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that profile view..sheesh

baby is doing well😌♥️, and kicking mommy’s butt😂. just wanted to share my first ~official~ bump pic because my little love is growing and im so excited💕🤗

happy friday from me and my lil butterbean😬☺️

Gunned Down

Help me;

Help me;

Give me any answer.

Meeting myself and this reflection is not refreshing.

There is no healing.

No hope -

I see me

in a puddle of red

Fading in and out from a souring spirit.

The taste is a bitter truth degraded.

Though I love it,

this rushing,



headache crawls around my thoughts until all is suffocated by a desire to wake up.

Those eyes, however, sunk to a close.

I can feel the warping and twisting, bending me out of balance.

It makes me want to throw up.

This was all chaotically too soon.

Help me;

Help me;


See me.

I’m shot down & gunned alone.

- Fiore Blu