you’re,,, kissing Lee Seokmin??
  • Lee Seokmin is kissing you???
  • And he tastes sweet and refreshing and sunny just like you thought he would and you’re melting against him, into his arms
  • So when you pull back he,, basically blushes like a baby and confesses that he’s been crushing on you ever since you started walking outside his shop
  • Surprise surprise it’s almost essentially the same thing for you
  • And so you both cuddle and kiss and laugh and fall asleep in each other’s arms and it’s the start of a Beautiful Relationship
  • You eventually pick up a part-time, and then full-time job alongside Seokmin
  • And even though you aren’t as skillful as he is with arrangements you’re still damn good at making a sale, and he’s more than grateful for you
  • Your stuff gradually moves over more and more until you’re informally living with Seok, and then you actually move in (much to the disdain of Seok’s couch surfer friends)
  • You two become the power couple of the town, arranging flowers for festivals, weddings, funerals, birthday parties – everything and anything basically!!
  • At some point some local magazine actually features your designs and arrangements, and soon Seok’s being picked up by fancy home and garden magazines
  • And you’re like “babe!!! You made it!!!”
  • And Seok sweeps you up in his arms and grins at you like “No, WE made it”
  • “Jfhdsjghjdfsk babe you’re so cheesy”
  • “Shut up, you know you love me”
  • Even after he becomes more infamous, Seok’s weekly bouquets are still arranged around you

- Autumn

The JSA-Sparrowhawk is a relatively standard AI drone mid-size VTOL vehicle. However what sets it apart from other such aircraft is the surprisingly simple yet inventive idea of actually being a self-contained drone factory. Sparrowhawks, typically carry no conventional weaponry per-se and mostly rely on being tough, agile and coupled with an impressive predictive algorithm overlaid on top of the AI architecture allows it to respond to any threats with great accuracy. The fact that a Sparrowhawk can assemble and repair a whole swarm of semi-autonomous drones makes it a very dangerous opponent indeed. It is primarily used as anti-infantry in dense urban scenarios where high manoeuvrability and long loiter times are often required. The drones deployed by the Sparrowhawk are Haskell Widowmakers. These are capable of stalking infantry and ambushing in total silence thanks to their electric motors. When a Sparrowhawk is lurking about best watch your corners.


urban fantasy bts: 

 Seokjin - Yoongi - Hoseok - Namjoon - Jimin - Taehyung - Jungkook 

necromancer: his nose slightly irritated from the rotting corpse but he should become accustomed to it, considering his neighbor has been bringing their “dead” cat, but also that, this is his job. he took a hold of the stiff cat, placing it to his work desk, which was surrounded by books and journals from past experience. his hands hovered around the carcass, as he mumbled under his breath. his fingers stained in black became veiny reaching up to his  forearm. and his eyes closed

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I was thinking how cool it would be if a science fiction fan found herself in an urban fantasy scenario and was running around dealing with ghouls and werewolves and shit being like “THIS IS AWSOME BUT IT IS THE WRONG GENRE AND I AM SO CONFUSED.” And then at one point she would be cornered by a vampire and she would hold it off her plastic sonic screwdriver because it’s the strength of belief that matters, not the cross itself, and she believes in adventure and beauty and saving people. 

And then I remembered Waldo Butters already exists.

SE15 - Tustin Estate

Panorama from the 17th floor of one of the big towers of the Tustin Estate, between Queens Road Peckham and Surrey Quays. 

I love to look at the city from different heights. 

It looked like Lego town from up there. 

Cream—wherein Prince jacks off in front of a mirror
Insatiable—wherein Prince cajoles you into making a sex tape, which he will definitely edit into something tasteful
Electric Chair—wherein Prince tells you that what he has planned for you is technically punishable by death, in a sexy way
I Wanna Melt With U—wherein Prince worries that he may have just statutory-raped you, because that’s kiiiiind of a lot of blood, but as long you’re cool with it, chorus verse bridge
18 & Over—wherein Prince establishes some boundaries up front this time
Sexy MF—wherein Prince just wants to talk, dummy
Poom Poom—wherein Prince has been writing dirty songs for two decades and has completely exhausted the English language
Slow Love—wherein Prince recommends quality over quantity, mainly because your pussy couldn’t withstand the quantity that he is interested in
Come—wherein Prince explains that orgasms (which he could provide!) will solve all of your problems in a universal-love kind of way, and isn’t the ocean sexy?
Orgasm—wherein Prince… I don’t know, ocean, whatever
Pheromone—wherein Prince misunderstands what pheromones are
Solo—wherein Prince gets incredibly melodramatic about sex
Hot Thing—wherein Prince asks if your smiles are for him, and you get the feeling that “smiles” might be a nudge-nudge-wink-wink kind of deal
It—wherein Prince tells you what he thinks about a lot (it), and why (because you’re good at it)
Superfunkycalifragisexy—wherein Prince recommends drinking squirrel blood as an aphrodisiac prior to some seriously kinky shit involving ropes and guns and neon and office furniture… also, dancing
Rockhard in a Funky Place—wherein Prince is very coy about his erection
Ripopgodazippa—wherein Prince bangs some girl at the gym, I guess?
Sex in the Summer—wherein Prince muses on the wholesome joys of a public babymamma up-skirt situation
Glam Slam—wherein Prince sounds like he’s being nasty, but in an obtuse artsy way that leaves you wondering if maybe you’re the one with the dirty mind and now you’re missing something deep… wait, WAIT… did he just say something about a BUTTERFLY CUMMING ON YOU? Ohhh, Prince.
When 2 R in Love—wherein Prince refuses to settle for making only most of the panties drop
Alphabet St.—wherein Prince tries to make “driving to Tennessee” a euphemism for orgasm but it doesn’t catch on
Delirious—wherein Prince details the volume of his ejaculate in a vaguely rapey way
319—wherein Prince explores a fantasy about erotic photography and you get the feeling that this is a song he wrote in 15 minutes on some random Wednesday morning about some random Tuesday night that he had once
The Continental—wherein Prince has phone sex with a teenager and reveals his poor understanding of astronomy
Darling Nikki—wherein Prince meets a girl who is kind of a freak even by his standards
Jack U Off—wherein Prince expounds on the joys of finger-blasting
Tick Tick Bang—wherein Prince gets you all worked up with his tales of premature ejaculation, inspired by you, and you’re welcome
Mad Sex—wherein Prince remembers that one time back in the day when he used to have sex, OMG, a lot
Head—wherein Prince lets you know the length of time for which he will eat your pussy, up to and including the time of your death
Violet the Organ Grinder—wherein Prince grinds his organ, metaphorically
Erotic City—wherein Prince cums on his own face while contemplating some sort of urban Madonna/Whore scenario, metaphorically


