urban runners


Been there, done that, for just about 45 years now. I am a dedicated street photographer. This is a tribute to the idea of just keep going on.

I have three rules in street photography: 1 - Everything’s completely undirected. 2 - I only use natural light. 3 - I never ask before I shoot, but I’m happy to tell about street photography after.

My inspiration goes back to the old masters. In 1975 I was introduced to André Kertész and ever since he has been a source of inspiration. But there are more: Brassaï, Smith, Adams, Koudelka, Moriyama, Erwitt. The list can be made very long. I also like the work of Vivian Maier, but who doesn’t?

I shoot on daily basis, as I never leave home without a camera.


progress at boe farm, 6.5.14.

the kale has a mind of its own and wants to fulfill its namesake as a dino(saur). the parsnips are curious. they take a very long time so they’re testing my patience. but we have decided to stick with it and see what happens this winter.

we are very heavy on beans this year as they did well for us last year: scarlet runner, rattlesnake, romano, red cranberry.  it’s also insanely rewarding to have your own dried beans.

© desixlb 2014

oh the things that you’ll grow!

the scarlet runner beans dried on the vines and we were gifted with these gorgeous violet beans.  the satisfaction and pride we feel are priceless. violet is the official boe farm november color.

this photo was not edited to show off the pure original colors.

© desixlb 2014