Coloring in the Gray Areas with @andersonangelico

To see more of Anderson’s colorful São Paulo, follow @andersonangelico on Instagram.

São Paulo might be best known for its gray cityscapes, but local Instagrammer Anderson Angelico’s (@andersonangelico) photos tell a more colorful story. “It’s not easy to find color here, but if you pay close attention you can find it. Colors bring happiness and remind me of something childlike,” says Anderson, who loves exploring hidden and winding streets. “My favorite colors are yellow and red, and the other day I was overjoyed to find a yellow building with red windows in São Paulo’s city center.” Whenever possible, he tries to place people in front of his urban scenarios. “Streets are incredibly inspiring to me. They are full of people, hidden colors and so many different situations just waiting to be captured.”


Luhan wants Minseok to call him “Lu-ge” just to tease (but also to tell him that he’s the dominant one in bed).

Every time Minseok calls Luhan “Lu-ge”, it just melts Luhan’s heart away. With that sweet voice of his that was followed by a cute smile, it was a little view of heaven for Luhan.

Even though Luhan thinks that he’s the dominant one for being called “Lu-ge” by Minseok, he never knew that Minseok’s actually controlling him with it, spinning him around his fingers like a ball.

Minseok: "Lu-ge, I'm craving for coffee. Please buy me one!"
Luhan: O-okay... If you say so. Want it with whipped cream?

Pity for him. A man being blinded by this kink called “Lu-ge”.

Minseok has been very creative in saying “Lu-ge”. He sometimes pout after saying it or smiles widely or blinks cutely with his puppy eyes and long lashes. He has these different tones and pitches according to what he feels when saying “Lu-ge”.

  • “Lu-ge?” (Finding Luhan)
  • “LU-GEEEEEE!” *smiles widely* (Found Luhan)
  • “Lu-ge, please…” *pouts* (Asking for coffee)
  • “Lu-ge HAJIMA!” (Luhan teasing him)
  • “LU-GE!” (Minseok scolding Luhan for a bad deed)
  • “LIIIIIII-GIIIIIII!” (Luhan pinching his cheeks)
  • “LU-ASDFGHJKL” (Luhan stripping)
  • “SGDFUAGHOUHAFV” (Luhan devouring his lips)

And my favorite one…

  • “Lu-ge… Lu-geeee… Uh uh L-luhan… Geee… Luhan-geee… Fasterr… UH UH UH" (You already know what I mean)

Minseok is very good at hiding his kink, showing everyone that Luhan is the one whose feelings were heightened up every time he does something the both of them can only understand. But he has this liking for Luhan’s hand all over him especially his buns. He has this very good skill of sending messages secretly to Luhan so his boyfriend will touch him… a Lu-magnet if I can call it.

If you noticed, when Luhan touches his buns, he doesn’t react. He’s enjoying every moment. But if the other members do it to him, he acts all surprised and then laughs at them for doing that. Tsk tsk.

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Imagine Mark coming up to your table and sits suddenly in front of you. A shy smile over his lips and his hand won’t stop rubbing the back of his neck. Suddenly, he takes a deep breath before looking into your eyes and with a sweet, nervous voice, he says, “I have seen you here for a while.” He clears his throat, before finding the courage to say, “I think I will like you.”

Horrible Date Idea #1: Breaking & Entering [Sehun]

You hated Oh Sehun with a passion. You hated his stupid attractive face, his stupid long legs, his stupid perfect body, and most of all his stupid ability to look great in any situation. On the other hand, you had mud smeared on your cheek, your hair was a mess, and your jeans were ripped in a very uncomfortable place. You looked like you had just climbed up from the sewer.

“I hate you,” you hissed.

Sehun’s eyebrow twitched, but he didn’t respond, staring steadfastly forward.

“This is all your fault,” you continued, sneaking a glance to make sure that the two of you were still alone. “You just had to see the inside of that building, didn’t you? You just had to find a way in even though there was clearly a no trespassing sign. You just had—” You quickly stopped talking as the police officer who had been handling your issue sidled over again.

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